Finding My Wedding Style +

As many of you know, I recently got married! It was a gorgeous wedding, if I do say so myself. I don’t yet have any professional photos yet, but I only have a few that friends and family have been sending. With that, I won’t be able to really show what our wedding looked like, but I can certainly explain to you where I got the inspiration for the wedding style!

Barrett and I both knew we wanted an intimate-feeling wedding, much like a backyard wedding. And while ours was technically a backyard wedding, his backyard consists of up to 7 acres! So we had a lot to play with, from the theme and style, to colors and how to decorate. If you remember our engagement party you’ll see that we used mason jars, rustic looking decor with signs and such, as well as unusual looking flowers that were literally picked from a field and placed in jars. That was essentially what we went with for our wedding! Rustic and country!

While planning a wedding may seem intimidating and daunting, there are so many places online that you can draw inspiration from! Pinterest was a huge help when it came to decor and style for us. I would pin what I liked, show it to Barrett, and then we would bring it to life! Our wedding was very much DIY. I’ll get into that a little more in another post, however :-)

About a week before the wedding, I was actually contacted by a company I had heard of a few times, called! They are very similar to Pinterest, except it is wedding specific! When you first go to the website, you take a style quiz and then once your style is determined, you’re given images of all things wedding that are related to your unique style! You create “bundles” of what you want to save and you go from there. Each image should also lead you to the original source, which is very handy for the crafts and other things.

Here’s a look at what bundles I have and the things I saved. You’ll notice that there is hardly anyhing saved, but like I said, I only discovered this website a week before the wedding! But I’m definitely sharing this with my girl friends that are recently engaged and in the process of planning :-)

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.18.32 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.18.41 AM
As you can see, I like the down and easy going hair style. Which I obvioulsy did for my own wedding! Haha.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.18.49 AM
I combined all dresses into one bundle. I personally like the option of going with a single color and then letting each bridesmaid pick the dress they want. No one is created the same, especially bridesmaids :-)

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.19.04 AM
and of course the men! These choices were all under picks chosen for me based on my style. I think I did good on the quiz, because this is similar to what the groomsmen wore!

Of course you can do specific searches if you want!

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.19.13 AM
FInally, simple center pieces. Jars and regular ol’ flowers! Pretty much what we went for in our own theme… Again, I’ll explain more in another post, but I will say we purchased wholesale flowers and then did the arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres.

I also did a bundle on decorative pieces, like signs and other things, but, well, I just didn’t take a screenshot of it. Haha.

Have you checked out this website? What do you think?

xo, Briana

Mawwiage, Selfies, & NCLEX… Basically My Life ATM


I got married!!!

It has been 6 days since my now husband and I have said our vows and sealed it with a kiss (or two!)!

I originally told my brother, who was our officiant, that he could say the above quote but I guess he chose otherwise and left it out ;-) The day was hot, the air was sticky, we were all fatigued from the night before in which both bridal and groom parties, uh, had parties. All innocent, but we were all tired nonetheless. We had minor mishaps in the morning while setting up and getting ready, but in the end, we said our vows and are even happier than we could have ever imagined.

We are forever grateful and appreciative to all of our friends and family that helped! This was a DIY wedding like you wouldn’t believe and we couldn’t have done it with the help of everyone involved.

Now do you want to see some pictures? Of course you do!

During a little break of taking pictures

During a little break of taking pictures

We chose to take pictures before the ceremony for the sake of our guests. We also let them start to eat the dinner before us, because we’re nice like that. The food, by the way, was delicious. And my husband is quite handsome…

photo 4
I plan on doing separate posts of my dress and the process of getting everything ready. This is simply a preview of the day :)

photo 2
My cousin/bridesmaid took this photo of us as we were announced. It was around 7:20 pm, perfect lighting for a first dance.

photo 1
A fun Instagram edit from a friend :-) I love this one. Aww…

photo 5
We had a photo booth (his biggest request!) and we thought it would be fun to bring in props of our respective careers!

