How’s This For A Post

I’m ready for the change in seasons. We’ve had one too many 100+ degree days here in California with far too little rain, as per usual though. I’m ready for boots, for sweaters, for it to be okay to order a hot beverage at Starbucks (grande CDL with soy milk and kids temp please). I’m ready for cool weather to stop fires from spreading.

My husband returned home last Wednesday after 4 fires, 40 days, and 4,400 miles of traveling and fighting fires. It was a long 40 days and we’re all glad he’s home. The likelihood of his getting called out again is very high, but for now, we’re enjoying every moment together. We’re making plans and not thinking about the possibility of him going again. I prefer that people do not bring it up, nor the hot weather or changing winds. There are still some things that are not okay to talk about.

I love my job. I love talking to donors, I love seeing young kids want to do a good thing like donate blood. My coworkers are great. I love putting a 16-guage needle in someones vein and seeing that blood flow. Weird, I know. It’s a nurse/phlebotomist thing. 5 days a week is a long week considering most of the day are usually a minimum of 10 hours.

If you ever happen to see a Gina Lee or Gina Lee Michelle or anything around those names and she’s using my pictures, will you let me know? She keeps using them. It’s pissing me off. I think I got it taken care of, and nope. Let me know? K thanks.

I got black nail polish last week and I forgot how much I love it. You can add that to my “I’m ready for fall” list in which I will now wear dark reds and brown nail polish.

I have a new makeup setup and it’s a lovely acrylic draw set. I may have done some retail therapy while Bub was gone, which might include perfume and a new palette or two. But I may or not write about it here.

Right now, I have life going on and while I love my blog, I’m in the present with my husband, my work, school, and just life in general. I love you all.

All 402 of you 🙂

xo, Briana


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