Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2 Palette!

When I first heard that Urban Decay (who you might know I have a serious obsession with when it comes to their eyeshadows) was coming out with yet another Naked palette, this time a Basics 2 palette, I was pretty excited…!!! I already own, and love, the original basics palette. I occasionally use Faint (dark brown) as an eyebrow color.

They did a sneaky photo on their Instagram feed, only showing the simple packaging. They finally released an image of the palette itself, featuring slightly darker, cooler, more taupe shades. And boy, do I love me a good taupe shade! A few YouTubers released their own promotional videos featuring the Naked Basics 2 palette and my excitement only grew.

August 19 came around, the release date on Urban Decay’s website and without even thinking I bought it. Now normally I never buy makeup online unless I’ve seen it in person and I really thought long and hard about it. But something about this… Well, maybe I just felt that it rightfully belonged in my collection of Naked palettes. Haha.

And it finally arrived on my doorstep!

The packaging is nearly identical to the original basics palette, except the font is in a silver/grey color.

Now if you look at it without the original, you might think they shades are pretty similar. However, Undone (far right) is a dark brown-grey. The four middle shades are are more grey undertoned, as well as more brown. Finally, Skimp is a slight satin finish with a peachy undertone. Very pretty highlight! For cheek and eye :-)

Here’s a comparison to the original palette.

Original on top (well used!) and new on the bottom

Original on top (well used!) and new on the bottom

Looking at the two, I like that Skimp isn’t so bright. I like that in a highlight. The four middle shades are great for a natural look, but then add Undone for a darker or more defined look is awesome. Not such a contrast with Crave and the other shades in the original.

I’ve only barely played with this, as I just got it yesterday! But I can already tell I’m going to love this even more than the original! The shadows are so smooth and buttery. When I first swatched this, I was just in awe of them. Just, wow.

As of right now, it is available via Urban Decay on their website for $29. I am not sure when it will be released to other retailers!

What are your thoughts on it?

xo, Briana

FTC: This was purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not being sponsored by Urban Decay :-) But how cool would that be? Haha.

Get Your Softest Legs : How To

If you’re like me, shaving is a chore. The kind you like to avoid, the kind that you know you should do for the sake of your significant other, and the kind that is necessary for summer. I know it’s getting to the end of August and depending on where you live, fall is certainly coming up! However, living in Southern California, I’ll still be wearing shorts and dresses up into October and even November. That means my legs are still out for those to see.

Now that being said, I have to let you in on a secret. And it might be weird, but we’re talking about the hair on our legs here! I have very thin hair on my legs. Thin enough that even if I go days without shaving, you can’t really see it unless you are purposely looking. Or you actually touch my legs.

However, though I may have thin hair on my legs and I really don’t have to shave every day or even every other day, I still have never been able to achieve super soft legs, the kind that make you want to wear shorts or a skirt or a dress to show off those legs.

Until now.

What’s my secret?


A homemade coconut oil sugar scrub.

Yes, that’s it.

So what do I do?

Before I shave, I exfoliate my legs with a regular shower poof thing, usually when I use my body wash and such, to remove any dead skin cells on my legs. I then shave as I normally do (I use a regular Venus razor and shaving gel).

Then immediately after I shave my legs, I use the sugar scrub on them! I don’t go to town on my legs, just enough to exfoliate once again. And because you used coconut oil, you’ll want to use a body poof with soap again to wash it off, otherwise you’ll be a slick mess.

Also, be careful in the shower or tub afterwards when using the oil! It can make the floor slick!

By using a sugar scrub after shaving, it helps remove any more dead skin cells and makes your legs so unbelievably soft, you’ll want to keep touching them! Of course I also apply lotion once I’m out of the shower. But,ugh, so soft! I have also noticed that since doing this, I don’t get that after-shave itch! Woohoo!

To make the sugar scrub, you literally get some coconut oil (which is solid at room temp, but liquifies in any type of heat) and add raw sugar to it, enough to consider it a scrub :-) You can add however much you’d like! Raw sugar, if you are not aware of, is not fine like sand (think of white sugar that you bake with). It’s got a great texture, perfect for exfoliation. The coconut oil is also very moisturizing. Raw sugar is also better to cook/bake with as it’s not so processed and refined as white sugar. I use it everyday in my coffee :-)



Now if you don’t want to bother making your own scrub, there are plenty of options in the drugstore! I use the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus sugar scrub, which is rougher on the skin but less oily then what I have above.