After the wedding, we drove straight to Santa Barbara, which is about a 3-hour drive for us. We switched drivers halfway so we could both rest. We chose to drive right way so we could literally sleep in and just relax from there.

photo 1
Biking in Santa Barbara! Our hotel was directly across the street from the beach and provided free beach cruisers for their guests!

Husband originally only had a few days off from work, but he thankfully ended up having more than we planned, so we had the whole week together. This also meant he got to have facial hair for the wedding!

We came home Tuesday, opened presents, then went to Palm Springs the next day for one night. It was so nice to literally just relax and be together without any stress from the wedding, studying, or work.

photo 2
Poolside in Palm Springs!

photo 3
Going out for the night!

Whilst waiting for our valet in Palm Springs to head home, I was checking the nursing boards website aka the Powers That Be, the ones who control my license. It’s also the place to check to see if I passed the NCLEX!! My status hadn’t changed in 3 weeks, from the time I took my test. I really thought I failed because of the length of time….

But I passed!! I am officially an RN!!

May the job hunt begin… Thank you to everyone for your support, thoughts, and prayers in this journey! Both my wedding, marriage, and nursing school! Absolutely crazy to think it’s all over with, yet it’s just beginning… :-)

I love you all!

xo, Briana

Getting My Hair Wedding Ready!

So what’s the countdown to the wedding?

10 days!

That’s right…10 days! Eek!

We have dozens of jars, yards and yards of burlap, dresses, suits, and tears galore, haha. Preparations are under way and one of those things that had to be done involved getting my hair done. The other week I decided I wanted to have balayage done. I’ve always loved the way it looks and lucky for me, my stylist does balayage. Not many do, just FYI.

My sister and I were joking that we were getting the “natural” ombre i.e. letting our hair grow without touching up the roots. If you don’t know, balayage is a type of highlighting that doesn’t involve foils or being super specific about where the color goes. My stylist brushed on the color free hand practically.

photo 2
This was before I had the color done. Obviously I’m sitting in my hair… You can see that I have some lighter pieces from previous coloring last year. My color didn’t take long to set, just about 15 minutes. Once she rinsed it out, she used a toner and then that was it.

I had my mom take a picture of the color today so you could see the effect of it.

photo 5
photo 2
It comes off a bit orange in these, but it’s essentially an ombre but not as dramatic. I’m really enjoying the look of it, especially when it’s curled. It creates depth and dimension when curled. Very summery looking. I also added some layers to help with my curls for the wedding :-)

so what do you think? Like I said, it’s not so orange looking in person. Haha.

xo, Briana

p.s. Have you read my last post? Please do! It has very important information on changes I had to make to my Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Changes in My Social Media & Explanation –Please Read!

My lovely, awesome subscribers… I need to tell you something. It’s something personal. It’s something that makes me mad, disgusted, sad, and just disappointed in general. Where do I begin?

While it’s a personal thing, it will affect my blog and other social media platforms that you may already be following, such as my Twitter and/or Instagram account.

Last October, I discovered a girl on Facebook that was using my images as her own pictures, such as profile pictures and such.  She was not using my name, just my images. She got them from various sources, such as my blog, screen shots of YouTube videos, and my Instagram feed, which is where a majority of the photos came from. However, there were a few where I don’t know how she got them, but she did. I reported ALL of the photos (about 30+), as well as her account as fake/impersonating me. I then contacted her personally, asking her to take them off. I didn’t get mad at her until I saw a photo she was using that involved my niece. While it was completely innocent, she had no right to my images, especially the ones with my niece. I understand that when things go online, they’re considered “free” or whatever. It’s my photo, but not! Anyway, long story short, Facebook didn’t do anything and she did take down all of the pictures and info on her profile, but did not deactivate. It was just there, with nothing on it. I thought that was the end of it.

Occasionally I would check the profile to see if she did anything more, but luckily she hadn’t. She never actually responded to me, though. She just removed everything.

