Oh Hai! -Life Update

Life. It’s crazy, busy, and fun. Phew! This week I might actually get to take a breather and catch up on a few things! Might being the key word here…

So, what has been happening in the life of me? Recent tidbits and such?

I recently hit a big milestone on my car.

photo 1
This was on my way to school. I was keeping an eye on it in the weeks leading up to it. I drive a 2007 Toyota Camry and it’s been good to me these last two years. It’s gotten me all over the desert and back home safely. I am also forever grateful to my parents for allowing me to use it, as it was originally theirs and when I started school, it’s been “mine” and such. If you don’t know, my nursing school is 75 miles one way and so on a daily basis I could drive about 150 miles, not including errands or anything. I have just one more month of school though and lucky me, it’s all clinical and my location is fairly close to my fiance’s house. My car and gas tank appreciate it.

photo 2
Stayed in Mammoth for a weekend with Bub’s family. Not too much snow but enough to sled with a beautiful view, fiance included. It was nice to get away and see something different, even if for just a few days.

photo 3
My man working on his golf green aka our dance floor. This is just a speck of what he’s been working on. He and his dad have been putting so much work and effort into all of this, it amazes me. I told him the other day that he has gone above and beyond my expectations for renovation, so everything he’s done is beyond perfect. That made him smile a bit :-) I think he’s a bit more of a perfectionist in this area; he wants it all to be perfect for the day of. I love him so much for that.

photo 3
These things have been my life he last few weeks : registries (woohoo!), wedding plans, and applying for my nursing licensure exam, the dreaded but necessary NCLEX exam. Things are moving right along and falling into place…!!! We pretty much have all of the big stuff done, just need to get the little details going. Eek! So much to dooo! also, I know a few of you were asking about our registries and if you’re still interested, let me know and I’ll lead you in the right direction :)

photo 4
This has been a want of mine for months now and I finally bit the bullet when Sephora had their 15% sale recently. I’m so glad I bought it. It is beyond amazing and my new favorite mascara. It gives me the effect of false lashes and is just.. ahh! I love it. It’s one of the most luxurious pieces of makeup I own, I think. It’s just so, nice.

photo 1
Do I look like a nurse yet? Haha. Normally my hair is up but this was before going in and I was waiting, because otherwise it’s up for 12 straight hours.

In my program, we’re lucky enough to have a preceptor program, where we as students follow the same nurse for the full shift (12 hours). We have to complete 135 hours, per the Board of Registered Nursing. This accounts for 11-12 shifts total. We’re placed in various locations, either medical/surgical (general stuff), ER, ICU, OB, or even psych (mental health). Most of my classmates are in med/surg. a few in ER, two in ICU, and I think just two or three of us in OB. I’m one of those in OB, which was my first choice. I’m also on the night shift, so my body clock is all off but I’m off for more than a week right now so I’m recovering (coffee in hand as I type, haha).

Before I started nursing school, I knew I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. Someday I hope to even get my masters with a nurse practitioners license to become a nurse-midwife. That’s the ultimate goal. But that’s how much I love it. And even though I’ve only done three full shifts (in a row), I already know it’s exactly where I want to be.

Seeing the joy on a new parents face is worth the lost sleep and lost hours. I’ve teared up every single time. I have yet to experience a “bad” birth, but I know that the good always outweighs the bad in this field. Yeah, there will be hard days, but I look forward to all of the good days ahead. I’m very lucky to have a great nurse, too. She’s fantastic and everything I could want in a preceptor.

photo 2
Oh hai. This was about 1:00 am. The hours between midnight and 0400 are the slowest… We had a bit of down time the other night so a few of the nurses wanted to know how to do a sock bun (my classmates and I are pros at this). One of my classmates happened to be there at the same time as me, so we showed them using those hospital socks that have the white tread on them. Haha. Blue (new) socks in our hair. It was funny.

