I Did Some Yoga. My Dog Helped. Sort Of…

In my last post I mentioned that I have a labradane (Labrador and Great Dane mix) named Ember. She’s almost 10 months old and has the funniest personality. Her eyes say a lot and she is generally very expressive.

She’s 1 of 10 puppies and is lucky because she gets to frequently see her siblings because each of my sister-in-law’s (3!) and my mother-in-law have one!

One of the reasons we chose Ember from the litter was the sass and personality she showed at a very young age. It hasn’t calmed down since she’s been home with us.

As I try to get back into writing, I think I’ll choose topics I enjoy. Ember is certainly one of them πŸ™‚ My husband and I don’t have kids yet, so we talk about her like she is one. Haha. Hope you don’t mind!

I titled it what I did because I truly did yoga recently, and, well, she tried to help.

img_1342Please excuse my tummy. I’m a real human. I got a little love to share. Also working on my flexibility. Or lack of.


When I started my practice that morning she immediately began playing with me and so I turned on my phone taking a time lapse video. These were just funny screen shots I got.


This is her “why aren’t you sharing your food with me?” face. Her dane features really show here.


Now she’s trying to be sweet.


She really smiles! She’s a great camper and hiker! We got her her own pack so now she can carry her own water and food.


She is soo afraid of the vacuum that when it’s out of the closest she hides anywhere she can.. typically the tub if it’s open. I can usually count on her being there after I’ve vacuumed. But the lawn mower? Leaf blower? Weed whacker? Oh, those are her friends and she’ll happily chase or bark at them! I dunno what the vacuum ever did to her…


She’s a great traveler! We went on a two week road trip with my in-laws (we have our own remodeled cab over camper!) and she was soo good in the truck! She never whined or complained.

By the way, her grandmother was a pure bred AKC Great Dane that was “blue” aka gray. That’s where she got her coloring from.

img_7943She has green eyes πŸ™‚

This is one of my favorite puppy pictures of her. She was so fluffy and cute! Now she’s just big and cute. She’s probably around 55-60 lbs now and she’ll grow a little bit more. Thankfully for us she’s not huge!

I never thought my husband would love an animal the way he loves her but if this is any indication of what he’ll be like when we have babies… He’s gonna be such a good daddy!

I’m especially thankful to have Ember when my hunny is working so many days straight. She keeps me company when I’m home alone and makes me feel safer.

Dogs really are a (wo)man’s best friend.

xo, Briana


We Bought A Car & Other Stuff

It’s been quite the last few months of highs and lows. As you know, if you read my last post (written over a month ago), my husband came home after 40 days of fighting fires. It was great coming home and seeing him there, with that mustache of his covering his upper lip again. Oh, how I missed him.

He came home on a Wednesday and went back to his usual schedule of Saturday-Monday, where he gets off Tuesday morning. That first evening back we planned on looking at cars, as we discussed a few months before that we needed to buy a new car for me. The Camry I had previously been using was getting up there in miles (220k+!) and the AC also happened to go out while Bub was gone. Long story short, we went to look at cars and ended up signing the papers to our new 2015 Subaru CrossTrek!

I love my car. So much. She’s so pretty.

IMG_6554Look at her! I love driving her around; she’s smooth, practical, sporty, and just so pretty. Haha.

Anyway, that following Saturday he got called away. Again. He was home for 10 days and 5 of those he was working at the station. This time he was gone for only 2.5 weeks, not 5.5. Ha, cake! 19 days are nothing compared to 40… So far this summer, he’s worked 5 fire and was gone for a total of approximately 68 days. In the span of about 78 days, he was gone for 68 of those. Yeesh.

For those who have followed me from last year and such, you’ll remember his epic Wyatt Earp status mustache. He got that growing again but shaved it off last week. Meh. I actually like it.

Since he’s been back, we’ve been able to see a few movies with friends, spend time with our families, and even go to the beach! We both got some nice tans, considering it’s October. But that doesn’t mean anything in California. Today was approximately 100 degrees. California doesn’t care that it’s “autumn.”

Note: I am wearing a bikini top; it’s strapless tho. So yeah. The waves were actually decent that day and I got tumbled around a bit while body surfing. I got a nice tennis ball size abrasion on the back of my hip to prove it. That sand is tough, man!

I also recently did a friend’s bridal makeup, as well as her MOH. It was fun for me and awkward for them because they’re the type of girls that really don’t wear makeup, which they don’t even need to as they’re naturally gorgeous anyway. But I loved doing their makeup and then having them tell me that I did better than the girls at Sephora… πŸ˜‰

I wore a pretty new dress. I had my mom snap a picture of it to send to Bub because he couldn’t come as he was working.