Then this morning, on my way home from my bachelorette weekend party, I got a message on Instagram from a man telling me that there was someone on Twitter using my images as her own. I have no idea who this guy is, but apparently she added him on Facebook with my images once again and also her Twitter account. I checked both platforms and sure enough, it was her again with my images. He checked the validity of her because he just felt suspicious. I’m very grateful to him, because I became aware of this again. I informed group I was with, including my sister whose daughter is in those photos! She and one of my friends immediately started reporting the images, as did I. I also wrote her again, asking her to once again take them off.

I am hoping she will finally remove them and something can be done.

While I am mad and disgusted that someone could do this, I know part of it was my own fault. Being a blogger, I am putting myself out there, allowing unknown people to see a part of my life through pictures and words. My Instagram and Twitter were public, where anyone could view images and such. I was mixing the personal with the business. But not anymore. I made both of my previous accounts private and have now created new accounts for both Instagram and Twitter, both under the name Tidbitsofbriana. On both platforms I will only post things that directly correlate to my blog and such. Nothing personal, such as family and things. While I know 99% of you wouldn’t do anything to harm me or my loved ones, the 1% out there don’t care. They take your identity and can do harm.

Now I am telling  you this to inform you of the changes, but also to let you know that I don’t want you to be mislead in any way by someone who might try to contact you with my image. While I don’t believe she would do that nor has done it, I would hate to think of it happening in the future. I consider you my friends and I don’t want to hurt any of you or mislead you.

If you are already following my old IG and Twitter, please find my new one and follow them for new updates and posts referring to my blog. It’s already getting to be a bit confusing changing from one account to another but hopefully I can keep it straight!

I don’t expect you to unfollow my previous accounts, but please consider the privacy of my life and my loved ones. I just don’t want to risk this happening again.

Thank you so much for reading this and for understanding. You guys are the best and I am so thankful and appreciative of your support! I love you all so much!

xo, Briana

My Full Makeup Routine

Hi all! I was recently asked by a sweet subscriber to perhaps do a sort of tutorial or at least show my everyday or at least a full-face makeup look. While this obviously isn’t YouTube, where I can literally talk you through the whole process, I can at least show you the steps I take thanks to some pictures!

Here’s a before/after of start to finish


So let’s get started :-)

Below are the cast of characters!


Above I have (in order that I use)

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
  • Estee’ Lauder Double Wear foundation in 3W1 Tawny
  • Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 25 Medium
  • Revlon Photoready concealer in 004 Medium
  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Tan
  • Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette in Streak
  • NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

Above I have (in order that I would use)

  • Urban Decay Potion Primer
  • ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
  • Jordana Fabuliner in Black
  • Nars Larger Than Life eyeliner in Via Veneto (black)
  • YSL Babydoll mascara in black
  • Estee’ Lauder Pure Color Shimmer Lipstick in 25 Melon (coral pink)
  • Tarte Lipgloss (from a kit) in a pinky shimmer shade
  • I forgot to show my clear brow gel, by Maybelline

My brushes! I  actually did not use the two brushes on the far left, but sometimes I will. Today, I did not!

So before I start, I would apply my eye cream, a moisturizer, and then my primer once my moisturizer is set. Then I apply my foundation with my Beauty Blender. If I were to use a foundation brush, I would get a full coverage look, but I prefer the finish I get with my BB.

Here’s a before/after pic of my foundation!

Compare3I know the “after” pictures are a little fuzzy. I’m having serious issues with my camera in that it will NOT focus for the life of me. I am getting so frustrated with it. It’s one reason I haven’t been posting as many beauty pictures. I’m sorry guys :(

But you can certainly see the difference the Estee’ Lauder foundation makes! It’s serious coverage, even with my BB! I love the way it feels on my skin. It’s worth the extra money to me!

From there I apply my Maybelline concealer underneath my eyes, around my nose (for redness) and my Revlon concealer on any spots or anything that needs more coverage. After my concealer, I put on my UD eye primer then do my eyebrows with my ELF kit.

I then move on to my eyes! I do powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter afterwards, in the event that I have any fallout or anything.

Here’s how I do my eyes and I conveniently added numbers showing you the order in how I apply!