Work starts at 7:00 pm, where we get report then we do our thang until about 7:30 the next morning. I get home around 0800 (such a short drive!!  I love it!) then knock out around 0830, once I’ve showered and whatnot. I then wake up anywhere between 2:00 and 3:00 pm, ready to start my day again. I’m lucky that my nurses schedule (so far) runs three nights in a row, so they’re done and over with until the next three start again. 3 on, 4 off. That’s the ideal situation.

The hardest part of this all is missing the people around me. By the time I get into bed, their days are just starting. And when my day starts, theirs start to wind down. As a new grad though, I have to prepare myself with the possibility of working night shift. Oh boy.

So that’s been my life the last month or so. The pinning is in 37 days, wedding in 90. Can’t wait to show you guys both dresses for the events ;-) Hehe.

Love you guys. Thanks for the support! You all amaze me so much.

xo, Briana

The A-Z of Me : A Tag!

Hello all! So I’m long overdue for a post and while I plan to do a life update post and return to my beauty schtuff soooon… Here’s a fun little tag I saw and thought it would be fun to do! Of course I tag YOU to do it if you have a blog! Let me know if you do it, too!

The A-Z of Me!
Age: 25, although I guess I look 18? You can thank my Filipino genes for that one ;-)

Bed Size: It’s a full size from Ikea and it sure feels full when shared! Haha. I look forward to a queen mattress when Bub and I say “I do!” here in a few months! 

Dogs: I grew up with rottweilers and so they hold a special place in my heart. Milo is a maltese/lhasa mix. Before him, we also had a full lhasa. I feel like they have a lot of personality and are fun. Bub insists on having a lab and a miniature yorkie someday. His idea, not mine FYI.

Essential start of your day: Toilet. Let’s be real here folks.

Favourite Colour: Red, although mint is coming up second…

Gold or Silver: Rose gold :-)

Height: 5″6

Instruments I play: Piano and guitar, both poorly. 

Job Title: Unemployed aka nursing student. Haha!

Kids: Does my fur baby Milo count?

Live: a little place in Southern California that is becoming too hot and yucky in the summer. Just saying.

Mum’s name: Michele

Nickname: Bri, Neneng

Pet Peeve: People that chew with their mouths open. Worst. Thing. EVAR.

Quote from a movie: “I’m only human Harry!”

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister. Luuuuurve them!

Time you wake up: Normal day between 7:30-8:30. Weekends between 9-11, after working a night shift, around 2:30 pm or 1430 per my phone.

Underwear: The kind that covers the whole bottom. ahaha…

Vegetables you dislike: Not much… Cauliflower but I’ve learned that mashed (yes, mashed) or stewed as a soup, it’s quite lovely!

What makes you run late: Not being aware of the current time. Haha!

X-rays you’ve had done: Regular dental ones, my clavicles when I broke them (age 2 and 15), and my wrist one time when I sprained it.

Yummy food you make: Chicken parmesan, lasagna, enchiladas, pho (that’s right), etc. and various baked goodies. Bub is marrying an awesome woman, just saying… ;-)

Zoo animal: Monkey’s are entertaining, but polar bears are fun, too. 
Look out for antoher post soon guys :-) Thanks for reading!
xo, Briana
p.s. This post was written at 12:57 am. I’ll explain later why my internal clock hates me. Ha!

A List For You

I’m a list -making kind of gal. So is my mom. And my sister. Making lists helps keep me on track and focused on my goals. So. Let’s begin.

A) I have head cold. It slowly developed Sunday and full manifested itself yesterday. NyQuil kind of helped, but not entirely. At least I don’t have clinicals for a few weeks. Phew! No sneezing or sniffling noses in front of patients!

