Day 7 & 8 // Spartans, Vegas, a Boat & a Summary

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Ahh… The last post in my husband’s and my awesome road trip adventures.

We woke up early Saturday morning to head to Las Vegas where I mentioned in my last post my SIL (Bub’s twin sister) and her boyfriend were doing the Spartan Super race. We arrived in good time but they had already started. With the crowds and the fact that you had to pay to get in…

Well, we knew we had a few hours to spare so we headed to the local casino since the race was a few miles south of the actual city. We stayed there a little bit to cool off (we forgot what hot dry air felt like) and maybe play a few slot machines where we both came out a head by like $10 ($13, me!).

We went back to the venue where you could actually watch the final obstacle without going past the lines or anything. It was an interesting obstacle to watch… The racers have to basically do a Tarzan by holding onto a rope as they swing over water. Sounds simple enough. But after watching for two hours we decided that about 90% of the people did it wrong because to get the rope to you, there is a string attached so you could pull it in.

However, that string stays attached and as each person swings across, the rope and string combo typically went between their legs… making it interesting (and mostly painful) when they attempted to jump off only to find that a rope and string yanked on their crotch… and if you didn’t get it in the crotch, you typically fell from the rope straight into the water. Most people fell in the water but the few that made it across with the rope between their legs got a quick wake up call. Then the very few that put it to the side successfully made it across, but then might get a leg cramp as well.

It was all amusing.

Some men walked away head held high but some also limped. Heh. A lot of people also got leg cramps.

We finally saw our team come through, though! They both landed in the water, with the strings to the side. Haha.

Regardless, they finished proud! 9 miles and 27 obstacles later!

The rest of the afternoon was spent resting and then getting ready for a nice dinner with our aunt and uncle, who we stayed with since they live in Las Vegas.

Then the four of us crazy party animals walked the strip of Vegas for maybe an hour, watched the Bellagio water show, then went home to bed. We all drank lots of water. haha.

Hubs has a thing with taking pictures of fire hydrants now.

The next day our uncle took us to Lake Mead for a day on his boat. He’s so proud of his boat. It’s adorable.

We all grew up going to these awesome desert lakes and rivers in the summer time. It brought back a lot of special memories for all of us.

Fun fact : My sister and bub’s middle sister were best friends in elementary school and as such, she went on a river trip or two with their family. Ha.

Coming back, we were all nicely burned, but cooled off by the river. It was a great way to end our trip.

We left soon after getting back but the drive home was a great welcome back to California, as we hit horrible traffic just from everyone leaving Vegas to get back home on a Sunday evening. When it should take 3 1/2 hours, it took nearly 5. Welcome home! Haha.

That concluded our trip, though.

We arrived home around 11:30 pm after 2,355 miles.

Our trip went as follows :

Home –> Mammoth Mountain –> Death Valley National Park –> Zion National Park –> Bryce Canyon National Park –> Capitol Reef National Park –> Arches National Park –> Moab –> Canyonlands National Park –> Monument Valley –> Zion National Park –> Las Vegas –> Home

Overall, we drove through 4 states, 6 national parks (don’t forget Death Valley!), 18 different highways, ate out only 4 times the whole week, did multiple hiking trails, drove on random off roads with the possibilities of falling off sheer cliffs more than once, got sun burned, hiked a wicked yet angelic (haha) trail, had lots of PB&J and turkey sandwiches, hit sleet, got rained on, got sand blasted, and talked to people from all over the country and even the world.

It was a great trip.

If you had to ask what places or parks we might go back to, I’m positive we would go back Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches. Those three offered the most in regards to our wants and needs, from off road adventures to a variety of hiking trails. They were also the prettiest, with large canyons, structures, and monuments. Just breathtaking really. Moab is also another place on our to-do list as we really want to explore that area so much more.

If you plan to go to any of these places, most of the parks, if not all, have reserve only campsites so call or check their websites for availability. These are good options for families or for anyone who wants a “proper” campsite with a fire pit and running water 🙂 Bub and I don’t mind roughing it out a little bit, so the BLM option worked out for us. Also be aware of the weather. In my experience of traveling through Utah at different times, rain and inclement weather can happen at any time. It can be sunny one minute and then the next, monsoon weather. Which is typical of any desert really. But it just adds to the beauty; if you’re prepared of course 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this series on the Mighty Five. I enjoyed writing about it, but of course I certainly enjoyed experiencing even more. I hope you have the chance to do the same, whether it’s the Mighty Five or some other exciting adventure.