  • (1) Apply Burnout all over the lid with a flat shading brush
  • (2) Apply Limit through the whole crease with a pointed but fluffy brush in a big sweeping motion. This is our blending shade!
  • (3) Apply Factory on the outer half of the lid with a fluffy brush. Blend it out a little bit!
  • (4) Apply Darkside with a smaller, pointed brush on the very outer part of the lid (the V) to add even more depth. Blend through the crease again with a bit more Limit!
  • (5) Using the same brush that you used for Limit, apply Trick just above the entire crease to add a bit of warmth and shimmer.
  • (6) Apply Strange below the brow bone and down to the crease as highlight.

I then used my Jordana liner all along my lash line, creating a very thin line that simply helps my lashes look a bit thicker at the base. After that, I then powder my face all over with my MSF, then apply bronzer for a bit of warmth, my blush, highlighter, and then I finish off with lining my waterline with my Nars liner, then apply mascara, lipstick and gloss!



IMG_1885This was a bit different for me to do, in terms of how I blog, but I hope you enjoyed it! I also hope it made sense! This is actually an eye look I like to wear quite frequently, even for every day. My eyes are hooded, so I don’t see it as too dramatic. However, I don’t always wear this much face makeup! I can get away with a BB cream or L’Oreal True Match, which is a bit lighter on the skin. If you want, I can also do a minimal makeup look! Let me know :-)

Thanks for reading!

xo, Briana

FTC This is not a sponsored post! All thoughts and opinions are my own. All products were purchased by me!


Quick Review : Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail System

Hi all!

I’m writing this in between studying for my nursing boards, which are tomorrow!! Eek! Good vibes and prayers are appreciated!!

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the various gel-like nail polish systems that some companies have come out with. Each one promises long-wear and gel-like shine without the actual use of UV lights. It’s your basic nail polish system! I have yet to try the L’Oreal system, but I recently did try the new Revlon Gel Envy system! So here are my thoughts…

I have three colors total, all of which I have tried, although I failed to take pictures of my first color application with one of them…

photo 1
R-L : 400 Royal Flush, 210 Casino Lights, and 130 Pocket Aces

I first tried Pocket Aces, which is a pretty bright pink, perfect for summer. It’s almost on the lines of neon, but not quite. Casino lights is a pretty, daffodil yellow. Royal Flush is a cross between a pinky red with a touch of fushia almost. It has a slight shimmer in the bottle but upon application, I don’t see any. Each color in this entire collection (which is huge, like 30 colors!) includes the base coat in the formula.

The top coat comes in a simple black bottle and is called a Diamond Top Coat, is supposed to give the gel-like shine and prevent chipping, which allows for extra longwear.

The system itself is very easy! Apply one-two coats of color, followed by the top coat, and voila! You’re done. Shiny nails that last for days without chipping.

photo 1
So here are the things I like about this system…

  • The colors are true to what you see in the bottle, as in what you see is what you get. I love that about these polishes. You’re not going to be disappointed in a blue that shows up purple or a pink that ends up red, you know?
  • They are very opaque! You could get away with one coat if you’re in a hurry. I myself like two coats, which I think is pretty standard. Three coats would just be a bit much and be a little thick.
  • Easy application! No streaks and it’s thick enough to brush on easily, but not so thick that it’s goopy.
  • Definitely long-wearing! I’ve been wearing Royal Flush for a few days now (4 days!) and I have one teeny tiny chip. But I did just wash my hair. I’m also constantly washing my hands (thanks nursing school) and I did a lot of dishes yesterday. I also washed my car on Sunday!
  • Good variety of colors!

And here’s what I dislike…

  • It’s really just one thing, but to me, it’s a big thing. It’s the top coat. I really don’t like it. At all. Yes, it applies easy; yes, it has awesome long-wear qualities to it, BUT, and this is a big but… I really dislike the finish it gives! When I read “gel” in a nail polish, I’m expecting it to have that shine that you think of with gel nails. But no… It’s shiny at first, but then a few hours go by and it dulls, like I didn’t put a top coat on, you know? My regular Colorstay top coat (which was discontinued!!) had a better shine to it than this Diamond top coat.

photo 3
Because I took of a picture of it (this is Royal Flush) in natural light, it does have a decent shine to it, which yes, it does! But when I look down at my nails, it just seems dull to me. The shine is simply a shine from like a clear coat on top of the polish. Do you get what I’m saying? I hope so. I find it hard to explain. But there’s something about it that I really dislike. And I want to like it so much, because the nail polish itself is fantastic!