B) Speaking of no clinicals for the next few weeks means that I can paint my nails! And since it’s now spring, my nails are enjoying bright pinks, peaches, and purples. I don’t like naked nails. They’re just… sad. I also indulged in a pedicure recently. Oh, what a splurge ;-)

3) Barrett and I worked on the property this last Sunday, as the wedding is slowly approaching! Oh man, was I tired that night… He’s used to this kind of manual labor. I, however, am not. Haha. I did get to drive around the lawn mower and pull a little trailer to transfer wood chips and dirt to various places. My back and arms got a great workout shoveling everything, as well as packing things down. This is a serious DIY wedding you guys…

photo 2

ii) My animals are strange. And lazy. And cute. I love them.

photo 3
Mr. Kittles insists on sleeping on our lawn mower. I don’t know how he’s comfortable with that bar across him. Whatever.

photo 1
My fluffy Milo. Daw….

5d) I get to maaaaarrrrryyyyyy him soon….

& my man.

& my man.

this is my favorite picture of my fiance. goodness. gracious.


Funny story… I text him the other day a picture of me making a fishy face because I had a fishtail braid. I’m so clever and witty like that. His reply? “I want to marry u”

Now that’s love.

10) My Real Techniques makeup sponge is my new favorite beauty tool. It’s amazing. Seriously.

Z) Yesterday at Starbucks, I order a chai tea latte, rather than my usual cinnamon dolce latte. I felt like taking a walk on the wild side… Go cray!

15) I love you, guys.

xo, Briana

Tuesday Reflections


“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me, and I may be forced to love you.”
-William Arthur Ward

Tonight I’m feeling a bit reflective. When I’m in this type of mood, I tend to go over my favorite quote, which is above. There is a lot of truth in those simple words. As humans, we’re very sensitive to the things that impact us, whether it is positive or negative. And how each person reacts, will differ. I myself tend to be very sensitive. I cry easily, even if it’s a happy cry. I cry when I’m mad. I cry when I’m sad (Thanks Dr. Seuss). I can get flustered easily and feel like I’m in a million different spaces trying to get my head together; but I can also get a sudden urge to mentally and physically push myself in certain situations that require it. Nursing school has taught me to be calm when I could flip out, stern and direct when needed, smile when I want to go find a corner and cry, but also empathetic and caring, above all. Apparently I manage to keep a smile on my face for the sake of a patient or family member when, really, my eyes are stinging and I want to gag from certain things (aka smells). I have heard this from multiple nurses and classmates. But I truly care about each of my patients, no matter how “difficult” he or she may be. That includes family members of patients. They’re just as much of your care as your assigned patient. Never laugh or look down at a human being who is in their most vulnerable state. That can also be directed to people that are meant to encourage you and teach you. Telling a student that they are incompetent and you lack confidence in them over what could be minor things that suddenly seem bigger than they are, can do harm. It’s discouraging and disheartening. I don’t know what it is that allows some people to assume that they know you know and really, they don’t. They only see the surface and don’t allow themselves to dive in deeper and see the truth. When an instructor recently told me these very things, I bit my lip (literally) and didn’t fight back. I apologized for my mistakes (which were minor) and although this person could see I was upset, there wasn’t nothing left for her to say and so she continued on her way. I had a moment to regain my composure and although that took place in an empty bathroom stall, I’ve moved on and can tell myself I’m almost done.

Obviously the last few days/weeks have been a bit tough. I’m tired. I’m frustrated at times. But I’m almost done. and by “I”, I mean “we” as in my classmates and I. We’re all in this together :)

I’m almost at the end of a long road and I can see the finish line. While it’s difficult and seems to be getting harder, I’m continuing with my last push, getting myself closer to the goal. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right? …sure

Thank you for reading this. I hope you understand it. It may have seemed like I was rambling, which I may have been. I’m also running on a low amount of sleep from the past 48 hours.

Next time, I promise I’ll be back to my usual self :-)

xo, Briana

Battle of the Beauty Sponges

When I first started getting serious about my hobby that involved all things beauty, one thing I was first very skeptical about was a beauty sponge. I first saw my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube using them for foundation and concealer and thought, “that’s different.” I researched it and when I saw that the infamous Beauty Blender was a good $20, I instantly put up a wall and didn’t even want to think about trying it.