To finish off, here are a few of my favorite John Muir quotes, a man who knew the value of nature and life.

The mountains are calling, and I must go…

Of all the paths you take, make sure a few of them are dirt.

xo, Briana

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The Mighty Five : Day 5 & 6 // Back to Zion We Go!

Click Here for Day 4 of our trip! There will be links for the previous days in that post as well 🙂

We woke up with the sun Thursday morning and headed out before anyone noticed us in the parking lot in Page… Haha. Our goal was to arrive early enough in Zion so that we could find a camping spot.

We got back onto the 89 then hit the 9W again where we entered Zion National Park again, this time from the east entrance. We decided in the beginning of the week that just one night and one morning in Zion was not enough. It’s a lot like Yosemite National Park in that it’s a big park that has a lot to offer, from hikes to scenery.

When we arrived at the only first come, first serve camp in the park, we managed to find a great camping spot. We snagged it up and made it our spot for the next two nights.

We wanted to be able to do a lot our first day back to Zion but the wind picked up again and it was a little chilly. It seems like the storms were following us. Since it was a little cold, we decided to take an easy hike and go to the beginnings of the Narrows. You can get to them on a nicely paved hike but we also would walk right alongside the river bank.

This leads into the narrows, where you are definitely going to get wet. We have done this hike before but in the middle of August, when the cool water felt good. But in the middle of April, it’s a bit chilly. Most people hiking it wear waders and water proof shoes. We simply enjoyed the view and the river then walked back to camp where we could find refuge in our truck when it got too cold.

Everything was so green. It was so pretty.

On the way back, I was greeted by a very persistent squirrel who wanted to see if my bracelet was edible.

He was supremely disappointed. It’s actually a violation to feed the wildlife and you could even be fined up to $100 if found feeding them.

Back at camp we made some chili and just enjoyed our campfire. We went to bed early, which is typical when camping. Pouring rain woke us up in the middle of the night but we were prepared by having covered our stuff with an Eno canopy over the picnic table. Not too sure how every one else in the camp fared but we were ready.

The next day (Friday) was a bit warmer but the wind still had a chill in the air. We went ahead and decided to hike to Emerald Pools. There are 3 pools you can hike to, the lowers, middle, and upper. We went ahead and went as far as the uppers, which aren’t long hikes but they’re decent. Kids are able to do the hike no problem.

Those are the lower pools, which are surrounded by huge rocks and at times even have water falls flowing. You continue up the path and find other pools.

These pools are actually bigger than they appear in the photo, but the rock formations are impressive.

Hiking back down it got a little warmer so that we actually had to take off our jackets.


Heading back down…

We decided to go off the beaten path from Emerald Pools and go along a horse trail and try to follow the river. We had to find away to cross the river at some point and while we tried to get a loose log to go across, the river took it away. I finally suggested we just walk across, even though neither of us wanted to get our feet wet because the water was pretty cold. But we did it anyway. It took all of 15 seconds to cross.

Getting my shoes back on!

We continued to just walk alongside the river until we got to the museum in the park. It was a nice relaxing day for us.

After getting back to camp, we thought it would be a good idea to find a shower in town, where we found a place that offers 7 minute showers for $5. The camps inside the park don’t have showers, although they have running toilets, sinks, etc. So in 7 minutes time I found out I could fully wash my hair, my body, and shave my legs (which were neglected for a week. sorry babe) with about a minute to spare and enjoy the wonderful hot water.

Showers are awesome.

Afterwards we looked at a few shops in the very small but cute town of Springdale and then had dinner at the Bit & Spur Saloon, which was a recommendation from a few friends. Everything is homemade, even the ice cream they serve. It was nice to have food other than cereal, sandwiches, and chili. Not to mention it as tasty Mexican food. For us Californian’s, it was a nice treat.