I finished my RN training at work a few weeks ago and am now on my own! This also means I am now working in the desert, the same area where I did a lot of my nursing clinicals. My schedule is completely random and is now Tues-Sat. Some days I clock in at 0945, other days I’ll clock in at 0345. Ah, the life of a mobile RN… But I get to see beautiful sunrises again


School is also moving right along. I’m in my 4th class and with that, only 8 more to go!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Life is crazy. Life is busy. But life is good.

My husband and I are slowly getting back into a schedule and rhythm again. The first week or so of him being home is always weird. A good weird, but weird nonetheless. I get used to doing certain things without him and he’s used to living out of a duffel bag. Then he comes home and we get to share a bed again, go grocery shopping, talk about bathroom rugs, and just do normal couple things. He can fix the toilet that’s been leaking and I get to do our piles of laundry, which include smokey blue pants and many sets of scrubs on my end.

Life is good.

xo, Briana

Day 7 & 8 // Spartans, Vegas, a Boat & a Summary

Click Here for my previous post on Days 5 & 6, which will also have links to previous posts.Β 

Ahh… The last post in my husband’s and my awesome road trip adventures.

We woke up early Saturday morning to head to Las Vegas where I mentioned in my last post my SIL (Bub’s twin sister) and her boyfriend were doing the Spartan Super race. We arrived in good time but they had already started. With the crowds and the fact that you had to pay to get in…

Well, we knew we had a few hours to spare so we headed to the local casino since the race was a few miles south of the actual city. We stayed there a little bit to cool off (we forgot what hot dry air felt like) and maybe play a few slot machines where we both came out a head by like $10 ($13, me!).

We went back to the venue where you could actually watch the final obstacle without going past the lines or anything. It was an interesting obstacle to watch… The racers have to basically do a Tarzan by holding onto a rope as they swing over water. Sounds simple enough. But after watching for two hours we decided that about 90% of the people did it wrong because to get the rope to you, there is a string attached so you could pull it in.

However, that string stays attached and as each person swings across, the rope and string combo typically went between their legs… making it interesting (and mostly painful) when they attempted to jump off only to find that a rope and string yanked on their crotch… and if you didn’t get it in the crotch, you typically fell from the rope straight into the water. Most people fell in the water but the few that made it across with the rope between their legs got a quick wake up call. Then the very few that put it to the side successfully made it across, but then might get a leg cramp as well.

It was all amusing.

Some men walked away head held high but some also limped. Heh. A lot of people also got leg cramps.

We finally saw our team come through, though! They both landed in the water, with the strings to the side. Haha.

Regardless, they finished proud! 9 miles and 27 obstacles later!

The rest of the afternoon was spent resting and then getting ready for a nice dinner with our aunt and uncle, who we stayed with since they live in Las Vegas.

Then the four of us crazy party animals walked the strip of Vegas for maybe an hour, watched the Bellagio water show, then went home to bed. We all drank lots of water. haha.

Hubs has a thing with taking pictures of fire hydrants now.

The next day our uncle took us to Lake Mead for a day on his boat. He’s so proud of his boat. It’s adorable.

We all grew up going to these awesome desert lakes and rivers in the summer time. It brought back a lot of special memories for all of us.

Fun fact : My sister and bub’s middle sister were best friends in elementary school and as such, she went on a river trip or two with their family. Ha.

Coming back, we were all nicely burned, but cooled off by the river. It was a great way to end our trip.

We left soon after getting back but the drive home was a great welcome back to California, as we hit horrible traffic just from everyone leaving Vegas to get back home on a Sunday evening. When it should take 3 1/2 hours, it took nearly 5. Welcome home! Haha.

That concluded our trip, though.

We arrived home around 11:30 pm after 2,355 miles.

Our trip went as follows :

Home –> Mammoth Mountain –> Death Valley National Park –> Zion National Park –> Bryce Canyon National Park –> Capitol Reef National Park –> Arches National Park –> Moab –> Canyonlands National Park –> Monument Valley –> Zion National Park –> Las Vegas –> Home

Overall, we drove through 4 states, 6 national parks (don’t forget Death Valley!), 18 different highways, ate out only 4 times the whole week, did multiple hiking trails, drove on random off roads with the possibilities of falling off sheer cliffs more than once, got sun burned, hiked a wicked yet angelic (haha) trail, had lots of PB&J and turkey sandwiches, hit sleet, got rained on, got sand blasted, and talked to people from all over the country and even the world.

