NARS Lipstick In Scarlet Empress

If you know me, then you might know that dark or bold lips just aren’t my thing. I prefer a neutral lip and sometimes I might venture into a coraly orange but hardly ever a red or vampy lip. Until I found the right one, right? Of course!

Bring in Nars Scarlet Empress, something that was definitely love at first swatch.


Good ol' iPhone photo. Ahh, clarity!

Good ol’ iPhone photo. Ahh, clarity!

Now I took this grainy picture with my iPhone in the evening when the light is fading but I had to get a picture of the unused lipstick. Look at how smooth, clean, and sharp it is. Ugh, so pretty!


In the tube, it looks very dark, pretty much the same color as my nail polish. The packaging is the typical soft, matte finish that Nars is known for. It looks so chic to me. Now like I just said, the lipstick itself looks very dark in the tube.

But once you swatch it…

It’s a very pretty berry color! Being Nars, you can expect it to perform very well. It’s highly pigmented, with a creamy semi-matte finish, and easy to apply. Although it being a dark color, I would recommend a lip liner or using a brush when you get to the outer part of your lip. Once it’s on the lips, it’s very comfortable and lasts a few hours. It fades a little, but not significantly. I would suggest bringing it along of course for a day or night out.

It also has a rather delicious scent that reminds me of fruit loops… Odd, but quite yummy. Not gonna lie…

Of course you can’t see it, but on my eyes I’m wearing MAC’s Cranberry and Sketch for my shadows, to match the lip a little bit. Meh. Silly eyelids.

This is a good berry lip for my skin tone in that it helps my teeth look white than they actually are ;-)

I also had fun with my hair and added two braids which I pinned around my head.

But I couldn’t exactly get a good shot. I feel like an elf with my hair. It’s fun. I think I’ll do this for my birthday, although with messier waves.

While it’s still pretty dang warm here in Southern California, of course, I’m wearing shorts but pretending it’s cool enough outside to wear sweaters and boots. Ha, yeah, okay Briana. But this lip color is helping me feel better about the weather.

What’s your favorite fall lip color? I think this might become one of my go-to’s!

xo, Briana

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Beach Time

The last three weeks, hubs and I have been going down to the beach so he can surf for an afternoon. It’s where he is able to recharge and reset. We have various places we like to go to, but one of our most favorite is the Encinitas area. He’s able to surf all afternoon while I take advantage of the especially warm weather we’ve been having while I hangout on the beach. And since I don’t have to worry about tan lines anymore, I’ve taken advantage of all the bikini sales. Haha.


The only tan lines that I care about are the ones on my face thanks to my sunglasses. I’ve slowly developed tan lines on mah face… Oh well.

Hubs took an extra day off this week for a friend’s wedding so we were able to spend the evening/night with my brother who lives in the SD area. My brother took us to a lookout point where we could watch this beautiful sunset. The waves were peeling beautifully and the weather was still so nice.

My favorite silhouette.

He actually took a candid picture of me without me knowing!

openbackNow, to be honest, I partly wanted to do this post to show this new top. Haha. I love it. It’s so different than anything I’ve worn because it’s so…revealing. And it’s just my back. But I think the back is actually a beautiful feature. From the front it looks like a regular tank top but then you see the back… and oh, hello.

I wore a new (and now favorite) bra with it. It’s the Victoria Secret’s Pink Rose Lace bralette. I own it in black, seen above, and a light blue. So pretty. And soooo comfy. I want all of the colors!

This was the sunrise the following morning. We left early so Bub could surf with a former coworker he hasn’t seen in months. While they surfed I actually ran a mile or so on the beach, barefooted. My calves are thanking me today, especially when I ran two miles on asphalt. Haha.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

xo, Briana

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Bite Beauty Lipstick in Cin Cin

This is the first and only Bite Beauty item that I currently own. It’s a fairly new brand of makeup and is available at Sephora and of course their website

Bite beauty focuses on lips; it’s all about the lips, with their line consisting of only lip products! They’re highly pigmented and natural enough for women to eat, so they claim :-)

I’ve looked at their products at Sephora but was never really interested until one day I felt the urge to get a nice lipstick. I swatched a few neutral shades from their Luminous Creme Lipstick range, which has a lot to offer, then looked at their brighter colors and fell in love right away with Cin Cin, a beautiful orangy pink.


Now I know it’s fall and most people tend to go towards darker, redder lips for the fall and winter, but here in Southern California, we’re still having 80*-90* weather. I can wear a coral if I want. Besides, isn’t orange supposed to be on trend? So ha!