We knew this was our last night of camping and we wanted to make sure it was a memorable one so we drove through their mile long tunnel (built in the late 1920’s) and hiked a half mile to the canyon overlook where we witnessed a spectacular sunset.



On the drive back, the colors mixed with the sun rays created an amazing view.

But before driving back to camp we spotted a very narrow canyon below the bridge leading out of the tunnel and we decided to go check it out and see if it was something we could hike next time to go to Zion.

It goes on like this for maybe a quarter mile and then turns left into another canyon area that we didn’t get to see. The sun was setting fast and we didn’t want to get caught in the dark or anything.

That concluded our last evening in Zion. We packed up what we could and called it a night.

The next morning we had to get to Las Vegas to meet my SIL and her boyfriend, who were running the Spartan Super Race.

But that’ll be the next post 🙂

xo, Briana

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The Mighty Five : Day 4 // Off-Roading & Monuments

Click Here and Here for Days 1&2, and Day 3 in case you missed them 🙂

Wednesday morning of our trip, we woke up to blue skies and fluffy white clouds. It was chilly (really chilly) and a bit windy (really windy). We decided to make our way to Canyonlands National Park by way of an off-road trail that a ranger told us about the day before.

The nice thing about the trail is that it’s relatively easy to find and it also follows the Colorado River for quite a ways so you have gorgeous views a lot of the time. And if you’re not following the river, you’re right along side huge red cliffs and gorgeous structures.

To find the road in Moab you follow the 191N onto the 279 which becomes Potash Road which then becomes Shafer Trail, which eventually ends up in the national park itself.

On the beginning of the drive you see signs for petroglyphs and even dinosaur tracks. We decided to check out the dinosaur tracks. All two of’em.

Hubs was kid of skeptical. I myself am not too sure what to think of them. Haha.

Back to the pretty drive though!

Mobbing Moab! That was my husband’s chant all morning. He loved it (the phrase and mobbing). Our Tacoma is 4×4 but you don’t necessarily need one for this road, unless the weather is wet and the road a bit slick, then I would recommend a 4×4. Moab itself is known for it’s off road trails and Jeeping. There are tons of places to rent such vehicles in town.

This is one my favorite National Park pictures because it’s on a trail that not many can go on and it’s the adventure of getting there that makes it more special.

This part of the trail is where it got sketchy as you start your ascent up the cliffs and into the canyon more. You literally drive back and forth on switch backs that have sheer drop offs. I’m not one to get nervous when we off road because I fully trust my husbands capabilities of driving as well as the truck. But this trail towards the end was a bit of an adrenaline rush.

This was making our way into the canyon more and heading on up the mountains.

You can see the trail we came on!

The trail continues to follow the side of the mountain. When the roads were made, they weren’t made into the mountain like most roads, but rather with the mountain so it follows the natural curves and outlines of it.

It was a very exciting drive to say the least. It took us maybe an hour and a half to complete about 30 miles? I think… Ha. It was around there.

Once inside the park, you’re on top of mesas and plateaus that allow you a view of the canyons, which gives the park it’s name. We didn’t linger too long, however. Just long enough to make sandwiches and decide to head out when we realized there was a forecast of snow for the night. No thank you!

We found another off road trail that got us out of the park and back on the main highway.

From there we headed south from the 191S to the 163S that led us into Monument Valley. Leaving Canyonlands meant we did all 5 parks in just 4 days. But really, we were able to focus on the parks we really wanted to (Zion, Arches, and Canyonlands). It was a bit rushed, but that also left us with a few days to spare where we could play around some more.

Back on the road we go, headed back to Zion we decided, via Monument Valley and northern Arizona.

Before we got there we stopped and saw Mexican Hat, an interesting rock balance in the middle of the desert.

Getting to Monument Valley! We didn’t linger here, but just drove through and only stopped once for a few pictures.

We continued onto the 163S which hits the 160W and then finally the 98W where we ended up in Page, AZ. Page is known for Lake Powell by the way.

Our goal was to go back to Zion that night but it was getting late and the chances of getting a camping spot in Zion were really low. We couldn’t find camping in Page or even on BLM land since there was a creepy van parked where we might have camped but decided we wanted to live.

So we parked in a hotel parking lot and made “camp” there instead. Everything got thrown into the cab while we made our beds as usual in the back! Only problem the whole night was getting hit by sprinklers.