Google Images

Google Images

So that’s my secret! And of course you can use this scrub on your arms, you belly, your chest!

Have you ever tried anything like this?

xo, Briana

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. None of the mentioned companies know who I am :)

Review : Benefit’s They’re Real! Push Up Liner

Yes, I caved. I gave in and have tried the first gel-pen liner. Good job, Benefit. Good job.


I’ve had this for a few weeks now and I feel like I am ready to give my proper thoughts on it. So, let’s get to it!

First off, it’s the first gel liner in a pen form, like a liquid liner. It claims to be long-wearing, easy to apply, and makes eyes appear larger due to it’s “lash hugging” effects, thanks to it’s unique AccuFlex tip. The tip, to me, is what makes it a little different than a regular liquid liner pen. Most liquid pens are either a brush type (like a paint brush) or felt tip (which I prefer). This, however, dispenses the product from the tip itself, rather than traditional gel which comes in a pot and you use a separate angled brush to apply.

I’ll just go ahead and list the statistics that are on the box itself that it comes in…

“91% said it was long-wearing

81% said it was waterproof

86% said it hugged the lashline

84% said eyes looked visibly larger”

You can see the little bit of product that is showing through. You click the bottom and the product then comes through, like a gloss or something. The tip is quite bendy and flexible, which allows it to “hug” your lashes for a close application. It is also supposed to push your lashes down and away to make it easier as well.

Now if you’ve heard anything about this and read any reviews or even watched some on YouTube, then you would know people either love this or they hate it.

Before I give my final thoughts, let’s do a picture of me without liner and mascara so you can see what I’m working with :-)

IMG_2007Sorry it’s slightly out of focus! Having issues with my camera :-(

As you can see, I have slightly hooded eyes, which I have a love/hate relationship with. I do like the shape of my eyes, however, it makes eyeshadow disappear and the ability to wear winged liner pretty much nonexistent until I finally found a way to do it in the last few weeks.

I have always loved winged liner but as I just said, I pretty much couldn’t do it until I figured out a way recently. I first tried with Jordana’s felt tip liner which worked out okay. I then tried a Maybelline liner which was a fail, and then a Physician’s Formula liner which worked the best. However, all of them would eventually disappear into my crease within a few hours, due to the liquid factor of it, even after allowing it fully dry when applied.

I played with this gel liner at Sephora quite a few times before I finally decided to give it a go. One thing I was very impressed with and also quite scared of when swatching at the store was how long it stayed on my hand. No amount of rubbing could remove it, even with some makeup removed. There were still traces.

So I came home with it, watched a few more YouTube videos on it and decided to give it a go.

My first try was actually pretty decent! Then the two or three times after that in the following days were meh, almost making me want to return it. But for whatever reason, I was determined to make it work.

and I think I finally got it. I think I love this liner… I really do…

Excuse the lack of mascara. Wanted to be able to show you the line itself!

With mascara. As you can see, my eyes still hide the liner a bit, but you get the effect!

photo 2
This was taken with my phone, as I was not satisfied with any of the pictures from my camera. Meh.

photo 3
How do you think it looks? I quite like it and I have actually been wearing a winged liner nearly every other day or so since I got it to work for me! My husband has noticed and really loves the wing. And for him to compliment makeup is quite good. You know how guys are ;-)

So here are pros and cons of the liner!


  • Long wearing! It really does stay on all. day. long. Doesn’t budge until the very end of the night right before I remove my contacts and they’re itchy/watery after a long day.
  • Very black! And a matte black, too. Not at all shiny like some liquid liners.
  • Easy to draw a flick or beginning of the wing, however you like to call it. You literally stamp it when the tip and go from there.
  • Does hug the lash line, so less likely to have any gaps or anything.
  • Easy to hold, as it feels like a Sharpie marker, rather than a thin pen. Makes holding and applying easier, at least for me.
  • Glides on easily (although more on that in the cons… ha)


  • Difficult to remove. A regular makeup remover wipe or cleaner doesn’t quite do the trick. Even coconut oil, which removes everything for me, still isn’t quite enough for this. I have rub my poor eyes to take it all off.
  • You waste product whenever you first start to use it. This is because when you first click the bottom to dispense the gel, you’ll want to remove that first “layer” as it will be a bit dry and make it very hard to apply on the lid.
  • You have to work to quickly once you dispense the product and begin to apply, as it sets quickly. You also can’t use too much or layer it because it bunches up and almost creates a weird fallout. This goes along with my last pro, because while it is easy to apply, you gotta be quick and cannot layer!

