De-cluttering My Makeup Collection!

Hello friends!

Being a makeup junkie/collector/hoarder -however you want to call it- it’s hard to let things go… But sometimes you just gotta do it!

I’ve recently purchased a few new (lovely) palettes that I know I’ll be reaching for but this also creates the continued dilemma of limited space. Bub and I currently live in a very tiny space right now (more on that in a future post!) so it’s like I can pull in Alex drawers or anything dramatic. I also just don’t use some of my makeup for multiple reasons. A few of them being…

I don’t like the makeup like I thought I did.

It’s not a good product (for me).

I have something similar (story of my life).

I don’t like change.

The hype was not real.

So let’s get straight to it and I’ll show you what I’m donating to my old room at parents house where my grandma, mother, and sister can all benefit from my de-cluttering…



Now the reason I’m not using these anymore is for a few reasons… They’re either too cakey under my eyes (Tarte, Benefit); too dry (Urban Decay), or just “meh” (the rest of the bunch). What I love to use instead is the newer Too Faced Born This Way concealer OR the Tarte Shape Tape.


So before I explain these, let me tell you about my skin. I’m a combo/oily girl who is acne prone. I also have a warm/yellow undertone. So I need something to help me stay matte or at least semi-shine free through the day. I also like long-wearing because I work 12+ hours a day and yes, I do wear makeup at work.

When I first bought the Smashbox foundation, I loved it. But I don’t knw, the last month or so, it just hasn’t looked right on my skin. I’ve tried applying it different ways but after about an hour, I’m frustrated with it and want to take it off. The Tarte foundation was just disappointing in a few ways. The Clinique it really nice but too pink on me. And this is one of their warmer tones!

And the Urban Decay All Nighter? I had such high, high hopes for it. It has amazing coverage and does last all day but oooh how it clung to any little dry patch I had. But besides that (and the most annoying), it really accentuated my pores. And very few foundations actually do that to my skin. I use a primer and everything. It just didn’t look good on my skin.


I’ll just briefly explain these because I hardly touch this. Which is why I’m not using them. Ha. But they’re too cakey, not enough coverage, too dewy, etc.


Now the L’Oreal foundation I actually really did like. But it didn’t last but a few hours on my skin. It also dries out really fast. The other ones were too cakey on my skin, no matter how I applied them. Revlon also tends to make me look gray, in any formula and different shades.

I’ll explain in a later post about what foundations I do love though 🙂


The Smashbox primer didn’t do anything for me and the Benefit did not keep me matte. Boo.

For whatever reason, my lashes do not like a traditional wand. I have to use a wand with the rubber bristles that really help separate. Marc Jacobs was also very clumpy on me. You’re welcome, Mom! Enjoy the Lancome 🙂


I’m very picky with loose powders and so far, the only one I really like is the Kat Von D. It does not crease under my eyes nor feel too dry. The Too Faced powder also did not do anything and gave me a white sheen. Not cute. The Mac powder is also just old and way too dark for me, haha.


These are really nice, I just don’t use them! They’ll find a good home though among my sisters collection.


Again, good bronzers, I just simply don’t reach for them enough! My grandma loves the Too Faced one and plans on using it 🙂



Now all of these blushes come from good brands but I just don’t use these colors enough. My grandma, mom, and sister though were excited to see them!


And the palettes. Oh, the palettes….

Now let me explain these and why I am no longer keeping these at home (I feel like I have to explain myself, haha).

Hubby and I are currently living in a very small place and are very limited on space. I also simply don’t use these palettes enough because I have my very favorite palettes that I use more regularly. So I figure if I leave these with the other ladies in my life, they’ll actually get used! The majority of these palettes are all good, but I just don’t use them enough to keep them with me.

Lorac Pro Matte, BeccaXJaclyn Hill collab, and the Smashbox contour palette.

Now I do have to say I am quite disappointed in the Becca palette. And if you follow makeup news (haha), I’m sure you’ll know all about it… Basically, this palette was made in a different lab and the quality was not up to Jaclyn nor Becca’s standards and it was quickly discontinued.


As you can see the swatches are very weak. I was so hoping it would work out, too! I love the colors.



You tell my brushes have barely even touched these. And the colors are great, too! Just not enough love on my end.





Now while I like these, I do have to say I was slightly disappointed in the square palette. The shadows were quite dusty and didn’t blend well.



You can probably tell that I love warm tones just based on all of the palettes, haha.





I got the Pure palette in a FabFitFun box and it’s so dang similar to the original Naked palette, but I much prefer the quality in Urban Decay. I also am annoyed with myself for buying the Smoky palette. The shadows are all great quality, I just don’t use it enough.



Once again, great palettes! I just use other ones more! I love the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, as well as the Natural Eyes palette. Those two I use very often!



And this one? Well, I probably used it once since I bought it very soon after it’s release. It needs more matte shades. There are no good transition colors in this palette. I don’t like having to use two palettes for a look, you know?


Well, THAT was a lot! Phew! But in the time that I took these pictures and have since dispersed the makeup, my collection back at home has become much more organized. And I had some very happy recipients at my mom’s house, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

xo, Briana

FTC: This is not a sponsored post.


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