We Bought A Car & Other Stuff

It’s been quite the last few months of highs and lows. As you know, if you read my last post (written over a month ago), my husband came home after 40 days of fighting fires. It was great coming home and seeing him there, with that mustache of his covering his upper lip again. Oh, how I missed him.

He came home on a Wednesday and went back to his usual schedule of Saturday-Monday, where he gets off Tuesday morning. That first evening back we planned on looking at cars, as we discussed a few months before that we needed to buy a new car for me. The Camry I had previously been using was getting up there in miles (220k+!) and the AC also happened to go out while Bub was gone. Long story short, we went to look at cars and ended up signing the papers to our new 2015 Subaru CrossTrek!

I love my car. So much. She’s so pretty.

IMG_6554Look at her! I love driving her around; she’s smooth, practical, sporty, and just so pretty. Haha.

Anyway, that following Saturday he got called away. Again. He was home for 10 days and 5 of those he was working at the station. This time he was gone for only 2.5 weeks, not 5.5. Ha, cake! 19 days are nothing compared to 40… So far this summer, he’s worked 5 fire and was gone for a total of approximately 68 days. In the span of about 78 days, he was gone for 68 of those. Yeesh.

For those who have followed me from last year and such, you’ll remember his epic Wyatt Earp status mustache. He got that growing again but shaved it off last week. Meh. I actually like it.

Since he’s been back, we’ve been able to see a few movies with friends, spend time with our families, and even go to the beach! We both got some nice tans, considering it’s October. But that doesn’t mean anything in California. Today was approximately 100 degrees. California doesn’t care that it’s “autumn.”

Note: I am wearing a bikini top; it’s strapless tho. So yeah. The waves were actually decent that day and I got tumbled around a bit while body surfing. I got a nice tennis ball size abrasion on the back of my hip to prove it. That sand is tough, man!

I also recently did a friend’s bridal makeup, as well as her MOH. It was fun for me and awkward for them because they’re the type of girls that really don’t wear makeup, which they don’t even need to as they’re naturally gorgeous anyway. But I loved doing their makeup and then having them tell me that I did better than the girls at Sephora… šŸ˜‰

I wore a pretty new dress. I had my mom snap a picture of it to send to Bub because he couldn’t come as he was working.

I finished my RN training at work a few weeks ago and am now on my own! This also means I am now working in the desert, the same area where I did a lot of my nursing clinicals. My schedule is completely random and is now Tues-Sat. Some days I clock in at 0945, other days I’ll clock in at 0345. Ah, the life of a mobile RN… But I get to see beautiful sunrises again


School is also moving right along. I’m in my 4th class and with that, only 8 more to go!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Life is crazy. Life is busy. But life is good.

My husband and I are slowly getting back into a schedule and rhythm again. The first week or so of him being home is always weird. A good weird, but weird nonetheless. I get used to doing certain things without him and he’s used to living out of a duffel bag. Then he comes home and we get to share a bed again, go grocery shopping, talk about bathroom rugs, and just do normal couple things. He can fix the toilet that’s been leaking and I get to do our piles of laundry, which include smokey blue pants and many sets of scrubs on my end.

Life is good.

xo, Briana


The Struggle is Real

If you keep up with modern culture and it’s latest phrases or words, then you’ll understand that when I say, “The struggle is real,” I mean it. Hashtag and all, #thestruggleisreal

What struggle, you might ask?

Finding balance.

I suddenly find myself balancing every day life of being with my husband, my family, starting my online BSN program, aaaaand FIIIINALLY starting a real nursing job!

Let me break it down to ya, how the last few weeks have been kind of busy/hectic/chaotic/awesome/crazy, and other choice words.

Hubs started his new job mid-May, where his new assignment has him at the station Sat-Mon (basically Tuesday am), and that’sĀ if he’s not held over. Which he has been the last few weeks and will probably continue since fire season is California started with a big bang.

Mid June I decided to go ahead and start my online bachelors program, since I hadn’t been hired yet by any hospital or anything. I decided to start it for a few reasons, the two main being 1) I needed/wanted to get it done (personal reasons and personal job gain) eventually so why not now? and 2) I had time since I didn’t have a nursing job yet.

Heh, that quickly changed. Basically the week before I started my classes, I suddenly got an interview for a blood bank and not gonna lie, it was thee best interview of my life. It was in the morning and by that afternoon I got a call-back to start my background check, physical, drug test, etc. Then the next week (after I started my class), I got my official offer and found myself starting my new job the next Monday, which was the end of June.

So. Here I am on a Monday evening at my parents, since Bub is working, on their couch feeling quite tired. and it’s only Monday.