I think that’s all I can think of for now… I feel that the reason most people disliked it so much at first was because perhaps they weren’t working quick enough with it or they were trying to build it up and so it did that thing were it almost balls up and gets all funky on the line. However, once I learned how to apply it for my eye, I fell in love with it and am so happy I can wear winged liner, finally! But I do know that everyone has different eyes and different techniques. I happened to find a way that worked for me and am very happy with my results! Of course I still have those days where it’s more difficult than others, but that’s makeup for ya :-)

So! Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? Are you on the fence about it? Let me know!

xo, Briana

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. Benefit has no idea who I am, nor any of the other mentioned companies.

My Annoyance with Social Media

Disclaimer – I truly love social media and how it has shrunk the world around us. However, I also get frustrated by how it has completely changed the way we as a society communicate. I’m not asking for any type of support or feedback with this. I just want to get this frustration out. Just because. You may call this a rant :-)

Some days when I check Facebook, I get annoyed and frustrated by the things I read on my wall. Not about worldly things such as politics, but the personal things people choose to put online for everyone to read. There’s no need for us to see that you’ve had an argument, that you disagree with your spouse or parent, that something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, so “FML”, or to even put up those vague one-line status updates that of course are not specific but oh, everybody please notice it, like it, and while I may not tell you, you’ll ask what’s going on. I’m not asking for attention by posting this, I am simply stating my own frustration with our current way of communication. I am guilty of these things, too, I know. But there’s still plenty that I leave to myself and my inner circle rather than put it up for everyone to see. Just saying.

photo 3

I aaaaaalmost posted that paragraph above as, yes, a status update for my friends on Facebook to read. But perhaps that would have been hypocritical? So I’ll just post it on my blog. So there. Ha.


No, but really. It does annoy me that with the rise of social media these last few years, it makes it okay to put it out there that we are unhappy about things in our life, from the big things to the small things. I understand that at times support or help is needed and that’s the beauty of social media. But do we need know about the drama with your ex, friends, or parents? No, thank you.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.13.55 PM

Like I said, I’m guilty of this too, especially when I was in my late teens when I had a lot to learn and needed a few life lessons, as well as attitude adjustments. But the last few years, I have chosen to try to only post happy/funny things, like 98% of the time. But I never, ever post anything that would put down another person (especially my now spouse… bugs the heck out of me when people make of fun or put negative things up of their spouse!). By doing that, I’m not trying to make it seem as though my life is perfect and happy all the time, because it certainly isn’t. That’s life. However, I don’t want people to view me as negative or that I am okay with people knowing these personal things about me. They are personal and private for a reason.

Here are a few E-cards and other things that help describe my feelings to those that have chosen to post their entire life on Facebook, Twitter, etc… I got them all off of Pinterest. Those that follow me on Pinterest will notice I went a little cray with the Facebook type of stuff I pinned. Haha.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

photo 2

My brother and husband have joked before that for an entire day, they are literally going to post everything that they’re doing, from eating to going to the bathroom….

photo 1

And my personal favorite^^. Like I said, I would never post anything negative or embarrassing about my husband for the world to know, especially if we’ve had an argument or something that could put a bad light on either of us.

I can think of a few people on my friends list that are frequently posting things about their significant other than may appear demeaning and embarrassing at times. These multiple people at times also post things about when they’ve had an argument and go go into detail about the argument. Nobody needs to know that, because now we know all of your problems. I hope that that was your aim in posting those things.

If I post anything about my spouse, it will only be good things! I’m with him to encourage and uplift him, not put him down. And especially for everyone to see. If you couldn’t tell, it really bothers me when I see those kind of posts on Facebook, etc. Ugh.

So. I think that’s all I have to say about that. I know this was a different kind of post for me, but it’s been on my mind for awhile now and, yes, a few things over the weekend that I saw on Facebook completely prompted this. Haha.