It was a great trip.

If you had to ask what places or parks we might go back to, I’m positive we would go back Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches. Those three offered the most in regards to our wants and needs, from off road adventures to a variety of hiking trails. They were also the prettiest, with large canyons, structures, and monuments. Just breathtaking really. Moab is also another place on our to-do list as we really want to explore that area so much more.

If you plan to go to any of these places, most of the parks, if not all, have reserve only campsites so call or check their websites for availability. These are good options for families or for anyone who wants a “proper” campsite with a fire pit and running water πŸ™‚ Bub and I don’t mind roughing it out a little bit, so the BLM option worked out for us. Also be aware of the weather. In my experience of traveling through Utah at different times, rain and inclement weather can happen at any time. It can be sunny one minute and then the next, monsoon weather. Which is typical of any desert really. But it just adds to the beauty; if you’re prepared of course πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this series on the Mighty Five. I enjoyed writing about it, but of course I certainly enjoyed experiencing even more. I hope you have the chance to do the same, whether it’s the Mighty Five or some other exciting adventure.

To finish off, here are a few of my favorite John Muir quotes, a man who knew the value of nature and life.

The mountains are calling, and I must go…

Of all the paths you take, make sure a few of them are dirt.

xo, Briana

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Positive Vibes

Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, figuratively of course. But none the less, I’m put in a mood thatΒ is less then cheery. I can joke and laugh but then I’m still feeling moody. Today, for example, I’m just feeling kind of “meh” and it’s annoying me. I can’t snap out of it.

I’ve been having difficulty sleeping for a while now, but that’s also normal for me. I’ve simply come to terms that I’m just a bad sleeper. I also have an annoying contact lens and my glasses are at home. I’m also feeling hangry (hungry+angry). And my hair has been bugging me this week, almost to the point where I contemplated cutting some of it off. But I’m not. I know I’ll regret it. Like I always do. But you know what I mean about the hair, right? Ugh. Some days…

So can you tell I’m in an irritated mood?

A few things I might try to help myself feel better includes a) eat something, b) put on fun lipstick (currently wearing a fun coral pink now), c) list a few things that make me happy. I need positive vibes.

So let’s do it.

1) My husband. That’s a given though. But this week he’s been especially awesome. The other day he surprised me with a brand new backpacking pack. I’m so excited to use it and can’t wait to go on a trip. Even just thinking about it now makes me so happy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.53.52 AM

That there is my new backpack. It’s a Gregory Deva 70, the 2015 model. I took a screen shot of it from the Gregory website because the picture I have makes it look sad since it’s empty. Haha.

And that is my handsome hubby all dressed up for his sister’s wedding. and of course me in my bridesmaid dress πŸ˜‰ I loved getting my hair done that day. And we couldn’t help but sneak a few kisses during the wedding. Haha. We’re no longer the new newlywed’s in the family.

2) The beach. We spent two days at the beach this past weekend and it was marvelous. So relaxing. We also got some awesome tans.

This picture was last October but the scene was the same, even the bikini.

3) Guilty pleasure music.

This weeks (or month’s) playlist includes Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry.

4) Family. Tonight we’re celebrating my oldest brother’s birthday and also we’ll be missing one sibling, I’m looking forward to quality time with my family.

I love them.

5) Milo. Pets really know when you’re emotional or something. They just get it. He’s been attentive to me today and I totally appreciate his puppy dog eyes and they way they look at me.

photo 1
How cute is he?

6) Bonus…

you guys!

I was nervous about my blog post last week, my #DearMe post. But some of you wrote me private messages and left sweet comments that made me feel so good. I love you guys.

And now I feel better. Seeee how that works?

If you’re ever feeling blah, try writing down a few things that make you happy!


xo, Briana

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DIY Bridal Emergency Kit

My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend, which explains my absence for the last few days. I’m a bridesmaid and my husband is also a groomsmen. All of the family has been busy prepping for it since the wedding is on the property once again.

Part of my bridesmaid duty includes creating an emergency kit for the bride for the day-of. If you haven’t heard of these nifty things already, it’s essentially a kit full of things that you might need, in the event of say a tear in a dress, an owie, hair issue, whatever! It’s pretty self-explanatory once you see the photos down below πŸ™‚

Bodily emergencies!Β  Sunscreen for an outdoor wedding, ibuprofen for whatever aches and pains, visine for dry.eyes. and Band-Aids of course!