My mind quickly changed when I saw the difference it really did make when applying foundation. I tried a few dupes before actually purchasing the real thing. I was in love. I couldn’t ever go back to my Real Techniques Buffer Brush, which I still love. But not as much as my original BB. I have to mention that I bought my BB on Amazon, where I paid about $22 for two original BB sponges, so I didn’t feel so bad for paying.

As my current BB is getting a bit used and such, I’ve been on the hunt for a truly good dupe. I’ve tried the Sonia Kashuk one and was supremely disappointed. It was stiff, it didn’t absorb, and it hurt my face when trying to bounce my foundation on. Haha.

The thing I love about a good beauty sponge is it truly gives a beautiful finish to your foundation and it blends so smoothly. No weird lines or streaks that a foundation brush might leave, even if you think you’ve done a good job. It’s comfortable on my face and easy to clean.

I recently heard of a close dupe to the BB, called the Precision Beauty Sponge, as well as Real Teachnique’s own take on a makeup sponge, called the Miracle Complexion Sponge.

I found them both at Ulta! Both were less than $8. I know the RT one is $5.99 and I believe I paid close to the same price for the other.

So let’s compare :-)


Ignore the stains! I need to clean these ASAP ;-)

First of all, my BB is not pink. I like the black. It’s different. They’re all shaped differently, but they all work the same! Each doubles in size when wet and each is very comfortable on the face when using.

Let’s start with the Original BB.
- This set the standard for all future beauty sponges I would use. It’s very soft and very bouncy. It applies the foundation with ease and it’s easy to use in hard to get-to areas, such as around the nose and inner eye. I would probably continue to use this if it weren’t for the cost. I do love it though!

RT Sponge
- I love the flat portion of the sponge. It’s great for applying all over and perhaps make the job a teensy bit faster and almost applies better with it. I do feel like the sponge is not quite so bouncy but it’s still comfortable to use! I also like the price :-) The pointed tip is also great for under the eyes and nose.
-This thing really grows when wet! It’s already a bit bigger than the other two, but man does it grow. This sponge is probably the softest, but not as bouncy as the original BB. The pointed tip isn’t the best for small areas, but I do like the indention on it for holding on to.

Honestly, I find them all comparable in application, but each has it’s own special quality. The Original BB is very bouncy but expensive. The RT has a great flat surface for quick application but isn’t as soft. The PBS is very soft but a bit large. I love them all! Haha. If you were hoping to read that I chose one and only one to tell you to go out and buy, you’re not in luck. Sorry! :-) I do like them all but will probably repurchase either the RT or PBS.

You can find the Original BB at Sephora and of course online. I found my RT and PBS sponge both at Ulta. I recently discovered that Kohl’s is carrying Real Techniques, which I’m super excited about! And of course these can all be found online!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful if you’ve been wanting to try a good beauty sponge but didn’t want to pay the $20! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these! I’d love to hear what you think about them.

x0, Briana

FTC: All products mentioned were purchased by me and all opinions are my own, honest thoughts!

For The Love Of Rose Gold Feat. UD Naked 3!

You may know that I love rose gold. I’m not a big jewelry or “blingy” person but I do love some rose gold tones if looking at jewelry or anything. I have a simple rose gold band I occasionally wear; my engagement ring is rose gold; I have a necklace that is rose gold, and I even have a rose gold watch. Love, love, love rose gold.

My beloved engagement ring.

My beloved engagement ring.

My one present from my in-law's Christmas exchange! Haha. Oh how I love it.

My one present from my in-law’s Christmas exchange! Haha. Oh how I love it.

I see rose gold as a romantic and unique take on metallic’s. It also works great on my skin tone! Silver is too harsh, as I am warm-toned, and while regular gold looks nice, I much prefer rose gold ;-)

My most recent rose gold obession is…. Are you surprised?

Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette.


Yes, I caved. And I’m so glad I did. When I first heard that UD was coming out with yet another Naked palette, but this one rose-toned, I was excited! I love the quality of the UD shadows. I have yet to try MAC but I’m afraid I would be “cheating” on my beloved Urban Decay!

