5 Things I Have Been Loving Lately

July has been a good month. Busy, but good. So I’m gonna go ahead and share a few materialistic things I’ve been enjoying šŸ˜‰ This is a beauty blog (mostly) after all! Haha. I’ll also throw in a few awesome moments, too.

1) Becca Cosmetics & Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration, their Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop.


It’s a wonderful peachy gold highlighter that is just, in a word, phenomenal. and dare I saw, on fleek?! Haha. If you follow Jaclyn Hill, then you’ll know that the phrase #highlightonfleek has become quite the trend. Normally I would never say anything is on fleek, but omg I love this highlighter. It’s just perfect.

2) NYX brow pomade and even better, their brow pencil.

These have both been compared to the Anastasia Beverly Hills products, and while I have never tried them, I really do love them. They have totally changed how I do my brows. Before I used the ELF brow product and while I liked it, I always felt like my brows were too… put on. But with these, and I only use one at a time, I feel like my brows are a bit more natural looking now. Love them!

3) My Kindle Paperwhite. Even though I’m working fulltime, in school again, and still have every other social activity that I had before, I’ve been reading more and it’s been so great. I think I’ve read 3 books in the last two weeks, the latest being All The Bright Places, which made me feel all the feelings when I finished. Ugh. I also read today that they’re making a film adaptation of it and I am so excited. Although scared because I will cry and I will need Bub there with me to hand me tissue.

4) My new grown up Kate Spade purse that I got as a treat to myself with my first nurse paycheck šŸ™‚

I saw this purse style a year ago and have wanted it so much ever since. It’s the kind of purse I happily I use every day but can also wear it dressed up. I love it so much and am so happy I bought it. I also got it at an outlet so I scored big on the cost šŸ˜‰ The style is Newbury Lane Small Loden, they have various colors and while I debated between this and a gray, I finally chose the black as I do not have a nice black purse and it’s just so classy looking.

It has three large pockets, as well as a shoulder strap.

Here’s a picture of the size comparison to me.

5) This is my favorite thing and also quite possibly my favorite moment of the year thus far.

For our one year anniversary on the 13th, my sweet hubby surprised me with a wonderful wedding band.

Sorry it’s so fuzzy.

It was sweet when he gave it to me, too. We were alone on our golf green with the lights on where we had our first dance and he very slyly put the ring on my finger without me even seeing it. But of course I felt it.

Before I was wearing a simple band with it and while it was nice, this band is just… awesome. It’s so pretty and just really fits so well with my engagement ring. I find myself staring at my ring again like I’m engaged all over again. I had told my hubs a few months before that I wanted a band and he at first he was like, eh… But then when he surprised me with this… Oh, I fell in love again.

So those are my five favorites of July.

In other news, my hubby is currently away in northern California fighting fires and saving California. He’s been away for a week now and could be gone for at least another week. This is his first campaign of the season and was so excited to finally get a call away.

Thank you for reading everyone!

xo, Briana

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I’m 26 & I’m Not Old | A Rant, Because YES

I am 26-years old, going on 27 this November. I say that with pride. But lately, when I reveal my age to some, I say it with hesitation. Sometimes I get a feeling from the person asking that they ask merely to date me, figure me out, and perhaps understand me. All based on a set of numbers that I guess is supposed to define me. I try not to reveal my age, but if I have an okay feeling with someone, I might say it, but only if they ask.

I don’t like asking someone how old they are, because I’m usually wrong if I say it before they do. I may assume older but can be wrong, but I assumed because of their maturity. And vice versa. About 90% of the time, I really think age is just a number. Looks also have a lot to do with it. Believe me… I know… If you were to guess my age without seeing it above, what would you guess? I usually get 21 or 23. Sometime I still get 18. But hardly 26 or even 25. Never have I heard 27 or above.

Now why am I venting about this?