Right now, I’m simply in training for my job but it is an early start (0700) and 5 days a week. Right now it’s Mon-Fri but once training is done, I’ll be Tues-Sat. So that basically means my days are the complete opposite of what my husbands are, if you’ve been keeping up.

2 points if you have been.

I’ve been wanting to blog and write about pretty things, but I currently have to write about nursing theories right now. I also just don’t have as much downtime like I used to. Can’t imagine why…

and if you’re wondering about my job, I did in fact say blood bank. That means I work for a company where we collect blood and blood parts from volunteer donors. The products are used for typically life-saving situations, like surgeries, traumas, blood diseases, etc. I’m basically a piece of the bridge that gaps donors to patients in need. And it’s very exciting. I’ll be at donor centers but will eventually be trained to be on the mobile blood drives, like at high schools and businesses. I’m very excited.

While this is all very sudden and like, wow! Hello, life! I’m feeling very content, in between tired and like a chicken with her head cut off. But (so far) I’m not overwhelmed and stressed. Tired with a capital T, yes. But very happy and content. It’s brought about some peace that Bub and I have been needing. It’s been a year since I passed my RN and it’s been along year not using it. I’m forever grateful to my parents who were able to have me employed at their business and while I miss working with them, I’m so happy to be using my license. And for something that is very rewarding and different.

And hey, speaking of Bub in that last paragraph… Our one year wedding anniversary is this Monday šŸ™‚

Can you believe that?

How time flies… And it’s not about to slow down, y’all…

So if you don’t hear from here for awhile, well, now you’ll know.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this different post. I appreciate each and everyONE of you!

xo, Briana


A Nonsensical Sunday List

My favorite book, Pride & Prejudice, uses that word “nonsensical” throughout. I loved it the first time I read it and I use it in every day life.

So I am going to start off this post as nonsensical. Because that’s what it is. It’s a post without meaning, rather than it not making sense. Make sense? Okay, cool.

1) I’ve been a bit absent from the blog for a few reasons, one being that I was at Mammoth Mountain with family from Friday-Monday this last weekend. It was a nice, relaxing trip filled with hikes and time spent with siblings and nieces and nephews.


This is the hubs and I (duh) on Valentine’s Day. We’re pretty good at forgetting to take pictures on special occasions. However, we were determined to take a photo and this was probably our 10th selfie before we decided we were happy with it (filter added).

2) It’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow in our area. This makes me happy. I think I’ll drink tea and do yoga. Mmm…

C) I had an interview at a hospital for a new grad program a few weeks ago and while I was perhaps too hopeful, I got the rejection phone call this last Friday. Really, I felt good about the interview itself but below that, I felt like I wasn’t going to get the job for a few reasons. For one, I lack a Bachelors degree, which a lot of hospitals are requiring now and two, the people I interviewed with didn’t feel receptive to me, although I felt like I did a great part on my end.

It’s been discouraging, not having a job for months after graduation, passing my boards, and two very hard years of dedication to school. I know the right job is out there. I just have to keep looking.


I just really want/need a job, man.

4) I started reading It Starts With Food, Discover the Whole30 And Change Your Life In Unexpected Ways. It’s a book pointing out the facts and science behind the paleo diet. I began reading it when one of my own favorite bloggers, The Freckled Fox, mentioned it on her blog. She’s a mommy of 4 (soon to be 5!) and one of my own fitspirations.

The book itself is a good and easy read, with explanations on diet, hormones, stress, exercise, etc. Basically the things that make us physically and mentally feel the way we do. While I agree with most of, I personally will not be doing the paleo diet any time soon. I love burritos too much! And lentil soup! I need grains… I don’t care what they say. haha.

E) I reorganized my makeup stash here at our little place. My previous way was fine, but I felt like I needed to put it all mostly into a single space that was neater.

This is what I had to work with. I purchased a bigger Sterilite container so most of my makeup is all in one place, with my tools in another. It was all kind of random. If you want a separate post on this, let me know! I love organizing things.

6) Finally, here’s a quote I found on Pinterest a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading.

xo, Briana

A Few From My Phone

Pictures, that is.

Just a quick “hello” from a few pictures off my phone to let you know what I’ve been up to.

You may not have known, but when I posted last on my blog, I was actually in the midst of traveling home from a very quick business trip to Florida! I’m currently working for my parents, who run a small business out of their house and a few things occured which ended up in my mom and I traveling to Florida for one night with my dad! It was a good and positive trip, which also allowed me to spend some time with my parents. Hubs found it interesting to actually be home without me, where it’s usually the opposite since he’s one that could be called away at any time.