So overall, I love the actual nail polish! But I really, really dislike the top coat. I haven’t tried the nail polish with a different top coat, but we’ll see. I love the concept, but I think the top coat needs a few adjustments.

I do plan on trying the L’Oreal system, soon, too! I have a friend who tried it and loved it. I just wish they had a better variety of colors for it. Now that I think about it, that’s why I haven’t tried it yet; I didn’t like the color options. Haha.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think of them?

xo, Briana

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own! Revlon does not know that I exist… Ha.

I’ll Be Right Back…

Hello loves!

I’ve been a little quiet, again. And I’m letting you know right now that my silence will continue for the next few weeks. While I am hoping to get a few posts out here and there, don’t hold your breath. Haha.

As you know, my wedding is now in less than 4 weeks! I’m pretty busy with that and then on top of that, I found out over a week ago that I became eligible for my state nursing boards, which I’ll now be taking the 25th of this month! As excited as I am, I’m also quite nervous and am now having to really study and focus on that. So my nose is back in the books, while still finishing up wedding plans! I’m crazy, I know. You don’t have to remind me. As far as wedding plans are concerned, we’re simply getting down to the little details! Major work is all done, thankfully. My dress is in my possession, too :-) Yay!

My honey is also out on his first strike team this last Saturday with his fire station. If you don’t know what that means, a strike team is a crew of fire fighters that are called to travel to a fire that requires more resources than the local stations can handle. Strike teams can travel to another county, which isn’t too bad, but they can also travel from state to state. But it simply means they get called in and stay until they are no longer needed, although they are allowed to come home after 14 straight days. It’s long hours and hard work.

There are hundreds of fire fighters currently fighting and while I trust them all and their abilities, this is the first strike team he’s been on since he started this position. It came up quite unexpectedly and while I’m okay with him being away, it’s still hard, especially so close to the wedding. I know he’ll be home in time and everything, but still, I miss him. At least he’s not here to distract me from studying! Just as long as I get a text saying he’s okay, I’m okay :-) So proud of him, for finally doing what he’s been working so hard for!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that has been my life the last week or so. I hope you all are doing well!

xo, Briana

A Haul of Sorts – Gift Card Purchases!

With my graduation came gift cards. Yay! One nice perk of graduating, finally. Haha. So let’s see what I got, because you can bet you’ll see these goodies in a few future posts.

photo 1

I had a Sephora gift card and I went a few times before I actually bought something. I was looking at perfumes but couldn’t decide on something. I then saw this and noticed it was one of the new shades that Urban Decay came out with. I had actually purchased the original Flushed palette a few months ago but didn’t like the bronzer or blush shade in it. So I returned it.

photo 2
This is a more peachy shade of blush and the bronzer is nice medium shade. What caught my attention in this palette was the blush. The blush is a good tone for me, being peachy-pink with a slight hint of shimmer. The bronzer also has a hint of shimmer but can still be used for contouring. It may too light for someone darker than me, but I find that it’s almost the perfect shade for my skin tone. It’s not too orange for light skin either. The highlight is quite shimmery but on the skin is very pretty.

photo 3
I also got a Nordstrom giftcard, where I don’t usually shop. I look at clothes, shoes, and purses but I couldn’t find anything I liked. So I looked at makeup. Haha. I walked past Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Dior, Nars, Laura Mercier, etc. and didn’t see anything that caught my eye or that I wanted spend too much on. I finally stopped at MAC, however. I used to wear a MAC foundation and concealer, but found them too heavy for my skin. I’ve been wanting a good setting powder, though, especially with my wedding coming up! The salesgirl had me try their mineralize skin finish, as I wanted a more natural look with lightweight feel. I fell in love immediately.

photo 1
Have they changed their packaging recently? I like the new shiny and flat finish!

photo 2
The compact is a little curved over the top and it actually covers the product, it doesn’t have that clear case anymore. My mom used to have this powder (or something similar from MAC) and the product had a clear cover that was always falling off and breaking. It’s also magnetic and has a very pleasing snapping sound when it closes.

photo 3
I matched the shade medium tan. It looks dark in this picture above, but it comes off just right for me.  My one complaint so far is that when I put my brush on it (lightly) it flakes and dust goes in the air. However, the finish is soo nice! Almost airbrushed when I put it over my foundation. I love it. Ah!