I’ve been at my new job for 4 weeks now and many people are surprised I’m an RN, because I don’t look old enough. It’s not the patients/donors that irk me when they say it; it’s my peers and coworkers. Many people don’t mean any harm by it. But when you hear it repeatedly… It gets to you. Today, for example, a coworker (probably my age) said I looked like a schoolgirl. *Insert annoyed face emoji*

What I mentioned in my first paragraph about a feeling I get from people, it’s because I feel as if they can then use my age almost against me. And they want to. Someone will ask me.. who sings this song? If it’s from the 80s or 70s, because I obviously don’t know seeing as how I wasn’t born then.

Or perhaps I’ll say I’m sore from a workout or I didn’t sleep good the night before (something that occurs too often) and someone even just a few years older than me will say, “oh sweetie, you’re still young. You don’t even know yet.” Oh, you’re right. OBVIOUSly I don’t. ‘scuse me!

Maybe it’s because I’m the youngest by a few years, while my siblings are all one year apart, but to this day I a little annoyed when I hear, “you’re too young for…” even if it’s not directed to me. I heard that a lot growing up and now I hear “Oh, you’re probably too young to know about this or understand that…”

Take me as I am and not for my age. Damnit. I have also realized that in my short 26 years, I have more life experience than some people nearly twice my age. Just saying. I have seen more, done more, and experienced more than a lot of people may realize or ever know. I simply want validation for what I think and say based on my maturity and not my age. While this post itself may be a bit immature in it’s nature, I hope you understand why I am writing it. It’s hard being in a professional career where you’re looked up at with respect and some of it is taken away when they think you’re 21.

Now that’s just the age thing I’m annoyed with. I’m not done yet.


I’m happily married to a wonderful firefighter, a firefighter who loves his job and is damn good at it, too. Many of you may know this, but for those of you that don’t, when he is called to a fire he can be gone for weeks on end. The first week we were married, he got called away and was gone for two weeks. The next fire he went to, less than a month after his return, he was away again for 3 weeks.

So while he’s away fighting fires exhausting himself, does that mean I’m home twiddling my thumbs or wringing my hands in severe stress over his safety? In one word, no.

Am I concerned? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to freak myself out over it. I fully trust him and his capabilities as a firefighter. I trust his intuition as well as his captains and chief’s in charge. It’s not easy, but I do my best, as does he.

Now I’m mentioning this because when he’s away for either his three-day shifts or away at fires for an unknown amount of time, some people like to ask me questions and refer to me as two things: single and my absolute favorite… a widow. Because he’s away, gone… and I’m alone. All. By. Myself.

And by favorite, I mean I internally cringe with a touch of anger and sadness when I hear the word “widow.” To me, it’s just wrong on many levels. For one, I am in NO freaking way a widow, nor single for that matter! Secondly, it downplays what a widow is. Thirdly, if he were in the military and deployed overseas, would these same people refer to me as a widow? Probably not.

I am one of many wives who wonder how our husbands are doing, how exhausted each one must be, as well as thirsty, hungry, tired, and hopefully missing their wives. When he’s away, I never expect him to reply to text, call every night, or send me a photo here and there. I expect him to rest when he can, drink and eat when he can, and hopefully take a shower here and there šŸ˜‰ Then call me. Ha. But really, if he doesn’t, it’s fine. I frequently check the status of whatever fire he is at and get an idea of any danger he might be in. But I will say he is very good at calling and texting when he can.


So. Those are two things I have wanted to vent about for a while now. I hope you understand my thoughts and I also apologize for this not being beauty related. I’ll try to work on that soon. But oh, hey! School and work at currently consuming my life.

That is all.

Happier things shall be written soon. I hope. I think. Maybe?

xo, Briana

The Struggle is Real

If you keep up with modern culture and it’s latest phrases or words, then you’ll understand that when I say, “The struggle is real,” I mean it. Hashtag and all, #thestruggleisreal

What struggle, you might ask?

Finding balance.

I suddenly find myself balancing every day life of being with my husband, my family, starting my online BSN program, aaaaand FIIIINALLY starting a real nursing job!

Let me break it down to ya, how the last few weeks have been kind of busy/hectic/chaotic/awesome/crazy, and other choice words.