To be continued 🙂

xo, Briana

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The Mighty Five : Day 3 // Arches & Showers

In my previous post (Click Here For Days 1 & 2!), I left you off at Capitol Reef Nat’l Park, where camped on beautiful BLM land. Thank you Utah for being so awesome and offering that.

The next morning (Tuesday), after breakfast and packing up again, we drove through Capitol Reef, stopping to take a few photos.

The Chimney.

In Capitol Reef, it’s like Bryce in that you can drive through it and see most of what you want to see. Kind of boring for us who like to hike around and explore the in’s and out’s.

But at any rate, we drove through the park and made our away onto the 24E–>70E–>191S and headed into Arches Nat’l Park! This was a place that we were excited about; lots of hiking could be done and beautiful structures to be seen. It took us a few hours to drive here.  This is also the most eastern of the parks.

Right when you get to a plateau and really get to drive through, you already see amazing structures.

The Three Gossips

The nice thing about this day was that it was warm although windy. And by windy, I mean really windy.

Do you see how his hair is slicked back? haha. That wind, man!

There were various arches we could see and we made our way around the park pretty easily in the truck and also hiked and climbed through a bunch of them.

We saw the backside of Delicate Arch, which is typically the one you see on postcards, patches, and pictures. It was a 3-mile round trip to the arch and we did a different path where you see it from a distance.

Landscape Arch. It’s like a really big, natural bridge that no one is allowed to walk on. Ha.

We also walked through the Devil’s Garden, which leads to Landscape arch. The wind helped push you along as you got blasted by sand.

We saw a fun place to explore off the path and thought we would check it out.

It was a dead end to the left so we meandered back to the trail. Haha.

Our favorite arch to see and explore was the Double Arch, seen below.

It’s really big and really amazing. I mean, really, really amazing.

I don’t know if you can see how very big it is.  To look up into it from the bottom almost makes you dizzy. You really get a sense of awe when you see it up close in person. It’s truly amazing.

That night we were unable to find open BLM land that had open sites and because we were also feeling a bit grungy from the lack of showers, we got a campsite that offered them. It was so refreshing. It’s amazing how hot water will make you feel after hiking, sitting near a campfire, and getting hit with sand. We also got to explore the town of Moab a little and go through the shops as well as eat at a local pizza place that serves beer brewed right there in Moab.

Moab is a great town for those that love to off-road (yes!) and also anyone who loves river rafting, mountain biking, and even sky diving. It’s a great place for any adrenaline junkie really. It sits right on the Colorado River and is a beautiful place.

To be continued… 🙂

xo, Briana

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Time For Adventures

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve last blogged. My last few posts have been more on life rather than beauty and that’s okay with me because this blog is supposed to consist of all things life, not just beauty.

I’ve been wanting to write and while I have a few ideas, I didn’t make myself write them because I’ve been focusing on a few more important things going on right now and am also trying to be more in the moment. My husband’s fire season starts next month and with that, he could go away at any time and be gone for weeks. So with that coming up, he and I have been wanting to do a big trip before his season starts. I’m also going to Hawaii next month for my cousin’s wedding, of which I am a bridesmaid. Unfortunately, my hubby can’t come because it’s the exact same time his season starts.

One thing that I love about my hubby is that he likes me to be involved in whatever he does. If I weren’t with him, I may never have gone rock climbing, hiked as much as I have in Yosemite, been to Alaska, explored various national parks, or fell in love with camping as much as I have. While I may not be as adventurous as he is, I’m thankful that he wants me right next to him on every adventure he goes on.


While I love my blog and what is has become in my life, right now I’m focusing on my personal life and am simply going to enjoy it without the guilt of “oh, I didn’t write a post today or this week…”.

I hope you understand. I promise to show pictures of our adventures, but for now, I can’t wait for it to begin.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Mammoth Lakes for his family’s annual trip and then on Sunday he and I are heading to Utah to explore the 5 main national parks. We’ll be traveling all week then will head back to Las Vegas to cheer his sister and her boyfriend for their Spartan race then come home Sunday. We’ll be camping out in our truck, which is fully prepped for traveling and sleeping in. He’s made it super cozy with the camper shell. I’ll have to show y’all sometime. It’s our own little camper.