Regular blogging shall resume soon!

xo, Briana


I was recently catching up on the blogs that I follow and I read this cute post from Emily of The Freckled Fox and thought it was a cute idea. Simply write your thoughts or feelings, just go with it :-)


Seeing: a package of chicken breasts and a can of crushed tomatoes in front of me on the kitchen island. I’ll be making dinner for the hubs after this.

Making: use of my free time and applying for jobs, which will eventually take away that free time. ha.

Cooking: chicken parmesan, soon. very soon.

Drinking: plain ol’ water, although an iced tea sounds good.

Reading: my favorite blogs that I needed to catch up on after some time with the hubs before he went back to work yesterday. i’ll be doing an update soon on our lives now that we’re married :-)

Hearing: el ten eleven on pandora.

Wanting: more time in the day, more beach days, more space that is “ours” and ad-free music.

Looking: for that ideal job. or any job. please, and thank you.

Playing: the guitar again. my finger tips aren’t happy about it, but my soul is.

Wasting: no time when hubs is home. he was gone for two weeks and even though it’s been 8 days since he came home, i still feel like we’re catching up on lost time.

Understanding: that i need to learn how to cook for just two people. it’s not easy you guys, especially when i’m used to helping cook for 4+ people.

Sewing: ha. no.

Wishing: for the perfect job ;-)

Touching: my dogs that always wag a tail when i walk outside and that join me on my little walk down the field to water the green.

Enjoying: time with my honey and seeing my family when i can, now that i live 30 min away. still weird. gonna be weird for a while, i have a feeling.

Waiting: for hubs to come home so we can enjoy another home cooked meal together and spend the evening together.

Planning: nothing at the moment,which is a relief after the wedding but at the same time, i want to plan a trip!

Liking: the cool evening breeze that is coming through the windows. that’s a big plus of living close to the mountains. the days are quite warm, but the evenings cool down to a perfect temperature in the summer.

Wondering: where else should i apply?

Loving: to hear the sound of “wife” when he comes home.

Hoping: for an interview.

Hating: facebook. sometimes i get annoyed with the amount of negativity i see on it or the amount of whining from people who are truly luckier than they realize. it bugs me, you know?

Needing: a fairy god mother to whip up a cute little house in just the right neighborhood.

Smelling: coconut flavored coffee from yosemite. yes, you read that right. and it is dee-licious.

Wearing: my hair in a ponytail with second-day curls. it looks like i tried, but i really didn’t. at least not today.

Learning: how to be creative when two people live in a single room with one bathroom. it’s interesting. more on that later.

Teaching: myself to have more patience. it’s a lifelong journey.

Noticing: that my nails need some serious nail polish. and by serious, i mean it needs to be applied soon.

Tasting: nothing. i’ve only had water for the last hour.

Knowing: that my husband could get called away to another fire is exciting yet scary all at the same time. i love that he loves his job, but i hate that he is away.

Thinking: I really want to blog more. but what? i have writers block again.

Bookmarking: nursing jobs on my computer. hubs helps me out, too, and emails me links. love him for that.

Opening: a package of chicken is not appetizing but the end result sure is.

Giggling: when hubs gets in his funny moods and does imitations that only i get to see.

Feeling: hopeful and happy.

xo, Briana

I Used To Take Good Pictures

Before I had my first iPhone, I carried my Canon Rebel Xt everywhere. It’s heavy and it really weighed down whatever big purse I was using at the time, but I always had it with me. I wanted to make sure I could capture a photo if I saw the opportunity.

Now, about 90% of my photos are from my iPhone, even some of my blog and beauty-related pictures.

But today, I thought I would walk down memory lane and just put up a “few” of my favorites from past blog posts.



Barrett's cousins from Alaska.

Barrett’s cousins from Alaska.

Then 11, now 14-year old Lhasa Apso, Prince.


This was actually taken on a film camera. This was our lhasa apso we had before Milo. His name was Prince and the first small dog we ever had. My sister got him when she turned 13 (I was about 6) and he was with us for the next 14 years. About 5 years ago, he disappeared one evening and we have no idea what happened to him. We did everything we could to find him, but to no avail. We assume he probably left to simply go pass away, as some dogs do. We got Milo a year later, when we felt the time was right.