Hubs started his new job mid-May, where his new assignment has him at the station Sat-Mon (basically Tuesday am), and that’sĀ if he’s not held over. Which he has been the last few weeks and will probably continue since fire season is California started with a big bang.

Mid June I decided to go ahead and start my online bachelors program, since I hadn’t been hired yet by any hospital or anything. I decided to start it for a few reasons, the two main being 1) I needed/wanted to get it done (personal reasons and personal job gain) eventually so why not now? and 2) I had time since I didn’t have a nursing job yet.

Heh, that quickly changed. Basically the week before I started my classes, I suddenly got an interview for a blood bank and not gonna lie, it was thee best interview of my life. It was in the morning and by that afternoon I got a call-back to start my background check, physical, drug test, etc. Then the next week (after I started my class), I got my official offer and found myself starting my new job the next Monday, which was the end of June.

So. Here I am on a Monday evening at my parents, since Bub is working, on their couch feeling quite tired. and it’s only Monday.

Right now, I’m simply in training for my job but it is an early start (0700) and 5 days a week. Right now it’s Mon-Fri but once training is done, I’ll be Tues-Sat. So that basically means my days are the complete opposite of what my husbands are, if you’ve been keeping up.

2 points if you have been.

I’ve been wanting to blog and write about pretty things, but I currently have to write about nursing theories right now. I also just don’t have as much downtime like I used to. Can’t imagine why…

and if you’re wondering about my job, I did in fact say blood bank. That means I work for a company where we collect blood and blood parts from volunteer donors. The products are used for typically life-saving situations, like surgeries, traumas, blood diseases, etc. I’m basically a piece of the bridge that gaps donors to patients in need. And it’s very exciting. I’ll be at donor centers but will eventually be trained to be on the mobile blood drives, like at high schools and businesses. I’m very excited.

While this is all very sudden and like, wow! Hello, life! I’m feeling very content, in between tired and like a chicken with her head cut off. But (so far) I’m not overwhelmed and stressed. Tired with a capital T, yes. But very happy and content. It’s brought about some peace that Bub and I have been needing. It’s been a year since I passed my RN and it’s been along year not using it. I’m forever grateful to my parents who were able to have me employed at their business and while I miss working with them, I’m so happy to be using my license. And for something that is very rewarding and different.

And hey, speaking of Bub in that last paragraph… Our one year wedding anniversary is this Monday šŸ™‚

Can you believe that?

How time flies… And it’s not about to slow down, y’all…

So if you don’t hear from here for awhile, well, now you’ll know.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this different post. I appreciate each and everyONE of you!

xo, Briana


My Favorite Shades of Eyeshadow [With Swatches]

Being a brown eyed gal, makeup charts tell me what shades of eyeshadow will best compliment my eyes, green and purple being the popular ones. I find that when I do wear those shades, my eyes show flecks of green or gold, which is pretty.

But personally, I like the idea that a person should where whatever the hell they like and what they look the best on their own face. For myself, I prefer the coppery, orange, goldy, reddish, pinkish ones. Got it?

Something about those colors for my eyes, I don’t know. I just feel like they totally pop and really show how brown they are. I know that sounds odd, but I like my brown eyes. They’re regular ol’ brown. Not too dark but definitely brown.

The shades I’m doing to show you are mostly Mac and Makeup Geek, but there will be a few from palettes. Unfortunately I don’t have any drugstore options except for one. However, I know Maybelline has a great copper quad. All of the shadows in it though are shimmery and it’s always good to throw a good matte in there to balance it.

L–>R ; Mac’s Antiqued, Makeup Geek (MUG) Foiled shadow in Flame Thrower, and Milani Bella Copper

p.s. Aaaallll of these shadows are way more spectacular and rich in person, especially Flame Thrower. OMG.

L-R : from UD Vice 3 Palette Lucky, Mac Amber Lights, and from Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette in China Rose. Both Lucky and Amber lights are very similar with Lucky just being a bit darker.


