Our First Christmas Tree

Bub and I have been celebrating Christmas together since 2005. That’s a long time. And this year marks our first Christmas as a married couple. It makes me feel warm and cozy inside.

We went to church today, the first in months for him, as he’s worked every Saturday since the end of May. On our way to lunch afterwards, I took a quick photo of us and promptly put it on my private Instagram account but will go ahead and show ya here.

He wore the suit pants, tie, and shoes he wore on our wedding day. I wore a dress that really belongs to my sister but I’ve kept for a few years now 😉

I like being married. Yes, we’ve only been married for just over 5 months now, so we’re certainly not pros or anything at this whole marriage thing. However, we have been together for nearly 10 years now and have practically been living together for over 2. But the fact that we’re married now, well, it’s just a whole different ball game. Not much has changed in our relationship, but at the same time, it has. Even our families treat us differently. I know marriage isn’t for everyone, but I’m most definitely glad he and I have taken this step and this ultimate level of commitment.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we live in a very small space. It being so small, we hardly have any room except for our basic necessities of bed, desk, dressers, standup wardrobe for me, and an entertainment center that also acts as a book shelf and storage area. That’s it. We still have a majority of our wedding presents (unopened) in a neat pile that you hardly notice 😉

With that being said, we knew we absolutely could not fit a decent Christmas tree in here. But we knew we wanted some sort of a tree. So we went to Home Depot last week and found a cut little thing, some cute mini ornaments, got a 2014 ornament, and threw on a strand of 20 mini lights…

In’nt it cute? It stands at about a mighty 2 feet and we plan to plant it in his parents field after Christmas. I love our little tree. It may be tiny and may not look like much (especially during the day), but it’s our first tree and I love it.

xo, Briana


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