It goes on smoothly and creamy, plus it feels very comfortable on the lips. It does fade a little after eating and drinking, especially if you wipe your lips at all. However, when it does fade, it does not appear patchy or anything; it fades nicely. Haha.

Excuse the tiny bit on my tooth there. Haha. I like to wear this with a neutral eye, as it is a very bright lip. I have been attempting to wear bold colors on my lips more recently, especially with fall and winter coming.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried anything from Bite Beauty?

xo, Briana

FTC: All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. The lipstick was purchased with my own money :)

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For The Love Of Z Palettes

If you know me or have followed my blog long enough, you’ll know that I love to organize and am very particular about my organization. My makeup collection is something I frequently love to go through and reorganize from time to time. Also, since having moved in with Bub once we were married, I had to rethink how I organized things and get a little creative. We live in a very small space and so we both have had to condense things. While I’ve left a portion of my makeup, clothes, and other things at my parents until we have a bigger place, I still have a majority of my makeup at my tiny place.

One thing that has helped me keep more of my makeup with me is by using a Z palette. If you haven’t heard of these empty palettes, you should check them out! They come in various sizes and colors. Each palette is magnetic and holds eye shadows, powders, blushes, bronzers, etc. Basically anything in a compact or palette form. There are even palettes made for lipsticks.


I purchased my first palette (large, black) on Amazon about two weeks ago and filled it with my favorite and most used blushes. To fill the palette, this requires some work in that you have to depot the product from it’s original source. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that will show you how to do this. After filling up my palette and deciding I quite enjoyed the chore of depotting my blushes, I ordered a second large black palette for eye shadows!

My blush palette!

Each palette comes with magnetic stickers to apply to the makeup so it can stick. This also allows for variety in that you can take out the makeup and replace it with something else, as often as your heart desires. This totally allows for complete customization! Mix and match shadows, blushes, whatever! The cover on the palette is also pretty durable. I thought it would be flimsy and might break easily in the future but it’s pretty thick and strong! I also love being able to see my makeup :-)

In the above palette, I have 5 Tarte blushes, 4 of which I had to fix because they broke during the depotting process. Also another video you can find on YouTube –How to fix broken makeup! I also have 2 Wet N Wild blushes, Mac Peaches, Physician’s formula Match Maker, and Benefit’s Coralista.


In this palette, I have three Wet N Wild individual shadows, plus shadows from two Mac quads and three individual shadows. I tried to organize by shade but sometimes I like to rearrange by finish/color. I dunno. It’ll get easier when I put more in there. Or not. Ha.

I’m aaaalmost considering getting a palette just for my three Urban Decay Naked palettes. I don’t use them as often as I would like and I think if I had them all in one place, I might use them more. Your thoughts? Is that crazy? Or brilliant? Or both?

All in all, I love my Z palettes. I am so glad I finally bought these! Even my husband was impressed with the idea of these. And he’s not frequently impressed by makeup, unless it’s on my face and he thinks it’s pretty, which he does 100% of the time ;-)

Do you have any Z palettes? How do you organize them?

xo, Briana

FTC : This post is not sponsored. I purchased all mentioned products with my own money. These are my own, honest opinions.

They Made Me Do It!

There was a tag on YouTube, perhaps last year, called “YouTube Made Me Do It!” and it was essentially the person doing a show & tell of certain items that they purchased because of others that they followed on YouTube or even blogs! You know you have a few items because of your favorite gurus and bloggers, right? I know I do!

So here’s my list of items that I’ve purchased because of my favorites! ;-)

Let’s just go ahead and state ALL three of the above… Haha! And I love them all!

I purchased the NYX setting spray thanks to EmilyNoel83. It doesn’t necessary help makeup last all day, but it helps take away any cakeyness (cakieness? Cakie-ness?) away that powder might give.

The NARS Sheer Glow foundation is from various YouTubers ;-) Tanya Burr, Tati aka GlamLifeGuru, Zoella, etc… Same goes with the Beauty Blender! Although Tati and Casey Holmes aka itsbl0ndie definitely helped me go for it even more. But I cannot do my makeup without it now. A brush or my fingers will never compare to it. And there will never be an equivalent dupe; I know this for a fact.I have tried them all.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I avoided this for as long as possible. I literally avoided it for months. As you know, I have nearly every single neutral eyeshadow palette and really do not need another one. However, I went ahead and bought it, thinking if I wasn’t too impressed with it, I would simply return it. But, and a big but, I really like the matte shadows in it, and the green, and the reddish ones. Okay, I like them all. And it smells yummy…

photo 4
Now I had every intention of using this for my wedding when I purchased it, which I did, but I was also spurred on to buy it thanks to EmilyNoel83 and Casey Holmes. Those two, I tell ya. I trust them way too much. But I do adore them. Haha. It is a beautiful, full coverage foundation. And really does last all day. My goodness, it was perfect for my wedding, which was blazing hot!

photo 4
My faaaaaaavorite mascara. For ever. My current tube is about dried up, which I’m not looking forward to because I really don’t want to spend money on an expensive tube of mascara. But I do love it. So much. I did an entire blog post about it.