L-R: Lorac Pro 1 in Garnet (more red in person), UD Vice 3 palette in Sonic, and Mac Coppering. The shade Coppering is the one that started it all. I told the Mac girl that I didn’t want your typical greens, bronze, or purples for my eyes so she showed me this. I fell in love.


L-R: Mac Mythology and Mac Expensive Pink, being the newest addition. and I am loooving it!

So as you can see, I love the coppery, orange, goldy, reddish, pinky tones. Ha.

When I use these type of shades, I’ll do a matte tan or light brown transition shade, then put my selected shadow from above all over the lid, then either a satin or matte brown with a red undertone. Some of my favorites for that are MUG’s Cocoa Bear or Mac’s Saddle. And of course a highlight shade. That is my go-to method of applying shadow. Simple and effective!


This is with China Rose all over. Again, much more vibrant in person. I hope you enjoy my high quality photos taken from the camera that faces you. Thanks iPhone!


I actually did a wing that day! I used the KVD liner I mentioned in my last post. But the shadow I’m wearing is I believe Expensive Pink, if I remember correctly.

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Let me know what type of tones and shades you like!

xo, Briana

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May Favorites!

June! We’re halfway done with this year! Can you believe it?

There were a lot of favorite moments from May, which I plan to write about soon. Let’s just say someone close to myself and bub is engaged and I helped plan it… šŸ˜‰

Besides that, though! Let’s talk about some of my favorite products from May!

Last month was a kind of a blur for me, what with traveling and then staying between my house and my parents house a lot, since Bub was busy a lot with work. When it came to makeup, I wanted to make things simple and quick, whether it’s something that sets fast or I can double up on the product.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Now I’ve had this for a while, thanks to a Nordstrom gift card from Christmas, but haven’t really talked about it much because I wasn’t Wowed by it and I prefer other bronzers and highlighters that I own. However, with my now more tan skin, I find it matches well. But really, my favorite way to use it? Eyeshadow!

It’s a bit of the taupey brown side, with slight satin finish. Very slight. But as a single shadow or transition shade, I love it. On days where I use minimal makeup or anything, I find that this is great as a single shadow and a bronzer as well.

Milani Luminoso blush. I’m sure you’ve heard of this, yes? Well, for good reason. It’s a beautiful coral peachy color that has a beautiful sheen and finish to it. For my skin tone and the eye looks I like to wear, this is a color I can wear with almost anything.

It also easily fits in my makeup bag, as all of my other blushes are in a mac palette šŸ˜‰

I just got this about two weeks ago because I want something light for summer but still has decent coverage. One of the bridesmaids at my cousins wedding had this and it look gorgeous on her. So I thought I’d try it for those reasons!

And I love it! I’m in shade medium-tan. It blends so easily with a brush and fast. I do set it with a powder and setting spray, as any BB cream on me will get shiny. But this manages to last as well as a regular foundation but sits on my skin like moisturizer. It has that silicone feel though, so if you don’t like that feeling, you may want to avoid this.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I like a brown liner on my top lid, rather than a black. I prefer a brown because it’s not as harsh as a black and just appears more natural to me. At least, as natural as liner can look. Ha.

The tip is a brush and is so smooth on the lid without any bleeding. It sets fast and lasts for a super long time. It’s so unbelievably easy to work with. I love it!

Speaking of Kat Von D…. Yes, I bought it. And I love it.

Now the main reason I bought it? Those far right, warm shadows… specifically the reddish brown one. It is everything I had hoped it to be.

And these paired with the liner? Ugh, so pretty. They’re like butter, they’re all matte, and they’re just gorgeous. I mean, really. Perfect.

And finally, my favorite brushes of the month.

The far left is a Real Techniques blush brush that I have actually been using for bronzer! For my cheek size, I find that it’s a good size and dispenses product evenly.

The middle brush is fairly new and is actually called a sculpting brush, meant for contour. But it’s so dense, I actually like to use it for foundation or my BB cream! The shape is also great for getting along my nose and eyes.

The far right is a MAC 221. I bought this in preparation for Lindsay’s wedding, since she and I both have hooded eyes. The MAC girl that convinced me to get it also has hooded eyes and she swore it was better than the MAC 217 for getting in the crease because it’s smaller. And ooh was she right.