This picture above and below is a friend of my cousins. His dad is a former pro surfer. The images are slightly out of focus, but it’s plain to see what skill he has on a surfboard, even on a small day.


Cardiff. Don't know them, but I thank them for being subjects in my picture :-)

Cardiff. Don’t know them, but I thank them for being subjects in my picture :-)

Barrett's hands after hours of surfing.

Barrett’s hands after hours of surfing.


I need to get this framed and onto a large canvas print. The colors are so vivid yet calming to me.


That’s Barrett in the middle. This was 5 years ago.


Lovely, lovely Joshua Tree, a few years back when we went camping with some friends, before I ever thought I would attend the college up there! IMG_7664

Spring time in the desert is quite lovely.

My then 2-year old nephew on a timeout. I love this photo. One of my favorites actually.

& my man.

& my man.

My absolute favorite photo of Barrett. I know I’ve said that before, but I don’t care. Oh, how I love that man and his facial hair on his serious face when he knows I”m taking his picture and he actually cooperates with me.

Beautiful Yosemite Nat’l Park. FYI, that’s where the hubs is currently at! He’s been there and around Yosemite for the last 9 days and probably won’t be home for a few more. It’s been so weird to not have him around for this long. It also sucks. Just FYI. But he’s doing good things and is enjoying himself! I can’t complain about that.

I have an obsession with this tree.

I have an obsession with this tree.

One of my favorite spots in Yosemite. Unfortunately, this tree fell a few years back.

Half Dome and the Merced from Sentinal Bridge

Half Dome and the Merced from Sentinal Bridge

The post I did with all of these Yosemite pictures actually made it on the Freshly Pressed page the following day. That was the highlight of my blogging career.

Daniel again

Daniel again


Sean, my cousin.


Trees near El Capitan off the 101.

Love. Love. Love THIS.

Love. Love. Love THIS.

Storm clouds in Idyllwild, CA. Barrett and I randomly decided to go camping one weekend sometime in August a few years back. It stormed on us the entire time but we still had a great time! Rain just makes things more interesting :-)

IMG_1594Our dear friends’ wedding a couple of years ago. They now have a 3-month old baby boy and he is the cutest thing with the most awesome hair!

I love the imbalance.

I love the imbalance.

A spider that my dad wouldn’t let anyone bother. He has a thing for spiders, disgustingly enough. Haha.



I think that’s my cousin Sean again… although the head looks like my brother. However, this is Sean’s style of surfing…



Ooh, look at that reflection.

Ooh, look at that reflection.

This was an amazing sunset with even better reflections on the water near Swami’s.



Denali had beautiful scenery. I love the clouds.

Denali had beautiful scenery. I love the clouds.

Hiking in Denali. This is a beautiful castle-like structure made of just a pile of rocks.

Hiking in Denali. This is a beautiful castle-like structure made of just a pile of rocks.

I love the look on my nephews face. He was such a good little traveler!

I love the look on my nephews face. He was such a good little traveler!

That’s all for now. Thanks for checking out my pictures :-)

and thanks for always coming back for more!

xo, Briana

Finding My Wedding Style + Lover.ly

As many of you know, I recently got married! It was a gorgeous wedding, if I do say so myself. I don’t yet have any professional photos yet, but I only have a few that friends and family have been sending. With that, I won’t be able to really show what our wedding looked like, but I can certainly explain to you where I got the inspiration for the wedding style!

Barrett and I both knew we wanted an intimate-feeling wedding, much like a backyard wedding. And while ours was technically a backyard wedding, his backyard consists of up to 7 acres! So we had a lot to play with, from the theme and style, to colors and how to decorate. If you remember our engagement party you’ll see that we used mason jars, rustic looking decor with signs and such, as well as unusual looking flowers that were literally picked from a field and placed in jars. That was essentially what we went with for our wedding! Rustic and country!

While planning a wedding may seem intimidating and daunting, there are so many places online that you can draw inspiration from! Pinterest was a huge help when it came to decor and style for us. I would pin what I liked, show it to Barrett, and then we would bring it to life! Our wedding was very much DIY. I’ll get into that a little more in another post, however :-)

About a week before the wedding, I was actually contacted by a company I had heard of a few times, called lover.ly! They are very similar to Pinterest, except it is wedding specific! When you first go to the website, you take a style quiz and then once your style is determined, you’re given images of all things wedding that are related to your unique style! You create “bundles” of what you want to save and you go from there. Each image should also lead you to the original source, which is very handy for the crafts and other things.