However, when I actually saw the palette in person for the first time before Christmas (I saw it online beforehand), I was initially a little disappointed. I thought the shades were too pink and too light for my taste. I liked a few of the darker shades but overall was let down. I didn’t get all jumpy and excited, saying I had to buy it as soon as possible. I felt like the colors were more appropriate for someone with blue eyes and perhaps a lighter skin tone than myself.

And then… a few weeks ago, I saw it again at Ulta, swatched a few of the colors and suddenly… I wanted it. The shadows looked even better when they touch your skin. I didn’t get it right away, because I knew I had a  coupon for Sephora waiting at home… I used that coupon within a few days and brought home my new palette. I didn’t even take time for pictures before I played with it. I played with it that night! And it’s literally been the only palette I’ve used since I bought it!


Sorry it’s a tad fuzzy. My camera is having issues.

Like I said, this has literally been the only palette I’ve used since I first bought it about three weeks ago. And not because I’m testing or reviewing; it’s because I enjoy it that much!


As you can see, it’s getting a bit messy from my frequent use of it :-)


Dust and Trick have quite a bit of fallout, especially Dust. While I think it’s a pretty shade, I haven’t used it much because of the fallout issue. I like to use Strange as a brow highlight, and I’ll use Burnout or Buzz as an all-over lid color. Limit also works great as a crease or transition shade.



Oh, I love me some taupes and browns :-)

Nooner is another great crease/transition shade. The rest of the colors are great for deepening any look. I love Darkside and Mugshot for my outer V. Blackheart is also a great color, but for daytime looks, I reach for Factor or Darkside. Liar and Mugshot are also absolutely stunning! I haven’t had any fallout issues with these 6 shades.

I’ve been playing with doing my eye makeup differently since I bought this and am using shadows on my lower lash line sometimes. For that, I like to use Darkside, Liar, Buzz, or Burnout. The fiance has noticed and even complimented me on it, which is nice to see that my guy takes notice of what I do ;-)

As usual, the colors blend beautifully and you can do multiple looks with the one palette. I do wish it had one more matte shade, in the more brown or taupe shades. However, when I have traveled with it or kept it in my weekend makeup bag, I always keep my UD Basics palette, because I use the darkest brown for my brow color. That way, I already have some more mattes if needed.

I also forgot to include a picture of the dual-ended brush it came with, but I love it! The bigger end is great for packing on shadow all over. It’s dense but very soft and easy on the lids.

The rosy toned shades have completely surprised me. I really thought they would wash me out or make me look sick. Haha. But they actually help create a soft and romantic look, no matter how I us them. I’ll probably be using this for my wedding this summer :-)

So! What do you think of the latest (and possibly greatest?) Naked palette? I love my original palette and should probably use it again, but something about this one is just fun and different.

Thanks for sticking around y’all! I know I’ve been slacking, but thus is the life of a nursing student!

xo, Briana

FTC: All products mentioned and shown were either purchased by me or given as gifts from personal friends/family. All opinions are my own. None of the mentioned companies know who I am :-)

So, What’s In My Purse?

A woman’s purse. That can say a lot about a woman. It can be a small bag, large bag, oversized bag, etc. It be one large pocket or have lots of pockets. Solid color, prints, leather, cloth, one strap, two straps, so many options!Do you keep yours organized or just throw everything in there? I tend to do a mixture of both. Much like an organized mess. Resembles my room really. It may appear messy and disheveled at times, but trust me when I say that I know where everything.

Myself, I like a medium sized bag, perhaps on the large-medium size. But lately, it seems as if I’ve been leaning towards smaller bags, even so much as to buying a simple clutch for going out. Anyhow, right now, I’m using what I consider a medium bag. It has two outer pockets, then one large pocket for everything that also contains a zipper pocket inside and two smaller pouch areas for little things. A typical bag, in my opinion.