Until next time Yosemite...

Until next time Yosemite…

Walking along the river.

Walking along the river.

National Parks are the best.

National Parks are the best.

Here are some links to previous posts that include our traveling adventures!

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Camping in Joshua Tree

In the mean time…

xo, Briana

A Californian Roadtrip + Part 1

This is gonna have to be in two posts, because by golly I couldn’t just pick a few photos! Haha!

If you happened to see my last post, then you’ll know that my fiance and I went on a 6-day road trip throughout California. We ventured up the 101 and the scenic 1, then went across the state to Sequoia Nat’l Park and then finished up in Yosemite Nat’l Park.

This post will be a more detailed look/photo diary of our trip 🙂


This was my constant view on the road. I quite like it. In fact, I’m gonna marry it someday. Next summer to be exact… 😉

He drove a majority of the time (okay, 98% of the time) because he likes to drive on long trips aaand his truck is a manual and I don’t drive manual so well…. So yeah.

El Capitan State Beach

El Capitan State Beach

Gaviota State Beach

Gaviota State Beach

Gaviota State Beach

Gaviota State Beach

The above photos are just on the road, looking for some places to possibly camp. We have a California state park pass and so we would just stop at random state parks to use the restrooms or eat our lunch (El Capitan)




We chose to stay at Pismo (Oceano Dunes SP) for the night. For one, it was inexpensive, and two, it was fun to be able to drive on the beach and then camp on the beach.


In the truck and so close to the ocean!

In the truck and so close to the ocean!

Our view

Our view

Our camp!

Our camp!

Most nights we slept in the truck. Bub has quite the mind and hand for putting together things, such as mini shelves in the back of the camper, a net above us to hold things, and also keep a long piece of carpet to just make it a bit more comfy for us. We did have sleeping mats and a memory foam though, so we were cozy every night 🙂

Our night at Pismo was quite windy and so it was hard to make a fire in our “pit” but we managed to still make a nice warm meal for ourselves and of course we enjoyed the view. We made it an early night and then woke up early to keep on traveling.

Along the way, we stopped at quite the touristy spot: Elephant seals! If you have traveled along the Californian coast, you know what these are!

A couple of them.. fighting I guess. I dunno.

A couple of them.. fighting I guess. I dunno.

There were a group of these in the water making loud noises and just knocking heads around, not really doing any damage to each other though. I don’t what was going on.

p.s. they all smelled bad…

A close up!

A close up!

From here, we continued our drive up the coast, not really stopping until we hit Big Sur, a lovely area along Hwy. 1, which has coastal views and the ever famous California Redwood trees 🙂

Campsite #2!

Campsite #2!

Big Sur is a bit more pricey because it’s a regulated state park (National Parks tend to be a tiny bit cheaper), but it had nice amenities for us dirty travelers. Haha.

Bub brought along his ENO hammock (above). It came in pretty handy along the whole trip. His twin sister actually used it in Yosemite to sleep in for two nights!

This became our favorite spot in Big Sur. Our pass didn’t work here, but for $5, you couldn’t beat it! It had lovely views, a beautiful beach, and unique finds.

The clouds eventually lifted.

The clouds eventually lifted.

The water was pretty cold, but Bub braved it (I forgot to take a picture of him)! I didn’t bother to wear my bathing suit, so I didn’t even attempt to go in, except for my feet!

Can you see that figure up there on the top? That’s my fiance. Haha. Once he got up there, other people realized you could climb and ventured up after him!

Sea life!

Sea life!

Have you ever touched an anemone? Those round, alien looking things? Their tentacle type things are electrical and can actually sting you when you touch them, but really, it just feels sticky and they do stick to your fingers 🙂 It’s weird and cool.

Lots of little anemones!

IMG_0449Another thing this beach is known for is purple sand! That’s right, purple sand 🙂

Tourist photo!

Tourist photo!



Directly behind the beach are cliffs that you could easily climb and so we made our way up to check out the view.

and what a view it was…

Bub kept looking at the waves, disappointed that he didn’t bring a surfboard, but unfortunately, he overworked his right shoulder and couldn’t extend and turn it like he normally could.