Here’s a look at what bundles I have and the things I saved. You’ll notice that there is hardly anything saved, but like I said, I only discovered this website a week before the wedding! But I’m definitely sharing this with my girl friends that are recently engaged and in the process of planning :-)

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.18.32 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.18.41 AM
As you can see, I like the down and easy going hair style. Which I obvioulsy did for my own wedding! Haha.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.18.49 AM
I combined all dresses into one bundle. I personally like the option of going with a single color and then letting each bridesmaid pick the dress they want. No one is created the same, especially bridesmaids :-)

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.19.04 AM
and of course the men! These choices were all under picks chosen for me based on my style. I think I did good on the quiz, because this is similar to what the groomsmen wore!

Of course you can do specific searches if you want!

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.19.13 AM
FInally, simple center pieces. Jars and regular ol’ flowers! Pretty much what we went for in our own theme… Again, I’ll explain more in another post, but I will say we purchased wholesale flowers and then did the arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres.

I also did a bundle on decorative pieces, like signs and other things, but, well, I just didn’t take a screenshot of it. Haha.

Have you checked out this website? What do you think?

xo, Briana

Mawwiage, Selfies, & NCLEX… Basically My Life ATM


I got married!!!

It has been 6 days since my now husband and I have said our vows and sealed it with a kiss (or two!)!

I originally told my brother, who was our officiant, that he could say the above quote but I guess he chose otherwise and left it out ;-) The day was hot, the air was sticky, we were all fatigued from the night before in which both bridal and groom parties, uh, had parties. All innocent, but we were all tired nonetheless. We had minor mishaps in the morning while setting up and getting ready, but in the end, we said our vows and are even happier than we could have ever imagined.

We are forever grateful and appreciative to all of our friends and family that helped! This was a DIY wedding like you wouldn’t believe and we couldn’t have done it with the help of everyone involved.

Now do you want to see some pictures? Of course you do!

During a little break of taking pictures

During a little break of taking pictures

We chose to take pictures before the ceremony for the sake of our guests. We also let them start to eat the dinner before us, because we’re nice like that. The food, by the way, was delicious. And my husband is quite handsome…

photo 4
I plan on doing separate posts of my dress and the process of getting everything ready. This is simply a preview of the day :)

photo 2
My cousin/bridesmaid took this photo of us as we were announced. It was around 7:20 pm, perfect lighting for a first dance.

photo 1
A fun Instagram edit from a friend :-) I love this one. Aww…

photo 5
We had a photo booth (his biggest request!) and we thought it would be fun to bring in props of our respective careers!

After the wedding, we drove straight to Santa Barbara, which is about a 3-hour drive for us. We switched drivers halfway so we could both rest. We chose to drive right way so we could literally sleep in and just relax from there.

photo 1
Biking in Santa Barbara! Our hotel was directly across the street from the beach and provided free beach cruisers for their guests!

Husband originally only had a few days off from work, but he thankfully ended up having more than we planned, so we had the whole week together. This also meant he got to have facial hair for the wedding!

We came home Tuesday, opened presents, then went to Palm Springs the next day for one night. It was so nice to literally just relax and be together without any stress from the wedding, studying, or work.

photo 2
Poolside in Palm Springs!

photo 3
Going out for the night!

Whilst waiting for our valet in Palm Springs to head home, I was checking the nursing boards website aka the Powers That Be, the ones who control my license. It’s also the place to check to see if I passed the NCLEX!! My status hadn’t changed in 3 weeks, from the time I took my test. I really thought I failed because of the length of time….

But I passed!! I am officially an RN!!

May the job hunt begin… Thank you to everyone for your support, thoughts, and prayers in this journey! Both my wedding, marriage, and nursing school! Absolutely crazy to think it’s all over with, yet it’s just beginning… :-)

I love you all!

xo, Briana

Getting My Hair Wedding Ready!

So what’s the countdown to the wedding?

10 days!

That’s right…10 days! Eek!

We have dozens of jars, yards and yards of burlap, dresses, suits, and tears galore, haha. Preparations are under way and one of those things that had to be done involved getting my hair done. The other week I decided I wanted to have balayage done. I’ve always loved the way it looks and lucky for me, my stylist does balayage. Not many do, just FYI.