I like something that can hold my iPad if needed or a small notebook, which I find myself carrying while in the midst of wedding plans. I also like to have enough space so it doesn’t feel bulky in there. Two straps are also necessary for me. In terms of shape, I prefer more floppy than stiff and something that can rest easily on my shoulder, rather than a crossbody purse, which seems to be the trend lately. I also like neutral colors, specifically tan or brown, with fun colors for just the detail.

This is a Ripcurl bag (duh). I like the styles that most surf and beach companies come out with, especially Ripcurl. Now this bag has special meaning. I call it my proposal bag because I happened to purchase it the day Bub proposed to me. I’ve only switched purses once or twice since our engagment, but I keep going back to this because it’s rather convenient and serves the purpose.

This bag is a little different in how it opens, in that it’s diagonal rather than horizontal or vertical.

These are the usual things in my front pockets. I like to keep my phone in a single pocket by itself so it doesn’t get scratched and it’s easy to find. In the other pocket I keep my keys, some gum and one or two pens.

These are the main things in my purse! I used to throw everything in, including my sunglasses, lip gloss, and other little things. I also used to use smaller wallets and maybe a coin purse for my money. Now I try to keep things more organized. My EOS lip balm is actually quite easy to find because of it’s shape.

I bought my sunglasses case at Target. I keep the pouch it came with in the case, as well as alcohol wipes to clean my sunglasses with. My sunglasses are Von Zipper Castaway’s in tortoise shell. Bub bought them for me for our last anniversary.

The above bag is Modella, I think I bought this specific one at CVS for no more than $5. These are also available at Rite Aid, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. I keep a mirror, different lip products, and a small lotion in the bag. Makes things easier to find. Adds a little extra weight but it’s so much more convenient.

Details on my wallet. I’ve had this for I think two years now? It was a Christmas present from my parents. I have yet to find something I want to replace it with. Don’t think I will. I love the color and it’s so functional.

The clasped area opens up to where you place your cards and it also has hidden sections to put business cards in or little things, cash or papers. The zipper area is for coins and cash. I like that the two areas are separated.

That’s it! Haha. I used to keep random stuff in my purse but now I find that any extra weight really does take a toll on my shoulders. Hence the reason I am slowly going towards smaller purses. My body thanks me.

For this reason I recently purchased a small clutch at Target that simply holds my phone, cards, and cash.

It’s the size of maybe a Samsung Galaxy, a bit bigger than my iPhone.

Very simple and lightweight.

Recently I went out with Bub and a some friends to a local brewery. The places to sit involve kegs and barrels, and a few picnic benches. It’s also outdoors, not a place you want to put your purse down. After this, I decided I wanted a small clutch that could easily sit on my lap and stay on my wrist while walking. It’s so nice and convenient.

So that’s it! What’s your favorite purse? I’m still in the search for the ultimate purse really, which I don’t really is to be honest…

Even though I love my purse, it’s still not “the one.” Do you girls get me? I have a closet full of clothes and purses, yet I only use about 25% of those purses throughout an entire year. And my clothes? It’s time to declutter and donate.

Hope you all have a wonderful week everyone! I start school tomorrow but hey! It’s my laaaaast semester!! Yay!!

And in exactly 6 months from today, is the BIG day for my fiance and I :-)

xo, Briana

FTC – Everything shown was purchased by me or given as gifts from my family.

See Ya 2013, Hello 2014

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Nearly a month. Not going to lie, I needed the time away from my blog. Focus on my finals, get ready for the holidays, but most importantly take the time to just be with my family and loved ones once the semester ended.

It was nice.

There were days where I wanted blog but I simply had no idea what to write about. So I shrugged my shoulders and decided it could wait a few weeks. I wasn’t about to stress over it.

Last year around this time I wrote a blog about resolutions and how I don’t ever make any each year. I already have my goals for the upcoming year and so on. If I don’t achieve each one, I’m okay with that. I also try to live my life without holding onto regrets. Makes life easier and more enjoyable that way. Perhaps it’s just my personality.

I also feel a little reflective around this time of year. So let’s reflect on the good stuff from last year, yeah?