Real Technique brushes, including the eye set. They are so soft; they work great; and they’re a decent price. Fantastic! I have yet to try Sigma brushes. That would be something else on this list if I tried/liked them. Ha.

Β IMG_2504
It’s A 10

This is something I saw for a long time that many gurus were using, as well as the macadamia deep repair hair mask. While I have yet to purchase the hair mask, I’m on my second bottle of this product. It definitely helps with detangling and I also noticed a difference in my ends when I use it. I went about 1-2 months without and my ends were super dry without. I repurchased it and my hair is much happier with it!

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

The name alone cracks me up. I’m sure you’ve seen this floating around the Interwebs, either on YouTube or blogs. While it certainly doesn’t replace my beloved YSL Babydoll, it does a decent job of volumizing. I’m not a big fan of the traditional mascara wands, but I I have to say I am impressed with this one. Maybe it’s the hourglass shape, I don’t know.

So that’s my list for now! What have you purchased because of one of your favorites on YT or blogs? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Briana

FTC – All products mentioned were purchased by me and these are my own honest opinions.

My iPhone Library

I upload my iPhone pictures to my computer about every other month. This results in about 200 pictures per upload. I usually do it so I can update my phone or whatever. I like to browse those photos from time to time and I thought I’d show you what I found from my recent upload. This is essentially a pictorial diary in the life of me. Enjoy. Some of these pictures are from July/August, and up to the last few weeks.


This was something I posed on Instagram because I was feeling melancholy and moody. I do believe i was missing my hubby as he was away on a fire assignment with no cell phone service. And we had just gotten married like, 10 days before… Ha. I also remember everyone saying I looked like my sister in this, more than usual. Which isn’t a bad thing. She’s gorgeous.


Speaking of Hubs, this was on that same fire assignment. When he did have cell service, he would text me his selfies. How cute is he? And dirty. Goodness.


These two are such a pair.


My dad took this picture of my niece watching as I put on my makeup. I love it.


And speaking of nieces, I have an adorable new niece :-) She is 3 weeks old as of yesterday. She is already so loved and adored. But how could she not? Love.


Our 2 monthivesary, right after he came home from an 18-day assignment! It was a long 18 days, too. But he had cell service every day, so that was good ;-) And yes, you may comment on the mustache. I’ve gotten used to it, other than it tickles my nose sometimes.


FaceTime on that said assignment. He knew I was taking screenshots because his ‘stach was so epic! Haha. He actually trimmed it a little when he came home. He plans on keeping it until the end of the season, which is next month.


This was a “cool” day during a heatwave recently. It was consistently about 108* for like 4 days straight and maaaybe it cooled down to 85* at night. Bleh.


I posted this on my public Instagram account (@tidbitsofbriana) to show the difference of doing your hair and makeup. This was quite fancy for me as I was expecting the Hubs to come home after his last fire assignment. I got real purdy for him, fake lashes and all ;-)



Processed with Rookie



I’ve been attempting to eat better and also exercise more. I’ve been doing yoga, working out, and even running more regularly. I can feel and see a difference it has been making. Even my husband has noticed. I’ve pretty much cut out soda from my life and attempt to grab healthier snacks and even choose vegetarian rather than meat when I eat out. Although I have to admit, I did have a yummy cheeseburger courtesy of In-N-Out today… It was so good.


Now this was actually the week of our wedding, in Palm Springs. I had forgotten about it as it was on our GoPro. We uploaded the footage and oh hey forgotten but cool pictures. This was on a random wall at our hotel in Palm Springs. I thought it was weirdly cool.


We recently went beach camping for one whole night and it was awesome. It was warm, the water was warm, and the food was delicious down there. Everything is better with a little ocean breeze. It was an excellent reminder of why we want to move closer. And soon.

Processed with Rookie

Bub was attempting to capture the fluffy-ness of my beach hair. Oooh I want to go back…

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope you’re all doing well.

If you have any blog requests, let me know! I need some ideas, y’all!

xo, Briana

Birthday Wishlist!