My sister and I were joking that we were getting the “natural” ombre i.e. letting our hair grow without touching up the roots. If you don’t know, balayage is a type of highlighting that doesn’t involve foils or being super specific about where the color goes. My stylist brushed on the color free hand practically.

photo 2
This was before I had the color done. Obviously I’m sitting in my hair… You can see that I have some lighter pieces from previous coloring last year. My color didn’t take long to set, just about 15 minutes. Once she rinsed it out, she used a toner and then that was it.

I had my mom take a picture of the color today so you could see the effect of it.

photo 5
photo 2
It comes off a bit orange in these, but it’s essentially an ombre but not as dramatic. I’m really enjoying the look of it, especially when it’s curled. It creates depth and dimension when curled. Very summery looking. I also added some layers to help with my curls for the wedding :-)

so what do you think? Like I said, it’s not so orange looking in person. Haha.

xo, Briana

p.s. Have you read my last post? Please do! It has very important information on changes I had to make to my Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Changes in My Social Media & Explanation –Please Read!

My lovely, awesome subscribers… I need to tell you something. It’s something personal. It’s something that makes me mad, disgusted, sad, and just disappointed in general. Where do I begin?

While it’s a personal thing, it will affect my blog and other social media platforms that you may already be following, such as my Twitter and/or Instagram account.

Last October, I discovered a girl on Facebook that was using my images as her own pictures, such as profile pictures and such.  She was not using my name, just my images. She got them from various sources, such as my blog, screen shots of YouTube videos, and my Instagram feed, which is where a majority of the photos came from. However, there were a few where I don’t know how she got them, but she did. I reported ALL of the photos (about 30+), as well as her account as fake/impersonating me. I then contacted her personally, asking her to take them off. I didn’t get mad at her until I saw a photo she was using that involved my niece. While it was completely innocent, she had no right to my images, especially the ones with my niece. I understand that when things go online, they’re considered “free” or whatever. It’s my photo, but not! Anyway, long story short, Facebook didn’t do anything and she did take down all of the pictures and info on her profile, but did not deactivate. It was just there, with nothing on it. I thought that was the end of it.

Occasionally I would check the profile to see if she did anything more, but luckily she hadn’t. She never actually responded to me, though. She just removed everything.

Then this morning, on my way home from my bachelorette weekend party, I got a message on Instagram from a man telling me that there was someone on Twitter using my images as her own. I have no idea who this guy is, but apparently she added him on Facebook with my images once again and also her Twitter account. I checked both platforms and sure enough, it was her again with my images. He checked the validity of her because he just felt suspicious. I’m very grateful to him, because I became aware of this again. I informed group I was with, including my sister whose daughter is in those photos! She and one of my friends immediately started reporting the images, as did I. I also wrote her again, asking her to once again take them off.

I am hoping she will finally remove them and something can be done.

While I am mad and disgusted that someone could do this, I know part of it was my own fault. Being a blogger, I am putting myself out there, allowing unknown people to see a part of my life through pictures and words. My Instagram and Twitter were public, where anyone could view images and such. I was mixing the personal with the business. But not anymore. I made both of my previous accounts private and have now created new accounts for both Instagram and Twitter, both under the name Tidbitsofbriana. On both platforms I will only post things that directly correlate to my blog and such. Nothing personal, such as family and things. While I know 99% of you wouldn’t do anything to harm me or my loved ones, the 1% out there don’t care. They take your identity and can do harm.

Now I am telling  you this to inform you of the changes, but also to let you know that I don’t want you to be mislead in any way by someone who might try to contact you with my image. While I don’t believe she would do that nor has done it, I would hate to think of it happening in the future. I consider you my friends and I don’t want to hurt any of you or mislead you.

If you are already following my old IG and Twitter, please find my new one and follow them for new updates and posts referring to my blog. It’s already getting to be a bit confusing changing from one account to another but hopefully I can keep it straight!

I don’t expect you to unfollow my previous accounts, but please consider the privacy of my life and my loved ones. I just don’t want to risk this happening again.

Thank you so much for reading this and for understanding. You guys are the best and I am so thankful and appreciative of your support! I love you all so much!

xo, Briana