The best part of this last year is, hands down, when my boyfriend of 8 years got down on one knee and simply asked me to marry him. Oh, how the happy tears came down…

While this isn’t the most flattering freshly engaged picture in the universe, it shows our joy and excitement. He had just finished surfing for over an hour and I had zero makeup on with probably two-day old hair in a ponytail. I also had blue chipped nail polish. But gosh we were happy!

I still look at my ring and get a cheesy smile on my face. I love it. I love what it means, too. Eternal commitment to one person for the rest of my life. Good thing he’s cute and makes me laugh ;-)

p.s. guess who ordered her wedding dress last week? Yay!

This last year was also filled plenty of school and personal achievements. I got through what will hopefully be the worst semester of my life. I say that because I still have one more to go! Haha.

There was also lots of traveling during the summer. I love my state.

Until next time Yosemite...

Until next time Yosemite…

So what do I get to look forward to in 2014?

Well, I’m graduating in May, finally! Woohoo! Hopefully get to take boards in June and pass!! Which means I’ll get to attach R.N. at the end of my name.

Then in July, my love and I will exchange vows and a kiss (or two) and call ourselves married :-)

Funny thing, we’ve been together for eight and a half years. We’ve been engaged since June. I still call him boyfriend more than half the time. He even corrects me sometimes. Old habits are hard to break! Haha.

We’re still unsure of when we can go on our honeymoon, but I’m thinking Thailand might be in our future…

In September, one of his sisters is also getting married, so as a family, we’ll all be traveling to North Dakota for it! She’s one of my bridesmaids and I’m also one of hers. You know if she and my own sister hadn’t met in the third grade just over 20 years ago, Bub and I may not have ever met?

Those are the big things happening this year.

As for the little things, Bub and I both agreed that we want to get more fit and healthier by our wedding. This means better eating and more exercising! And if you know me, you know I’m, well, lazy. Let’s keep it real here, okay? Okay.

I also plan to stay more organized and study even harder than I ever have. With that, I even plan on perhaps cutting back on coffee. I don’t always want to depend on it. I usually have just one cup a day, but I really do want to cut back. I’m not looking forward to it…

While I want to say I will blog more consistently, I can’t say that I will. I’m not quitting, so don’t think that! But let’s be honest here. I’m about to begin my last semester of nursing school while planning a wedding. I’m crazy, aren’t I? Okay, glad we agree on something. Phew!

I hope your 2013 was amazing and that 2014 is even better for you.

I love you all and thank you for sticking around!

xo, Briana

A List + Engagement Session Sneak Peak

So. Here’s a list for you on this fine Tuesday.

1) I’m done with school next Tuesday. Which means I have ONE more semester of school and then I’m dooooone!

2) I want the new Naked3 palette. As if I need more makeup. BUT, I have the first and second… So. Just saying.

d) It’s gotten cold in southern California. And by cold, I mean in the 50s-60s during the day and in the 30s at night. So if you live in colder places, don’t laugh at me. That’s cold for us!

ii) Hot chocolate is yummy.

12) Bub and I got our engagement pictures recently and if you’re my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few. But I’d like to show them off again, cause they’re so pretty. Just a few though :-)

i-C3f9MgG-XLGoodness he’s handsome!

PC to Sparkle Jenny Photography, by Leila Dali
(who is also a dear friend of ours & will be shooting our wedding)

This is one of my favorites. I love how we are adoring each other. We’re sitting on my longboard. He’s holding a skate board that he made this summer. The skateboard has his (and my future) initials. The lighting and colors are gorgeous. You can see our love for each other :-)


I requested tippy toe photos. We have a few but I love the view of the ocean here.

We did the shoot at San Onofre State Beach (trails and day parking areas).  We spent most of our time near Trail 6 and if you’re a frequenter of San O. then you’ll know which trail I’m talking about. We have a lot of sentimental value at this trail, which is one reason we chose it. We also chose it because it’s not at all a touristy spot and because we did this in early November, there was hardly a soul to be seen.

Plus freaking awesome weather!