Our last stop in Big Sur (the next morning), was to see a waterfall that we saw in a “what to do in Big Sur!” paper. We traveled just a few miles south and went on a tiny hike to see what it was all about.

Through the tunnel...

Through the tunnel…

Take a photo!

Take a photo!

We then saw the falls… McWay Falls to be exact 🙂


The water was so blue/green, it was lovely.

Unfortunately, the beach itself is closed due to poor and dangerous access. So this was as close as we could get!

But it was still pretty to look at!

IMG_0504Big Sur was a beautiful place to visit and we cannot wait to go back! Next time, we’re bringing surfboards and our kayak! The coast up there was soo pretty and had so much to look at!

The second half of this shall be up shortly! I’ll keep you all updated! 🙂


To be continued!

xo, Briana


I’m currently sitting on the couch. My boyfriend is sitting on the other couch, watching the Dallas Cowboys Vs. Atlanta Falcons game. It’s a pretty good game so far. I also have to keep backspacing when I type “couch” because my fingers want to type “catch.” Oops!

Friday (two days ago) was my birthday. I turned 24. I feel like that’s a good number, a good age. I consider this the beginning of my mid-twenties. I may still live at home with my parents and no I’m not done with school, but that’s okay. I’m being smart about my finances (and my sanity). Who says you have to leave home just because you’re a certain age?

My birthday was quiet and simple. I actually had clinicals that from 6:00 am to 2:45 pm. My classmates were sweet and got me my favorite Starbucks drink and a really pretty scarf, perfect for autumn/winter. Thanks again you guys! While I was in clinicals, I received quite a few text messages from friends and family, wishing me a happy birthday. Facebook notifications were also constant. Thanks again everyone! I felt so happy and extremely blessed.

The boyfriend text me a few times as well, asking when I’d be home. I figured he had a surprise for me, which he did. When I arrived home a little after 4:00 pm he was already there, putting our beach cruisers on the back of his truck. He also had his longboard on the top. I guess we were going beach camping 🙂

Our view in the morning 🙂

It was such a wonderful surprise after a long clinical day. The weather on Saturday was perfect. Sunny and warm. We slept in that morning (what a luxury!) and I also took a nap at the beach that day. The night before (my actual birthday) we went to TGIFs, where we had horrible service. At first I was upset but afterwards I decided I wouldn’t let a lazy waitress ruin my birthday.

Today we had a small family get together. I got a few small gifts, which I appreciate. Thanks guys!

All in all, it’s been a good birthday. I’m looking forward to this next year. More growing and more learning!

Thanks for sticking around you guys! I really do appreciate it! I’ll try to do a beauty post soon! I have a few things I’d like to share 🙂

My Halloween look

For Halloween, I was dressed up as a nursing student on a casual day.

Oh wait…



Alaska Favorites + A Video

It still feels like a dream that I was in Alaska just a week ago.

Right now, I’m uploading a video to YouTube as I type. I made a very, very condensed version of what my boyfriend is working on for our families. We have soo much footage to sift through and decide on what to use. It’s at 13% uploaded right now. Maybe I’ll take my time writing this so I can attach the video…

psst! It’s at the bottom! The video!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked. One reason for that is because we were just so busy. Also, because I didn’t want to have to always carry my huge camera around or I was honestly afraid of dropping it or something. Haha.

Okay. So, my favorites from Alaska! Here goes…

[warning] This may be long…

Being photobombed by our aunt who is in her 80’s. I love you Aunt Valeda!

Our full group of 16


iPad edit

my “in-laws”

I didn’t know boyfriend took this of me until much later.


Hiking up to Gold Cord Lake

Gold Cord Lake. So clear it was like glass.

All of the above pictures were taken in Hatcher Pass/Independence Mines. For some reason, I just loved it there. Maybe because of the variety of scenery? I had never seen anything like it. Bubs and his sisters, who had all been to New Zealand, said it looked just like it. Think “Lord Of The Rings”…

But really. I could have a house there and never get tired of the landscape and view.

On our way to Denali, we got passed by a semi-truck with TWO trailers. We were going 70 MPH!!