I also got my first MAC eye shadow! I always looked at their pretty colors but could never make myself pay $15 for a single eyeshadow. However… I had a gift card ;-) This shade is also uh-mazing for my brown eyes.

photo 2
This is the shade Coppering. It’s similar to the shade Garnet in the Lorac Pro but there’s something about this that I love… It’s deeper and very multi-dimensional on the lid.

photo 4
The lighting wasn’t the best when I took this, but it’s such a pretty color. It’s great for brown and green eyes :-)

I also had a Target gift card!

So I got my first Sonia Kashuk set of brushes!

photo 4
Unfortunately, these are limited edition but look how pretty these are. I was immediately attracted to the Tiffany blue bristles and the handles. How pretty are these? I cannot get over them! As you can see, I already used the flat top kabuki.

The bristles are very soft. Two of the brushes are good for powders, like blush and such. The second brush is a stiff, rectangular brush, great for contouring! It reminds me of that Nars brush, the weird skinny, rectangular one. But ooh, I love these! A great value, too! The set was $24.95 or something, when normally, each brush is usually about $15 each. Like I said, limited edition, but Sonia Kashuk usually keeps her LE stuff out for a while, although I don’t know when this set was released.

So thank you to my dear friends and family that gave me these gift cards! I love my purchases :-)

Hope you all are doing well!

xo, Briana

Disclaimer : These items were all purchased with the use of gift cards and my own money. The gift cards were all given by friends and family.

Professional Makeup Organization For Home

The last few years, my relationship with makeup and all things beauty has evolved from “I’ll wear makeup only when I need to” to “I want all the makeup!!” With this change, my blog has also evolved into a more beauty-related area of my life. I also dabbled in YouTube in a little bit, something I want to start up again. And again, with this change, my own personal life and space in my home has slowly morphed into my beauty sanction.

I have more makeup than necessary and not enough space. Not that I have a huge collection, nor am I trying to brag, but what I’m trying to say is that when you have a lot of something you love, it’s crucial to keep things organized. Staying organized helps you find things faster and is also helps keep your things cleaner and less likely to be misplaced somewhere where it doesn’t belong. I used to keep what makeup I did have in a small drawer or in a bag. By doing this, my makeup would get scratched, lost, dirty, or even open up from getting banged around all the time.

As my collection grew, I knew something had to change. I eventually bought appropriate storage containers and am now organized to the point that if something is out of place, it annoys me. My OCD kicks in. I can tell if someone used something. Haha. There are a variety of ways to organize things. I myself use the Sterlite mini drawer sets and also store makeup on top of the sets with cute display sets.

While I don’t have this exact set, I have something similar. It makes organizing easy because you can clearly see what you have and it’s easy to find things. It’s also really cute. You can place things in a deep enough drawer or on top of another space to maximize storage.

When I do travel with my makeup, I try to only pack what I need and actually plan on using. It’s just as important, if not more, to keep things organized when traveling. Things get smashed, banged around, and can easily break or spill open. I’ve experienced this more than I would like to remember. A good travel case is always a good idea, especially if transporting makeup for a wedding or a big event. My own wedding is fast approaching and because my wedding party and myself plan on doing our makeup ourselves, we’ll be transporting a lot of our own stuff to the location. It would be huge disappointment to find that eyeshadow has broken or foundation spilled, all because I may have tossed them all quickly into a bag or something. Not that I would. Haha. But I have in the past!

Something I plan to have something like the above, even just to store things in my own home. It just makes things easier.