Wipies for whatever reason! Tissue for tears and such. Cotton swabs for makeup, spots, etc.

Fabric tape for any sudden emergency involving clothes! I don’t think I ever told you but at my sister’s wedding, my mom’s entire zipper broke on her dress riiiight before we took pictures. Bub’s dear sister was there and literally had to sew my mom into her dress. And that’s why we have an emergency sewing kit as well.

Also, a lint roller, safety pins, stain remover, and yes, super glue.

Ladies, how many random tampons do you find in your purse? I also have at least one in every single bag or purse. Haha. I also chose purple because those are the colors for the wedding πŸ™‚

FOOD. and breath mints. My SIL (Hub’s twin) and cousin were very good at making I was fed and hydrated on my wedding day. This is very important ladies! And yes, fresh breath πŸ˜‰ Also, please make sure you’re always drinking water!!

Finally, the beauty stuff. Ha. Nail file, bobby pins, hair spray, chapstick, and a lip gloss in a color that I think most of us will be wearing. And I also have clear nail polish for tears or spots on clothes but also for nails. Duh.

And that’s what I included in my kit! I found most of this stuff in the travel section of Target and of course the beauty aisles.

Finally, I put it all in big gift bag, most of it wrapped in brown tissue paper so it would be sliding around in the bag. I then wrote a cute note in a cute card.

This was actually a very fun project for me to put together. I got a lot of ideas from Pinterest and Google of course. You can totally customize it to your bride, too πŸ™‚ One of my SIL’s gave me one for my own wedding and I remember feeling so special and I want to make sure Melanie feels the same.

xo, Briana

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A Few From My Phone

Pictures, that is.

Just a quick “hello” from a few pictures off my phone to let you know what I’ve been up to.

You may not have known, but when I posted last on my blog, I was actually in the midst of traveling home from a very quick business trip to Florida! I’m currently working for my parents, who run a small business out of their house and a few things occured which ended up in my mom and I traveling to Florida for one night with my dad! It was a good and positive trip, which also allowed me to spend some time with my parents. Hubs found it interesting to actually be home without me, where it’s usually the opposite since he’s one that could be called away at any time.

We had to fly out of LA very early Saturday morning and we had some time to eat a quick breakfast before boarding. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and with it, a leaf of lettuce accompanied it. I thought it was amusing that the lettuce was as long as my sandwich itself. But I did eat it! I put a dash of salt and pepper on it for some flavor.

If you follow my Instagram account, then you’ll know that I recently bought some new Von Zipper sunglasses (the Begonia’s). I love how big they are and the vintage appeal to them. I can see myself wearing these with a flowy maxi dress or at the beach with a book in hand.

This was today. We were watching our brother-in-law launch a rocket he had gotten for Christmas. It was pretty epic, not gonna lie.

Of course my week has consisted of a bit more than these few things, but there’s not much else to say! My husband’s middle sister is visiting from ND this week so she could plan her upcoming March wedding with her family, as the wedding will be here in CA at her parents house. It will be smaller than our summer wedding, but as all weddings go, it’s always lots of planning! It’s been very exciting and this time around I get to be a bridesmaid. I’m very excited and of course happy for my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law!

I hope you have all been doing well and your upcoming week is productive!

xo, Briana

p.s. Thank you to all of my lovely new subscribers and viewers! It’s been a busy week on my blog and various social media, it’s much appreciated! πŸ™‚

It’s Almost Christmas?!

Christmas is in officially 2 weeks and 1 day! And I am nowhere near ready. Haha. Although Bub and I did get our first stockings for our little place. I’ll show them once our place is a bit more festive and ready to see.

One reason we have yet to get ready and actually start shopping is my honey and his twin sister recently just celebrated their 28th birthday! I can’t believe he’s 28 already! It’s hard to imagine because when we started dating, he was 18 and I was 16. Yikes!

We were lucky to go to Disneyland on their birthday as his twin has an annual pass and her boyfriend does as well. We ate dinner at the famous Blue Bayou (which was delicious), did some swing dancing, saw fireworks, and hit up a bunch of the rides.



The day before their birthday, we actually spent some time at the Disneyland hotel and pool as his family was spending time there. The weather was cloudy but still warm!


Now that we’re all Disney-ed out and celebrated their birthday’s, I am ready to get this holiday season going!

First things first… at-home manicure!

This lovely color is OPI in Under The Mistletoe πŸ™‚ It’s wonderfully sparkly and festive.