Our window cracking in Wasilla. Thank goodness for duct tape!

Midnight sun. This was taken with my phone.

Boyfriends phone showing how late it could get with the sun fully out. 10:26 pm for those who don’t know military time 😉


I’m positive that Mt. McKinley is just a cutout. It does not look real!


Denali had beautiful scenery. I love the clouds.



Grizzly bear!

Doing yoga! Haha


I love the look on my nephews face. He was such a good little traveler!

National Parks are the best.


Hiking in Denali. This is a beautiful castle-like structure made of just a pile of rocks. A large pile of rocks.

Driving to Seward. The coastline was stunning. Amazing to see mountains just pop up out of the ground. Reminds me of Wyoming.

Boyfriends other sister getting in photographer pose. Haha.

Moose! Moose everywhere!


A building made of old train cars near Resurrection Bay in Seward.

Fluke of a humpback whale. Before I felt sick and my battery died. I think my stomach died with my camera. Ha.

Seward was another place where the boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed. We didn’t spend too much time there, but something about it was so…nice. It was small, quant, and quiet. It’s an important port town in Alaska, besides Anchorage, but it still remains small. It is NOT a big town/city, especially compared to Anchorage and Wasilla. It’s also just a beautiful setting.

Fishing in Kenai with these two guys.

Proud of his catch 🙂

Did I tell you I filled up my waders (boots) with water my last day of fishing? It sucked but I kept fishing anyhow!


The couple that fishes together, stays together…?

Thank you to Bub’s mom for taking these last two pictures! Love them 🙂

I fileted my fish on the riverbank. Cause I could. And had to. and I wanted to!

Now the thing with Kenai is if you’re not really into fishing, it’s probably just a good day trip for you. However, if you are into fishing (like myself), you could easily spend days there and not get tired of it.

I know being in Kenai got my boyfriend hooked on fishing.

Get it? Hooked? Fishing? Man, I am one funny girl…


Now the only disappointing thing of the trip was the trip home. 36 hours spent in mostly an airport and a few hours in a hotel. Thank goodness for food/drink vouchers. We all needed a drink (or two) to help cope with being in an airport when mountains just outside the doors were calling us to climb them…

At the airport in Anchorage. And this was before we found out our flight was cancelled. At this point it was just delayed.

At dinner that night. Mm, Mai Thai…

Now although we were bummed about our flights and everything, the one consolation was that we stayed in a beautiful hotel where we didn’t feel disgusted in, thinking of all the other thousands of people who stayed there; they sheets were genuinely clean and comfy! Also, dinner that one? One of the best meals I’ve ever had at a restaurant. And all I ate was seafood chowder and some of my honey’s mashed (with bleu cheese) potatoes. Even he liked the potatoes. And he hates bleu cheese. Maybe we were just so tired and hungry, but either way, that food was delicious. And expensive. But Delta took care of that. Hahaha! Eh. So, I recommend the Glacier Brewhouse if you are ever in the Anchorage area.

My caramel macchiato in Salt Lake City during our 9 hour layover.

And then… We were on our way home 🙂

Well, that’s all folks.

This is most likely my last Alaska post.

For now.

I already miss it, cold rain in July and all. Although next time I could do without the seasickness.

Bub’s and I already decided it’s a place we could see ourselves living in, even though we would miss our California beaches. There’s something about the calm and quiet compared to California that is so inviting. Even the people there are so much friendlier. And courteous. Not everyone is in such a rush to go and get things done, although there is a rush when it comes to fishing and preparing for winter ahead. But still. It’s different. It’ s not a rush to get money or to be the best at something. It’s about providing for yourself and your family.

Anyway, it’s late. My video is done. I hope you enjoy it.


Some San Onofre Tidbits

So I didn’t go as trigger happy as I normally do while camping these last few days. But here are a few pictures from my stay at San Onofre State Campground. The weather was off and on. Some days it was sunny and warm, as well as the water. Other days, it was overcast and surf was meh.

Did I tell you the main reason we went was because the boyfriend and some friends were doing the annual mud run at Camp Pendleton? I’m sure I did. I didn’t go because of weather and it was really early. Ha. BUT! The boyfriend did come in 22nd in his age group and 180 overall, against about 6,000 others? and that was without training. Ha. Our friend Brad got 13th in their age group and his 14-year old cousin got 1st in her age group (14-17)!