Now that it’s October (yay!), I can go ahead and show my birthday wishlist, seeing as how my birthday is next month. The second of November, to be exact ;-)

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.00.29 PM

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

These are all screenshots by the way…

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.00.48 PM
Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow is Desdemona (shown above), Dione, and Subra

These are great dry but even better wet. They’re not glittery but they are straight up shimmer and soo gorgeous! But if you see the price tag, you can see why it’s on a wishlist! Granted they’ll last a long, looong time, but still…

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.02.15 PM

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette.

I have yet to really try anything by Hourglass, but I know I would enjoy this… A lot.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.01.25 PM
Kate Spade HB Small Loden in Newbury Lane in Lightsmoke.

I love. and I want. Very, very much…. Honey? Can you hear me?

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.01.43 PM
Spy Quinn sunglasses in Black

I don’t typically go for black or even round sunglasses but when I tried these on, I really liked them. I have a cheap version from Forever 21, but when you’ve tried on a good pair of nice sunglasses, you know the quality is quite different. And a good different.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.01.52 PM
I want my own Keurig… I use my parents when Hubs drops me off at their house on his way to work, but it would also be nice to have my own at our place, of course. I can not only make my morning coffee, but afternoon tea and evening hot chocolate ;-)

So that’s it! For now… :-)

Hope you’re all having a great start to autumn! It’s 86* here in my area of California and it’s 2:17 pm as I type. Forecast says 100* by Friday… Awesome, right? And by awesome, I mean lame. Fall is my favorite season for a few reasons, from the fashion to the food. I am desperate for cooler weather already.


xo, Briana

All About My Wedding Dress!

If you remember, last October, I did a post all about finding my wedding dress style.

In the search for my dress, I determined two things.

1) I love lace and chiffon.

2) I love capped sleeves.

I also talked about things such as accessories, veils, poofy vs. not poofy, glamorous, casual, etc. Finding a dress can be stressful, to say the least! However, and I also mentioned this, Pinterest was a huge help for me. It gave me images of what I wanted and what to look for. I was able to show my friends & family, as well as sales consultants what I wanted.

My search started a month after we got engaged. I wanted to try on dresses ASAP because I was so excited and also to start my search early because I knew it might take awhile. It can also take up to 6 months for a dress to arrive from date of purchase! Keep that in mind when shopping for your dress!

I envisioned lace. Lots and lots of lace. I also envisioned bead work, little sleeves, low cut back. But I also wanted comfort and ease. Something simple,but still feminine and elegant. I tried on a few dresses like that and was not completely satisfied. I then tried on a chiffon dress, which the consultant picked out, and I fell in love. She added temporary sleeves and a belt. Then I knew: I found the one! My first day trying on dresses! Yes! But we decided to shop around some more and see what else we could find. This first trip though, we weren’t able to take pictures.

However, in October, I went shopping again and this time we were able to take pictures. I’ll show you what I tried on :-)

There was a lot of lace involved in this one and I did find a lace dress I loved, but not nearly as much as the first chiffon.

Excuse my bored faces. Haha. This was a mixture of lace and chiffon. I love the length and the way it felt, but I didn’t like the bodice.

Same dress, but with capped sleeves! Amazing how it changes the look, isn’t it?

This had chiffon, but mostly lace, in layers. I didn’t like the piece on the side, at all! We were able to take it off and add sleeves. That’s when I fell in love with it.

It fell beautifully, it felt like a wedding dress, and it hugged in all the right places.

We also added a belt, because it helped give the illusion of hips on my stick-like figure ;-)

However, I didn’t choose this dress, as beautiful as it is for two reasons

1) It was heavy (lace is quite heavy!) and would have been very uncomfortable in July weather. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t go with this because it was so hot on our wedding day. I would have been really uncomfortable!

2) The cost. I had a set budget and this exceeded it by quite a bit. I wasn’t willing to budge from my price. Let’s be real here.

After this dress, I knew I wanted the original chiffon I tried on a few months before. We went back in December to the same store and tried on a few more chiffon type dresses, but I already knew which one I wanted. We went back in January and made the purchase! This was when we decided on which sleeves to buy, as well.

These sleeves are made to come off the dress with the help of buttons :-) I also decided to look elsewhere for my belt that I wanted to add, because honestly, I didn’t like their options and they were also expensive.

Excuse my face. I need to work on that. But this is the dress I chose! Before sleeves and belt are added of course :-) It’s a Blu by Mori Lee 5112 Delicate Chiffon in Ivory. I cannot wear a pure white dress for the life of me thanks to my olive tone skin. Haha. I literally glow in white!

The only adjustments I had made to the dress were adding the sleeves, a bustle to the back for dancing, and shortening the hem so I could wear slippers and not trip. I thought I would only wear slippers but the week of the wedding decided on heels for the ceremony.