Have you all started getting ready for Christmas? I feel like I’m lagging (which I am…)!

xo, Briana

The Past 24 Hours

Yesterday was our weekly beach day and here’s what it consisted of…

Watching my cousin Sean surf. Even on a small day he makes the waves look fun and he always has a good time anyway. We’ve picked up on some phrases thanks to him over the last few years, my favorite being “sketch, I’m down.”

I got to enjoy the sunshine. I worked out pretty hard the day before and while my entire body was sore, I ran a mile on the beach as I am determined to keep up my workouts and running! And since the water is still warm enough, I was able to swim for a few minutes to cool off after my run.

Hubs accidentally locked our key in the truck. Luckily, I insisted on leaving the two front windows cracked a little bit to allow air flow and so Bub was able to borrow a hanger from a friendly surfer and eventually pull on the trunk latch to open it. You can see Sean laughing at Bub’s attempts to hit the unlock button, which did not work for whatever reason. But he got the trunk open and retrieved the key!

Later that afternoon my parents and brother joined us. A few of us pitched in and bought my dad a new surfboard, which he was able to surf for the first time yesterday. In the above photo, my mom is pointing out our dad while my bro watches on. Sunset was something else that evening.



Sky’s on fire!

It was glorious and makes you happy to know you live this life to see such beauty.

My dad and bro walking back. I love that it’s out of focus, for whatever reason. It makes it seem like the motion of them walking and the waves moving is really there in the picture.

And currently, this is my view. We woke up to clouds and cool weather, finally. The sun is coming out right now but there is rain in the forecast for the weekend.

I’m drinking a chai latte. It’s yummy.

Well, time to go switch the laundry and figure out what to do from here! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a safe Halloween if you participate! Bub is feeling under the weather so we’ll be taking it easy today.

xo, Briana

Mawwiage, Selfies, & NCLEX… Basically My Life ATM


I got married!!!

It has been 6 days since my now husband and I have said our vows and sealed it with a kiss (or two!)!

I originally told my brother, who was our officiant, that he could say the above quote but I guess he chose otherwise and left it out πŸ˜‰ The day was hot, the air was sticky, we were all fatigued from the night before in which both bridal and groom parties, uh, had parties. All innocent, but we were all tired nonetheless. We had minor mishaps in the morning while setting up and getting ready, but in the end, we said our vows and are even happier than we could have ever imagined.

We are forever grateful and appreciative to all of our friends and family that helped! This was a DIY wedding like you wouldn’t believe and we couldn’t have done it with the help of everyone involved.

Now do you want to see some pictures? Of course you do!

During a little break of taking pictures

During a little break of taking pictures

We chose to take pictures before the ceremony for the sake of our guests. We also let them start to eat the dinner before us, because we’re nice like that. The food, by the way, was delicious. And my husband is quite handsome…

photo 4
I plan on doing separate posts of my dress and the process of getting everything ready. This is simply a preview of the day πŸ™‚

photo 2
My cousin/bridesmaid took this photo of us as we were announced. It was around 7:20 pm, perfect lighting for a first dance.

photo 1
A fun Instagram edit from a friend πŸ™‚ I love this one. Aww…

photo 5
We had a photo booth (his biggest request!) and we thought it would be fun to bring in props of our respective careers!

After the wedding, we drove straight to Santa Barbara, which is about a 3-hour drive for us. We switched drivers halfway so we could both rest. We chose to drive right way so we could literally sleep in and just relax from there.

photo 1
Biking in Santa Barbara! Our hotel was directly across the street from the beach and provided free beach cruisers for their guests!

Husband originally only had a few days off from work, but he thankfully ended up having more than we planned, so we had the whole week together. This also meant he got to have facial hair for the wedding!

We came home Tuesday, opened presents, then went to Palm Springs the next day for one night. It was so nice to literally just relax and be together without any stress from the wedding, studying, or work.

photo 2
Poolside in Palm Springs!

photo 3
Going out for the night!

Whilst waiting for our valet in Palm Springs to head home, I was checking the nursing boards website aka the Powers That Be, the ones who control my license. It’s also the place to check to see if I passed the NCLEX!! My status hadn’t changed in 3 weeks, from the time I took my test. I really thought I failed because of the length of time….

But I passed!! I am officially an RN!!

May the job hunt begin… Thank you to everyone for your support, thoughts, and prayers in this journey! Both my wedding, marriage, and nursing school! Absolutely crazy to think it’s all over with, yet it’s just beginning… πŸ™‚

I love you all!

xo, Briana

I Graduated Nursing School.