We had to fly out of LA very early Saturday morning and we had some time to eat a quick breakfast before boarding. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and with it, a leaf of lettuce accompanied it. I thought it was amusing that the lettuce was as long as my sandwich itself. But I did eat it! I put a dash of salt and pepper on it for some flavor.

If you follow my Instagram account, then you’ll know that I recently bought some new Von Zipper sunglasses (the Begonia’s). I love how big they are and the vintage appeal to them. I can see myself wearing these with a flowy maxi dress or at the beach with a book in hand.

This was today. We were watching our brother-in-law launch a rocket he had gotten for Christmas. It was pretty epic, not gonna lie.

Of course my week has consisted of a bit more than these few things, but there’s not much else to say! My husband’s middle sister is visiting from ND this week so she could plan her upcoming March wedding with her family, as the wedding will be here in CA at her parents house. It will be smaller than our summer wedding, but as all weddings go, it’s always lots of planning! It’s been very exciting and this time around I get to be a bridesmaid. I’m very excited and of course happy for my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law!

I hope you have all been doing well and your upcoming week is productive!

xo, Briana

p.s. Thank you to all of my lovely new subscribers and viewers! It’s been a busy week on my blog and various social media, it’s much appreciated! šŸ™‚

I’ll Be Right Back…

Hello loves!

I’ve been a little quiet, again. And I’m letting you know right now that my silence will continue for the next few weeks. While I am hoping to get a few posts out here and there, don’t hold your breath. Haha.

As you know, my wedding is now in less than 4 weeks! I’m pretty busy with that and then on top of that, I found out over a week ago that I became eligible for my state nursing boards, which I’ll now be taking the 25th of this month! As excited as I am, I’m also quite nervous and am now having to really study and focus on that. So my nose is back in the books, while still finishing up wedding plans! I’m crazy, I know. You don’t have to remind me. As far as wedding plans are concerned, we’re simply getting down to the little details! Major work is all done, thankfully. My dress is in my possession, too šŸ™‚ Yay!

My honey is also out on his first strike team this last Saturday with his fire station. If you don’t know what that means, a strike team is a crew of fire fighters that are called to travel to a fire that requires more resources than the local stations can handle. Strike teams can travel to another county, which isn’t too bad, but they can also travel from state to state. But it simply means they get called in and stay until they are no longer needed, although they are allowed to come home after 14 straight days. It’s long hours and hard work.

There are hundreds of fire fighters currently fighting and while I trust them all and their abilities, this is the first strike team he’s been on since he started this position. It came up quite unexpectedly and while I’m okay with him being away, it’s still hard, especially so close to the wedding. I know he’ll be home in time and everything, but still, I miss him. At least he’s not here to distract me from studying! Just as long as I get a text saying he’s okay, I’m okay šŸ™‚ So proud of him, for finally doing what he’s been working so hard for!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that has been my life the last week or so. I hope you all are doing well!

xo, Briana

The A-Z of Me : A Tag!

Hello all! So I’m long overdue for a post and while I plan to do a life update post and return to my beauty schtuff soooon… Here’s a fun little tag I saw and thought it would be fun to do! Of course I tag YOU to do it if you have a blog! Let me know if you do it, too!

The A-Z of Me!
Age: 25, although I guess I look 18? You can thank my Filipino genes for that one šŸ˜‰

Bed Size: It’s a full size from Ikea and it sure feels full when shared! Haha. I look forward to a queen mattress when Bub and I say “I do!” here in a few months!Ā 

Dogs: I grew up with rottweilers and so they hold a special place in my heart. Milo is a maltese/lhasa mix. Before him, we also had a full lhasa. I feel like they have a lot of personality and are fun. Bub insists on having a lab and a miniature yorkie someday. His idea, not mine FYI.

Essential start of your day: Toilet. Let’s be real here folks.

Favourite Colour: Red, although mint is coming up second…

Gold or Silver: Rose gold šŸ™‚

Height: 5″6

Instruments I play: Piano and guitar, both poorly.Ā 

Job Title: Unemployed aka nursing student. Haha!

Kids: Does my fur baby Milo count?

Live: a little place in Southern California that is becoming too hot and yucky in the summer. Just saying.

Mum’s name: Michele

Nickname: Bri, Neneng

Pet Peeve: People that chew with their mouths open. Worst. Thing. EVAR.

Quote from a movie: “I’m only human Harry!”

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister. Luuuuurve them!

Time you wake up: Normal day between 7:30-8:30. Weekends between 9-11, after working a night shift, around 2:30 pm or 1430 per my phone.

Underwear: The kind that covers the whole bottom. ahaha…

Vegetables you dislike: Not much… Cauliflower but I’ve learned that mashed (yes, mashed) or stewed as a soup, it’s quite lovely!

What makes you run late: Not being aware of the current time. Haha!