With the sleeves, which still needed the buttons sewn on. Look how pretty it is with the sleeves! I love it.


Now let me know you the professional photos so you can see it all put together in a much better form then iPhone pictures :-)

I think that this was with my handsome hubby shows it well, with the sleeves and belt added. It flowed so beautifully with a breeze and was so light! It was perfect for such a hot wedding day. I also like that my shoes peep out. I thought it was fun.

My shoes are by Nine West. They’re a pinky blush color. Soo unbelievably comfortable.

I don’t have a great picture of my belt, but you can see a bit of the detail here. Below is a picture of my garter. I purchased both my belt and garter from the same shop on Etsy, which I will link below.

The garter I wore has a green and a brown rose, with a pearl applique, all on ivory lace. It came with another garter that Bub actually tossed. This was my keepsake garter. Like I mentioned above, both garter and belt were purchased on Etsy from Avenue 22 Bridal. My belt is the crystal wedding belt on ivory ribbon. It tied in the back and created a cute look in the back, with a bow and the row of buttons on my dress (which was disguised as it was a zipper!).

Another thing I love about my dress is the fact that I didn’t have a wear a heavy petticoat or slip underneath, or even a corset bra. I wore a regular ol’ strapless bra.

And like I said, the sleeves could come off for some dancing :-)

The belt added so much to the look of the dress and the shape, as well. I’m so happy with it.

So what did Bub think of the dress when he first saw it? He told me before that he did not like sleeves that draped below the shoulders and he also did not like poofy dresses. He liked simple. Well, he would have to like whatever I got. Haha. Luckily for him, my style is what he envisioned on me, although perhaps better. He told me he saw me in something that flowed to the ground, but maybe strapless. But when he saw me, the tears in his eyes told me he loved it. He said it was better then he imagined.

I hope this post made sense! I feel like I’m all over the place. If you have any more questions, please let me know in the comments below :-)

xo, Briana

Our Wedding Photos!

Let’s not drag it out and get right to the pictures :-)

Our rings! As you know, mine is a rose gold halo setting. His ring is titanium with a band of yellow gold that actually matches my ring nearly perfectly! He’s still getting used to it, as he doesn’t wear it all of the time because of work. It’s so unbelievably light though. We also chose not to buy myself a wedding band yet. Maybe our one year anniversary :-)

Getting ready with my mom, sister, and niece. My sweet niece was so excited when I finally had my dress on. She asked if I was a princess; I sure felt like one :-)

My mama tying on my belt, which added so much to my dress!

I’ll be doing a separate post on my dress, which I know I’ve been saying for awhile now! I’ve been having a few questions about it. Coming soon, I promise!

Waiting to see my groom. I was hiding…

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how handsome he is? *swoon*

This was after we saw each other (finally) and he admired me in my dress. He said it was more than he had ever imagined and yet everything he imagined. I love this man so much and am so lucky to be spending my life with him.

In the orchard with dear old Rusty. And yes, my dress needs no trashing. It got plenty dirty that day! So worth it.

I think this is my favorite.

IMG_1524He made sure I was hydrated and that I was shaded so I didn’t get a sunburn! It was the hottest day of July, I swear…


My oldest brother performed our ceremony and it was wonderful! He even teared up himself a time or two, which I totally called. Haha. Love my brother!
This was after my dad gave me away *sniff* and Bub came to get me. He kissed (not once, but twice!) then walked away from me, leaving me to walk to our altar by myself! It was just nerves he said. Hehe.



He did dip me, too ;-)

We danced to “Free” by the Zac Brown Band.

It was a beautiful evening, perfect for an outdoor reception.

Dancing with my father IL!

I love this one of him with my sister! Two of my favorite people!

In the center is his twin sister :-) Love it! She caught the bouquet by the way!


We had a great time with our photobooth :-)


It was his idea to use his helmet and my nursing cap.

My girls.

The captain and his men.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I sure enjoyed my wedding day :-)

xo, Briana

We own the rights to these pictures, per Sparkle Jenny Photography by Leila Dali

Sneaky Wedding Preview – Professional Pictures

My fire fighting husband came home last Thursday and he finally got to see all of the pictures from our wedding! We have yet to actually post them online for all of our friends and family to see, but here’s a sneaky one I’ve got for ya. I have shown them all to our parents and most of them to our siblings, though. Heheheh…

Even on our private social media accounts, we’ll only be posting 50-60, when we actually have a few hundred… Personal reasons :-)

I hope you’re all doing well!

xo, Briana

p.s. Our photographer is Leila Dali of Sparkle Jenny Photography, we have all rights to the pictures for our personal use.