Nobody around! I love it.

This was the first one we saw from the set. We actually saw it within hours of getting home from the shoot. Haha. We got the rest about two weeks ago.

We lucked out that day, in many ways. We had wonderful weather (warm with white fluffy clouds), not crowded in any way, and at sunset, we had a low tide which made for great reflections :-)

I would like to put more up, but I’m also enjoying the fact that they’re still a little secret of ours, although our families and close friends have seen them. Haha.

So anyway :-) Back to the list!

8) My nails are white like marshmallows with glitter on them. I like it.

Q) I could really go for some animal style fries from In-N-Out right now. Oh man.

10) Bub surprised me yesterday with clean sheets, clean comforter, a vacuumed room, and he put away all of my clothes and shoes that were out. Oh, how my heart went pitter-pat.

2a) He also bought a new shower head and shower curtain I liked. Who would have thought little things like that could mean so much? Haha.

z) I love you guys.

Happy holidays and until next time…

xo, Briana

NARS : Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir?

I don’t know what that says. Haha. But it’s the name of my first NARS purchase and palette.

I so excite.

Excuse my grammar.

One of my future sister-in-laws gave me a gift card to Nordstrom and I was excited to look at the nice things that Nordstrom has to offer. The closest Nordstrom isn’t too far from me, but I just don’t make my way out there too often, so I started looking at things online and remembered that, besides shoes and handbags, Nordstrom also sells really nice makeup. So of course I looked.

I eyed all of the nice luxury brands, including Chanel, Estee’ Lauder, Bobbi Brown, etc.

While I added things to my wishlist, I didn’t make an immediate purchase. Then one day, my mom and I stopped by a Nordstrom rack and I happened to find this little palette was was excited to see that it was discounted!

After looking at the shadows and blushes (one of which I had kept my eye on for a while now), I decided to buy it.

I’m glad I did.


In comparison to my iPhone 4

In comparison to my iPhone 4

While I have quite a few palettes already, I don’t have a blush/eyeshadow palette. Nor one this nice. I have Urban Decay palettes, yes. But something about NARS is just nicer.

I have always looked at NARS but could not justify spending nearly $30 on a blush or $34 for two eyeshadows. If I’m going to spend over a certain amount, I better have a lot to play with! Haha.

The packaging is sleek and soft. The colors are so pretty and pigmented. They blend flawlessly and really pop.

Blush colors
Dolce Vita (right), which is a pretty pinky, peach. Similar to Orgasm but not so shimmery. And then Deep Throat (left), a pretty berry color, perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Both have a bit of shimmer in them, but it’s not screaming, “I’m shiny, look at me!” This was the blush I have been looking at recently and so when I saw it in the palette, I was so excited!

Eyeshadow shades
top row – Molokai (right), a shimmery champagne gold color. I love this color for my inner corner. This helps open my eyes a bit and makes a beautiful pop of color. And then Antanarivo (left), a soft, matte brown, perfect for blending and adding to the crease. bottom row -  Lhasa (right), a shimmery purple gray. At first I wasn’t really drawn to this color, because it’s not my usual! But after playing with it, I actually really like it! Very pretty for brown eyes. Finally, Ragoun (left), which is a chocolate brown that has noticeable flecks of gold in it, but in a very nice way :-) I love this color for my outer V and crease. Very dramatic and pretty!

IMG_1248Dolce Vita & Deep Throat

IMG_1249without flash

IMG_1250with flash

While I love this palette, I still need to pack along another palette that perhaps another brown shade in it to really help pull a whole look together. I usually bring along my Naked Basics palette whenever I happen to pack along my makeup, since I use the dark brown shade for my brows, so it’s usually not a problem.

Now here’s the problem… Seeing as how I found this at Nordstrom Rack, I don’t know what the availability is anymore. It is on the Nordstrom website, but it says it is currently unavailable.

I’ll put a look together with this palette soon and put it up on the blog once I do!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, at least for my fellow American’s that celebrate :-) If not, happy week!!

xo, Briana