You may compare the size differences. I miiiight need a second. Because it’s just that good.

Well that was all! I had a lot of other awesome things that performed great for me, but these are the things that just really stood out to me and that I used a lot. I hope you enjoyed!

xo, Briana

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10 Years of Us

So I know Bub and I are married now, which means we have a new anniversary to celebrate (less than 2 months away from the first!) but today, May 27, marks 10 years of us being a couple.

294206_10150261071653224_5021137_nCirca 2010 (I think?? ha..)

We were a funny, young couple that celebrated monthly for the first year. Then of course after that we celebrated every year.

10 years is a long time; we’ve been together for more than a third of our lives. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been worth every moment. We’ve grown from teenagers, to young adults, to the married adult couple that we are now. We’ve encouraged each other, supported each other, became a part of each others families. Our lives were separate but then slowly became meshed together. In a healthy way of course šŸ™‚


I supported him entirely while he was in fire academy. That’s actually when I started doing his laundry! haha.


He was a wonderful support for me in nursing school, always making sure I had space to study and always brought me food.


So from here, let’s just post a bunch of random photos of us… I don’t remember a lot of the years, so I may not post them. And sadly, I can’t seem to find many pictures from the first three years of us dating, back when he had long hair and I never wore makeup. and if I did, it was terrible. Ha.


And then, oh lucky me, I just found happened to find some good ol’ photos from us first dating.

Oh yes…

first date
This ^^ was approximately a week before “officially” started dating. I invited him to the beach with my sister and then his sister came, too. Look how cute he is with his long hair…

Then three weeks after we became “official.” Look at that smile…

amazing how we went from that…


I love you sweetie, with all my heart.

Thank you for asking me to be your girlfriend on that late Friday night. I knew right away you were special and our relationship was special.

You’re my best friend, my rock, and my own personal repairman/firefighter/lawns keeper/electrician/MacGyver.

I love you. Forever and for always.

xo, Briana aka Pockets

What’s In My Gym Bag! & Hello, Life! Plus A Story About Pre-Workout…

Heya guys!

So if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter (@tidibitsofbriana) then you’ll know that I was recently in Hawaii for a few days. My cousin got married there and lucky me, I was a bridesmaid as well as her MUA! It was a quick trip but of course fun! I missed my hubby since he couldn’t come, but it was fun to hang out with some awesome girls, all of whom I miss a lot! Then once I got home, it was time for friends and family’s graduations, as well as spending lost time with my honey.


Wedding day!

IMG_5232My beautiful cousin who was a beautiful bride! While I would like to take some credit, since I did her makeup, she was absolutely glowing from within and her inner beauty shown through, as well as her love for her groom!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Shore of Waikiki

Anyhow, that’s just a quick “why I haven’t blogged in two weeks!”

I started going back to the gym today and with that I thought I’d share with you what I take with me to the gym! I just got this new gym bag and I loooove it. I had a previous bag, from Target, but I wasn’t completely in love with it. But my cousin had this in Hawaii and I when I first saw it and held it, I knew I wanted one of my own.. And lucky me, it’s from Fabletics! I have been going on a Fabletics binge when it comes to capris and leggings, but now this bag…

It’s pretty slouchy and doesn’t have much to hold it up with, but I like that I can just throw my stuff in but it’s still easy to find inside.


The sides have buckles if you want to make your bag “bigger” in that you allow more wiggle room. Right now I keep them buckled so I don’t have that open to throw more stuff in. Haha.
It has both an adjustable shoulder strap and double handles. The material is extremely soft on the inside, like jersey knit or something.

It has a large front pocket that has a zip. This is where I like to keep my lock, phone, and keys.

Open back mesh pocket, good for chap stick or something you don’t mind people seeing.

It has a wide opening with a large zipper, making it easy to see inside.

Now let’s see what I do keep in there!