Like I said, I plan to purchase a case like above to keep it all in one place, especially once Bub and I move in together. Our little space is exactly that… little! So keeping my stuff all in one place that can be easily moved if needed will be useful until we have a bigger space where I can plan and organize everything the way I want.

Looking online for a train case is as easy as doing a search in Google, but if you check out you’ll find a variety of cases for reasonable prices. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Once I’m not spending my money on the wedding or nursing fees (haha), I’ll hopefully purchase my own case soon :-) I’d feel like a pro! Haha.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. How do you all organize your makeup? Would you like to see specifically how I do my own? Let me know!

xo, Briana

Disclaimer : This was a sponsored by, a new online retail store for professional beauty tools. Photos shown were provided by All opinions and statements in this post are my own and do not express the opinions of the mentioned company.


YSL Babydoll Mascara

I know I’ve mentioned this mascara once in a previous post and I promised a loyal IG and blog follower a post entirely devoted to it, so here is it!

First, let me mention that when it comes to makeup, I believe the drugstores has a lot of great stuff and I could purchase most, if not all, of my makeup at Target and Rite Aid. However, sometimes it’s nice to splurge on “nicer” things. Sometimes a nice treat for yourself is a good thing, a reward so to speak… It also helps to have a coupon so you can justify your spending on nice things more reasonable ;-)

You may know that I am a huge mascara fan and am always on the hunt for “the one”, the one to do everything I need it to do and and never be disappointed in my results, the one that has that WOW factor and the one that makes people ask, “are you wearing false lashes?” I love my CG Clump Crusher and L’Oreal Volumious lashes and their Telescopic mascara. But, well, I think I may have found The One! And it’s fancy.

photo 1

Before I continue writing about the lovely, which is the YSL Babydoll mascara, please note my nice new Macbook Pro in the background… My freaking awesome fiance bought it for me as a graduation gift. I cried when I opened it because it’s so nice and I desperately needed a new computer!

So! I love this mascara. It’s one of those products that just feels luxurious and makes you feel glamorous when you use it. I have very few of those products.  It’s a treat to use.

The formula is what I consider dry but almost gel-like. It’s weird. It builds volume and length quickly and very nicely too. It’s a beautiful jet black (also comes in brown, too!) and my lashes still feel soft, they don’t get crunchy or flake.

photo 2
The wand has the rubber bristles that I like so much. They’re short and taper slightly at the end of the wand which makes it easy for getting into the corners of my eyes. I feel like these kind of wands plus this specific formula coats each lash so well without clumping.

Like I said, it adds a lot of length and gives a lot of volume as well. Nearly every time I wear this, I usually get a comment about my lashes. I’ve never had that before with any other mascara! It’s amazing.

Also, while it doesn’t come in a waterproof formula, it practically is! I wore this to both my pinning ceremony and graduation last week where I cried a lot and it never budged off my lashes. It’s a little difficult coming off, which is the only negative I may have for it. However, it’s not the kind that takes off your lashes even though it’s difficult to remove. It’s not difficult that it stops me from wearing it so often!

Here’s a few before/after pictures!

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3
Do you see the difference? It’s amazing! By the way, it does work well on the lower lashes, I just don’t always put mascara there because, well, I just don’t. Haha.

photo 1
One eye done! Look at that comparison.

photo 2
Both eyes done. Love this. This is done with what I consider “one coat” in that I layer the mascara on one eye then once I’m satisfied, I do the other eye then done!

I’ve been keeping my eye on this mascara for literally months, since before Christmas! But I finally purchased it when Sephora was having their big 20% sale. This normally retails for about $30 and that’s why I purchased it during the big sale. However, I fully plan on using this for my upcoming wedding. No need for false lashes!

Have you tried this mascara? I know it’s a bit pricey, but I feel like it’s worth it, especially if you’re a mascara junkie like me!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

xo, Briana

p.s. Yay for a beauty review, finally! Haha ;-)

FTC The opinions and statements made in this post are entirely mine, YSL has no idea that I love their mascara this much or that I would write a blog post about them :-)