10 Years of Us

So I know Bub and I are married now, which means we have a new anniversary to celebrate (less than 2 months away from the first!) but today, May 27, marks 10 years of us being a couple.

294206_10150261071653224_5021137_nCirca 2010 (I think?? ha..)

We were a funny, young couple that celebrated monthly for the first year. Then of course after that we celebrated every year.

10 years is a long time; we’ve been together for more than a third of our lives. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been worth every moment. We’ve grown from teenagers, to young adults, to the married adult couple that we are now. We’ve encouraged each other, supported each other, became a part of each others families. Our lives were separate but then slowly became meshed together. In a healthy way of course πŸ™‚


I supported him entirely while he was in fire academy. That’s actually when I started doing his laundry! haha.


He was a wonderful support for me in nursing school, always making sure I had space to study and always brought me food.


So from here, let’s just post a bunch of random photos of us… I don’t remember a lot of the years, so I may not post them. And sadly, I can’t seem to find many pictures from the first three years of us dating, back when he had long hair and I never wore makeup. and if I did, it was terrible. Ha.


And then, oh lucky me, I just found happened to find some good ol’ photos from us first dating.

Oh yes…

first date
This ^^ was approximately a week before “officially” started dating. I invited him to the beach with my sister and then his sister came, too. Look how cute he is with his long hair…

Then three weeks after we became “official.” Look at that smile…

amazing how we went from that…


I love you sweetie, with all my heart.

Thank you for asking me to be your girlfriend on that late Friday night. I knew right away you were special and our relationship was special.

You’re my best friend, my rock, and my own personal repairman/firefighter/lawns keeper/electrician/MacGyver.

I love you. Forever and for always.

xo, Briana aka Pockets


So… We’re Engaged!

It’s true! The boyfriend popped the magical question about 24 hours ago and of course I said YES!

I did put a picture on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter last night, but I know some of you don’t follow me on those.

However! I had to put it on my blog of course πŸ™‚

So basically, the boyfriend and I planned on going to the beach yesterday, which we did, but he had a few surprises for me. He surprised me with a trip to Balboa Island and taking me stand-up paddle boarding, which I have never done before! It was really fun and actually pretty easy, but we stayed in the no-wake zone. Haha. Afterwards we walked around the island and went to some boutiques and whatnot.

Enjoying a Balboa Bar with everything!

Enjoying a Balboa Bar with everything!

I actually asked him to take a picture of me because I wanted to document this amazing ice cream bar!

After that we went to Doheny where he surfed for about an hour and a half.


We long boarded for a bit after that, and then……..

We went on a drive up above Dana Point and parked above the cliffs there.


This is the panoramic view from his phone.

We hiked along a bit and I noticed him fumbling with his pockets or something. I started to get “those thoughts” in my head. Because, as you know, we’ve been together for 8 years now. It’s to be expected.

At one point of the trail, we found a bench that we actually stood on and just looked out over the ocean, admiring the beauty of it. I was looking away at one point when he tapped me on the shoulder, said he had something for me and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

In a very tearful voice I said yes!


I had blue chipped nails, no makeup on, frizzy hair, and I didn’t care one bit.

Now the ring is something special. I actually found it myself (haha) on Etsy and emailed it to him, which I’ve done before. Cause he needed to know what I liked! Well, he listened and got the one!


It’s a beautiful rose gold halo ring. It’s a bit more pink in person. All of these pictures were taken with our iPhones, so the quality isn’t superb, but it’ll do πŸ™‚

Now what I love about my now fiance (eek!) is that when he decides to purchase something or do something of importance, he really takes his time because he wants to make sure the quality is only the best. Because he bought the ring on a wonderful Etsy shop (click here for shop!), he was in search of his own ring box. Well, he didn’t find any he liked so he made it!



After I dried my happy tears and we shared a kiss, we immediately called our parents and siblings, all of whom were expecting it! He talked to both of our families the night before, preparing them and asking for their blessings.

When we came home later that night (we had a celebratory dinnerΒ  afterwards at a cute little Mexican restaurant in Laguna Niguel), my parents had champagne ready. Then back at his house, his parents and twin sister made a cute candy gram and a little poster congratulating us.

We are both so unbelievably happy and excited for our future together! We were both overwhelmed at all of the love and well-wishes we received by phone, text, and online. Thank you so, so much to everyone for all of your love and support! And we will continue to need it as we plan our wedding and our future together!

Today I woke up and thought it was a dream, but it wasn’t! I keep looking at my left hand and I see my beautiful ring. He managed to hide it from me for 2 months!

At dinner with my fiance!

At dinner with my fiance!

Have a wonderful week everyone πŸ™‚

xo, Briana