My basic gym stuff! I use a wash cloth rather than a towel because let’s be honest… I just don’t sweat enough to require a larger towel, no matter how hard I run or how hard I workout. And if I need to wipe someone else’s sweat off a machine (ew), I get some paper towels and cleaner.

Of course I use a lock, too! Then my gloves which are nice and grippy but aren’t too stiff. I found mine for really inexpensive at Marshall’s. If I listen to music, I like my shuffle because it’s small and I can clip it to my clothes, rather than have some annoying arm band on. My watch is a Ripcurl watch that is waterproof and because of the material (rubber-like), it doesn’t slide around on my wrist.

Finally, my new favorite water bottle. Costco had a good deal on these, so hubs and I got a set of them. They’re awesome because they literally keep your drink cold for hours. Ice does NOT melt, even after like 5-6 hours. I don’t know how it works, but it does. It holds something like 20-22 oz of water, so I drink about 3 of these a day for my daily intake, sometimes more.

Slippers if I wanna shower and of course a brush for all my hair! haha

Everything you see here I keep in a small cosmetics bag, aside from the body. The cap on that is loose so it goes in it’s own separate pocket.

But aside from that, which I use for obvious reasons, I like to have hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, and body wash if I shower. Then some powder with a brush if I wore makeup and want a quick touch up, as well as regular ol’ chapstick. Then the usual girly things…

Finally, I like to keep gum on hand because it helps my mouth from getting dry and something about chewing gum while running or exercising is just nice.

What I forgot to include were some granola bars I might eat before or after a workout, then of course a protein powder with a blender type bottle. You know, those bottles with the metal spiral thingy that sounds so funny but makes you feel like a bartender.

Speaking of protein powder and such… I tried my first pre-workout drink today.

Never, ever again. At least not the brand I tried…

I wanted to try a pre-workout to see if I helped me work harder or anything, so I mixed the powder with my water when I left my house and drank it on my way, about a 20 minute drive. I figured that would give it time to kick in so by the time I arrived, I’d be ready to go.

On the way down, I noticed my cheeks felt warm, a little tingly and itchy. I didn’t think much of it until I got to the gym when the sensation went to my feet and even my ears, followed by my chest. My feet felt it more than any other area. I thought perhaps I might be having an allergic reaction but I didn’t have hives and my throat felt fine. The feeling slowly went away but was still there a little. I began to feel a little anxious though, almost jittery. I went inside, put my stuff in my locker then started my usual 20 minute run. Immediately the feeling came back even stronger on my chest, cheeks, ears, but especially my feet. After 5 minutes I couldn’t handle it. I slowed the treadmill, jumped off before it even stopped, and then went straight to my locker, grabbed my phone, and Googled “itchy feeling from pre workout” and found out that what I was experiencing was my capillaries and histamine reacting to the niacin and beta alanine in the pre workout.

I determined I was not having an allergic reaction (no epinephrine or benadryl required), but I was still very uncomfortable. I felt even more anxious and jittery, almost jumpy. My skin felt felt like it was crawling. I tried to continue my workout with the stair master and then some weights, but after 20 minutes I couldn’t handle it. I left and tried to just calm down with some food.

The flushed feeling and jittery-ness finally went away after 3-4 hours but ooh I hated it.


That was my experience with pre workout and that’s what I take with me in my gym bag. Ha.

I hope you enjoyed the post and story!

Thanks for sticking with me guys, even though I’ve been so absent lately.

xo, Briana

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All products mentioned and/or shown were purchased with my own money.

MAC’s Cremesheen in Shanghai Spice – A Nude for Olive Tones?

So I’m going to Hawaii next week…. I’m a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding and I’m super excited for a few reasons…

1) Hawaii. Duh.

2) Mini vacation!

3) I get to do her makeup šŸ™‚

She was a bridesmaid in my own wedding and I’m so excited to be sharing this special time with her. When she asked me to do her makeup, I immediately said yes and I plan to surprise her with a few gifts for the day of. In the process of finding her a few special things, I found myself a wonderful summery nude lipstick for myself! haha.

This might be a classic for some, but for me, it’s new and I am loving it.