That was an easy title, no? Ha.

Shall we begin the pictures? Because I’m sure I’ve already bored you with enough posts about the longest two years of my life. Haha. Although I’m thinking about doing a “How To Survive Nursing School” post in the near future. Your thoughts?

Anyway, this week we had our pinning ceremony (nursing specific) and then of course the graduation ceremony. If you’re wondering, I graduated with my Associates Degree of Nursing, also known as an ADN. I do plan on going back to school within a few years to get my bachelors and perhaps someday my masters.

Let’s begin with the pictures… So come along!

First of all, I got gel nails because I could! A lot of us girls got our nails done, some even with EKG lines and stuff, very cute. I chose a simple heart because my bridal shower is coming up and the heart was neutral for both occasions πŸ™‚

The Monday before our pinning and graduation, we had professional photos taken in our ceremony uniform, which is the traditional white uniform with cap that has a black stripe to represent Registered Nurse. Very fun and cute, if I do say so myself. Haha. We got to keep our pictures, so I gave mine to my fiance.

We all became close as a class. I’ll never forget some of these guys, even though I may never see some of them again. But a few of them will be lifelong friends. Thank goodness for Facebook!

Photobombing! The men (all two of three in our class that joined in on the festivities) wore white scrubs with a white jacket.

Pre-pinning ceremony!

This is our class president. She and I both were feeling quite nervous before the ceremony began as she had a part to say during it and I also had a speech to make, thanking everyone that supported us.

Saying my speech πŸ™‚ My family told me that I was one of few that spoke clearly and directly into the microphone, which was good because the acoustics are horrible in our gym! My goal during my speech was to make everyone laugh and cry. I think I did both! Haha. I saw my mom wipe her eyes a few times and even I had pause a moment because I started to choke up. However, the audience thought maybe I was done or they really liked what I said because they started to clap, so I jokingly said, “I’m not done yet!” in a sassy tone which they all laughed at. I calmed down a lot after that and finished quite nicely I think.

I don’t have a specific picture right now but I had my parents pin me. During this time, they come up to me and give me a pin that says Registered Nurse on it, signifying the end of my journey with education but only the beginning of a lifelong career. It was a sweet moment, and funny when my mom accidentally dropped the back of the pin and my dad had to pick it up!

IMG_0321After the ceremony! We had such a beautiful sunset and took the opportunity for pictures with such good lighting! All of my siblings were there, as well as my grandma, niece, and nephew. I’m so thankful for all of their support!

Siblings πŸ™‚

My beautiful sister and I.

My dear grandma Ellen. When she first saw me before the ceremony began she started to cry and of course that got me started! There were many happy tears that night.

Friends! Thank you for driving all the way up to support me and SCREAM my name when I got pinned!

My dear future SIL who is my fiance’s twin! She is also a nurse and has been a great source of encouragement for me! I love you Brittany!

Playing with my niece and nephew.

Tony, our class rock climbing guide and the one who asked too many questions in class πŸ˜‰

So, where IS my fiance in all of these pictures? He wasn’t opting out from pictures nor was he behind the camera. In fact, he wasn’t there at my pinning ceremony. Why? He was working. He recently got hired as a seasonal fire fighter for the US Forest Service and had mandatory training/orientation he couldn’t miss. So it’s for good reason he missed my ceremony. Still, I missed him, although it was for good reason he wouldn’t attend my ceremony or graduation.

But we improvised.

The next evening was my graduation ceremony. Not everyone participates in this, but I knew I wanted to. I didn’t get to walk for a high school graduation because I actually have my GED. More on that in a later post I suppose πŸ™‚




I was one of the first to receive my degree in the lineup and after I sat down in my seat, while the rest of the school was still lining up and getting called for theirs, my friend Sandra poked me, told me to look over and who do I see? My Bub. He surprised me by showing up, after he asked his captain to leave an hour early. The moment I saw him I started crying. I don’t have any photos of it, although my sister got a video of it. Ha… Afterwards, I cried even more when we finally got to hug. He never ceases to amaze me.

I’m so glad I’m marrying him πŸ™‚

My favorite twins!

Well, that’s it! Phew! I’m DONE!!! Except now I get to prepare for state boards and of course our wedding!

Thank you again and again to everyone who has supported and encouraged me these last few years. I could not have done it without any of you! I’m so excited for the future, wherever it may take me.

Thank you again my loves πŸ™‚

xo, Briana future RN