Anyway, back to pictures. I edited these on my iPad using iColorama. Cause I could.

p.s. I’m ready to go back, bad surf and all.

Nephew #1 enjoying the ocean 🙂

Nephew #2 also enjoying the sun and surf.

Niece sitting on mama. I love her expression.

My sister heading out to the mushy waves.

Sister. PC to the boyfriends twin sister Brittany. I was body surfing during this.

Buddy Joel getting the hang of surfing real quick! He did great.

B-Rad surfing. That was a nice day.

My kind-of-brother-in-law enjoying the ocean breeze. Ha.

Finally, le boyfriend. This was the day after the mud run & was completely exhausted but had to surf anyway.

These last few are from my phone, with Instagram filters (of course).

I really like this picture of us.

Hiking up rail 6. So steep.

We used longboards to get around he campsites.

I have more pictures and if I feel like editing them I’ll do another post.


When we came home, we wondered why we ever left. Back at home, the heat hit us, as well as the smog. Mm… But I did come home to my June Birchbox 🙂

More on that later…


p.s. hope everyone is enjoying June!

Just A Couple of Things

Hello loves,

Just a few words to say, hi! How’s everyone three-day weekend? Did you go anywhere? Maybe have a BBQ? Or shop?

I happened to go camping Saturday/Sunday. Saturday consisted of lots of hiking, campfires, peeing behind small bushes thanks to no running water, and then experimenting with long exposure on a friends camera. I was a subject in the pictures along with everyone else. Pictures looked awesome. But I don’t have them :-/

Morning coffee. Thanks Del Taco. It was good..?

We went to an area called Painted Canyon, near Mecca, which is right next to the Salton Sea, about an hour+ drive from my house. Got it? Okay good. Anyway, there are plenty of areas to hike, which is what we did. Hike.

The boyfriend and I climbed up to a peak near our site, which took us about 3 hours. It could have taken us just 1 hour but because going down is always more difficult than going up, it took us a while. We had to reroute ourselves a couple of times heading down. Not to mention the terrain was compacted sand, which would crumble on occasion, whether it’s your foothold or where you hands are placed. Makes things interesting. Totally felt like Bear Grylls though at some point, unnecessarily climbing up an extremely steep and sandy section because we couldn’t go around. Haha!

The hills and canyons look like someone just pushed them together.

The best part of our hiking was the ladder hike. You go into a canyon with amazing rocks and scenery. At one point, you go “off” trail(not really) and climb a few rocks then climb ladders that have been placed against huge rocks. You climb a few rocks and your in a new section of the canyon. You just hike through all of this for about an hour then you get to the top, where the view is awesome. From there, you go back down into the canyon. In that section of the canyon you find out why it’s called “Painted Canyon.” There are these rocks that look like someone took a paintbrush with white paint and just went at it on the rocks. It’s so beautiful. There are horizontal and vertical lines. Or it’s just a solid white rock. But no photo evidence 😦

Unfortunately, I hardly have any pictures from it because:

1) I don’t have my camera. My dad has it. He’s been gone on business since Thursday and shall arrive home tomorrow. Er, today.
2) What pictures I did take or are in (eh?) are on my sweetie’s iPhone. He is now 4+ hours away. And I forgot to upload them to my computer because I came home today with a wonderful migraine and could only think of crawling back in bed. I’m not sure I was even awake when I said goodbye to the manfriend. Sad face.

Man, I am slacking in the picture taking. Argh!

Morning light.

The boyfriend has a lot more pictures on his phone, but like I said, I forgot to upload them. I’ll try to get those from him asap!

Moving on…

Before I head out (it’s close to 1am here), I just wanted you all to know I have a new lust.

Michael Kors. I’ll take a watch or a bag. But I have plenty of bags, so I’ll take the watch for now. Here’s what I like:

Tortoise shell.

another tortoise shell.

I LOVE this espresso color 🙂

The last one is my absolute favorite. I love, love, LOVE the color.

Well loves, it’s late and I have isht to do tomorrow. Er, today!

Have a wonderful week loves!