In person, Shanghai Spice is a bit darker but you can definitely see the peachy tones in it. When you look at it, it’s a soft peachy nude with brown undertones as well, perfect for someone like me where most nudes tend to wash me out. But on my skin tone, it’s perfect!

It’s peachy but on the lips it gives a good soft look without looking too pink or like you’re trying too hard to have nude lips. Like I said, it helps give me a simple, nude look without washing me out. That’s the funny thing with nudes on my skin tone. A regular nude can give me the “I’m sick” or “I’m dead” look, which is not cute.

I’m hoping to wear this for the wedding, but my dress is a fun coral color and I might need something with a bit more depth to. Maybe a lip liner will help though, as the formula is extremely comfortable on the lips. It’s also the kind of lipstick where I don’t necessarily need a mirror to apply it.

Yeah, I think it’ll work with a darker lip liner underneath šŸ™‚

What do my fellow tan/olive/yellow-toned girls think? Have you tried this? Or anyone really! It’s such a pretty peach…

xo, Briana

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Shower The People

If you’re a fan of James Taylor, then you know his beautiful song, “Shower The People”

I tend to be pretty quiet and private about certain things on social media, even in my private accounts, but I posted on my personal Facebook the other day that my family has been experiencing a lot of grief that past week or so. One of my dad’s very best friends passed away unexpectedly and it was very hard on all of us, but especially he and my mom. They are currently in Guam for the funeral, as that’s where he had been living with his family.

Besides that, though, as hard it was (and still is, of course), we got news throughout the rest of the week that other friends of ours had passed away, as well as some acquaintances. They always say that death comes in threes, but for us, it’s been more than that.

One of my very favorite bloggers (Emily Myers, aka The Freckled Fox) also recently shared that her husband was diagnosed with very aggressive stage 4 melanoma cancer. I also learned last week that a close family member of mine was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. I suppose when it rains, it pours?

I originally posted on Facebook as my own way of saying that it had been a reminder how precious life is and to tell those you love that you do love them, because you never know when life will be cut short. I got a lot of friends and family responding with sweet thoughts and prayers, which wasn’t my intention, but of course I appreciate the sentiments. It meant a lot to myself and my family.

This week has been a simple yet emotional reminder how precious life is.

When death occurs close to me, I tend to be okay. I’m a realist in those times. But when I learned that my dad’s friend, who I considered an uncle, had passed away, I began to cry. I hadn’t seen him since I was maybe 12, but he was so close to my dad. Their relationship, helped shape my childhood. Weekend BBQs, slumber parties with his step-daughters, and our families even bred our Rottweilers together for years. My sweet husband had never met him, but he knew that my uncle meant something to me. This last Monday my family and I were able to attend a memorial service here in California for him and I’m so grateful because I got to see my auntie, their daughters, and other friends I hadn’t seen since my childhood.

I posted the other day on Facebook that I planned to resume regular blogging, which I will, but it just didn’t seem to fit this week. I hope you understand. and thank you, if you do. I appreciate each and every one of you. I truly do.

I shared a few lyrics from the song and I’ll go ahead and do the same here.

I love you. Truly.

“Oh, father and mother, sister and brother, if it feels nice, don’t think twice,
just shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feel.
Things are gonna work out fine if you only will do as I say, just
shower the people you love with love, show them the way you feel.
Things are gonna be much better if you only will.” – James Taylor

xo, Briana


Day 7 & 8 // Spartans, Vegas, a Boat & a Summary

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Ahh… The last post in my husband’s and my awesome road trip adventures.

We woke up early Saturday morning to head to Las Vegas where I mentioned in my last post my SIL (Bub’s twin sister) and her boyfriend were doing the Spartan Super race. We arrived in good time but they had already started. With the crowds and the fact that you had to pay to get in…

Well, we knew we had a few hours to spare so we headed to the local casino since the race was a few miles south of the actual city. We stayed there a little bit to cool off (we forgot what hot dry air felt like) and maybe play a few slot machines where we both came out a head by like $10 ($13, me!).

We went back to the venue where you could actually watch the final obstacle without going past the lines or anything. It was an interesting obstacle to watch… The racers have to basically do a Tarzan by holding onto a rope as they swing over water. Sounds simple enough. But after watching for two hours we decided that about 90% of the people did it wrong because to get the rope to you, there is a string attached so you could pull it in.

However, that string stays attached and as each person swings across, the rope and string combo typically went between their legs… making it interesting (and mostly painful) when they attempted to jump off only to find that a rope and string yanked on their crotch… and if you didn’t get it in the crotch, you typically fell from the rope straight into the water. Most people fell in the water but the few that made it across with the rope between their legs got a quick wake up call. Then the very few that put it to the side successfully made it across, but then might get a leg cramp as well.

It was all amusing.

Some men walked away head held high but some also limped. Heh. A lot of people also got leg cramps.

We finally saw our team come through, though! They both landed in the water, with the strings to the side. Haha.

Regardless, they finished proud! 9 miles and 27 obstacles later!

The rest of the afternoon was spent resting and then getting ready for a nice dinner with our aunt and uncle, who we stayed with since they live in Las Vegas.

Then the four of us crazy party animals walked the strip of Vegas for maybe an hour, watched the Bellagio water show, then went home to bed. We all drank lots of water. haha.

Hubs has a thing with taking pictures of fire hydrants now.

The next day our uncle took us to Lake Mead for a day on his boat. He’s so proud of his boat. It’s adorable.

We all grew up going to these awesome desert lakes and rivers in the summer time. It brought back a lot of special memories for all of us.

Fun fact : My sister and bub’s middle sister were best friends in elementary school and as such, she went on a river trip or two with their family. Ha.

Coming back, we were all nicely burned, but cooled off by the river. It was a great way to end our trip.

We left soon after getting back but the drive home was a great welcome back to California, as we hit horrible traffic just from everyone leaving Vegas to get back home on a Sunday evening. When it should take 3 1/2 hours, it took nearly 5. Welcome home! Haha.

That concluded our trip, though.

We arrived home around 11:30 pm after 2,355 miles.

Our trip went as follows :

Home –> Mammoth Mountain –> Death Valley National Park –> Zion National Park –> Bryce Canyon National Park –> Capitol Reef National Park –> Arches National Park –> Moab –> Canyonlands National Park –> Monument Valley –> Zion National Park –> Las Vegas –> Home

Overall, we drove through 4 states, 6 national parks (don’t forget Death Valley!), 18 different highways, ate out only 4 times the whole week, did multiple hiking trails, drove on random off roads with the possibilities of falling off sheer cliffs more than once, got sun burned, hiked a wicked yet angelic (haha) trail, had lots of PB&J and turkey sandwiches, hit sleet, got rained on, got sand blasted, and talked to people from all over the country and even the world.

It was a great trip.

If you had to ask what places or parks we might go back to, I’m positive we would go back Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches. Those three offered the most in regards to our wants and needs, from off road adventures to a variety of hiking trails. They were also the prettiest, with large canyons, structures, and monuments. Just breathtaking really. Moab is also another place on our to-do list as we really want to explore that area so much more.

If you plan to go to any of these places, most of the parks, if not all, have reserve only campsites so call or check their websites for availability. These are good options for families or for anyone who wants a “proper” campsite with a fire pit and running water šŸ™‚ Bub and I don’t mind roughing it out a little bit, so the BLM option worked out for us. Also be aware of the weather. In my experience of traveling through Utah at different times, rain and inclement weather can happen at any time. It can be sunny one minute and then the next, monsoon weather. Which is typical of any desert really. But it just adds to the beauty; if you’re prepared of course šŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this series on the Mighty Five. I enjoyed writing about it, but of course I certainly enjoyed experiencing even more. I hope you have the chance to do the same, whether it’s the Mighty Five or some other exciting adventure.

To finish off, here are a few of my favorite John Muir quotes, a man who knew the value of nature and life.

The mountains are calling, and I must go…

Of all the paths you take, make sure a few of them are dirt.

xo, Briana

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