X-rays you’ve had done: Regular dental ones, my clavicles when I broke them (age 2 and 15), and my wrist one time when I sprained it.

Yummy food you make: Chicken parmesan, lasagna, enchiladas, pho (that’s right), etc. and various baked goodies. Bub is marrying an awesome woman, just saying… šŸ˜‰

Zoo animal: Monkey’s are entertaining, but polar bears are fun, too.Ā 
Look out for antoher post soon guys šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!
xo, Briana
p.s. This post was written at 12:57 am. I’ll explain later why my internal clock hates me. Ha!

A List For You

I’m a list -making kind of gal. So is my mom. And my sister. Making lists helps keep me on track and focused on my goals. So. Let’s begin.

A) I have head cold. It slowly developed Sunday and full manifested itself yesterday. NyQuil kind of helped, but not entirely. At least I don’t have clinicals for a few weeks. Phew! No sneezing or sniffling noses in front of patients!

B) Speaking of no clinicals for the next few weeks means that I can paint my nails! And since it’s now spring, my nails are enjoying bright pinks, peaches, and purples. I don’t like naked nails. They’re just… sad. I also indulged in a pedicure recently. Oh, what a splurge šŸ˜‰

3) Barrett and I worked on the property this last Sunday, as the wedding is slowly approaching! Oh man, was I tired that night… He’s used to this kind of manual labor. I, however, am not. Haha. I did get to drive around the lawn mower and pull a little trailer to transfer wood chips and dirt to various places. My back and arms got a great workout shoveling everything, as well as packing things down. This is a serious DIY wedding you guys…

photo 2

ii) My animals are strange. And lazy. And cute. I love them.

photo 3
Mr. Kittles insists on sleeping on our lawn mower. I don’t know how he’s comfortable with that bar across him. Whatever.

photo 1
My fluffy Milo. Daw….

5d) I get to maaaaarrrrryyyyyy him soon….

& my man.

& my man.

this is my favorite picture of my fiance. goodness. gracious.


Funny story… I text him the other day a picture of me making a fishy face because I had a fishtail braid. I’m so clever and witty like that. His reply? “I want to marry u”

Now that’s love.

10) My Real Techniques makeup sponge is my new favorite beauty tool. It’s amazing. Seriously.

Z) Yesterday at Starbucks, I order a chai tea latte, rather than my usual cinnamon dolce latte. I felt like taking a walk on the wild side… Go cray!

15) I love you, guys.

xo, Briana

See Ya 2013, Hello 2014

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Nearly a month. Not going to lie, I needed the time away from my blog. Focus on my finals, get ready for the holidays, but most importantly take the time to just be with my family and loved ones once the semester ended.

It was nice.

There were days where I wanted blog but I simply had no idea what to write about. So I shrugged my shoulders and decided it could wait a few weeks. I wasn’t about to stress over it.

Last year around this time I wrote a blog about resolutions and how I don’t ever make any each year. I already have my goals for the upcoming year and so on. If I don’t achieve each one, I’m okay with that. I also try to live my life without holding onto regrets. Makes life easier and more enjoyable that way. Perhaps it’s just my personality.

I also feel a little reflective around this time of year. So let’s reflect on the good stuff from last year, yeah?

The best part of this last year is, hands down, when my boyfriend of 8 years got down on one knee and simply asked me to marry him. Oh, how the happy tears came down…

While this isn’t the most flattering freshly engaged picture in the universe, it shows our joy and excitement. He had just finished surfing for over an hour and I had zero makeup on with probably two-day old hair in a ponytail. I also had blue chipped nail polish. But gosh we were happy!

I still look at my ring and get a cheesy smile on my face. I love it. I love what it means, too. Eternal commitment to one person for the rest of my life. Good thing he’s cute and makes me laugh šŸ˜‰

p.s. guess who ordered her wedding dress last week? Yay!

This last year was also filled plenty of school and personal achievements. I got through what will hopefully be the worst semester of my life. I say that because I still have one more to go! Haha.

There was also lots of traveling during the summer. I love my state.

Until next time Yosemite...

Until next time Yosemite…

So what do I get to look forward to in 2014?

Well, I’m graduating in May, finally! Woohoo! Hopefully get to take boards in June and pass!! Which means I’ll get to attach R.N. at the end of my name.

Then in July, my love and I will exchange vows and a kiss (or two) and call ourselves married šŸ™‚

Funny thing, we’ve been together for eight and a half years. We’ve been engaged since June. I still call him boyfriend more than half the time. He even corrects me sometimes. Old habits are hard to break! Haha.

We’re still unsure of when we can go on our honeymoon, but I’m thinking Thailand might be in our future…

In September, one of his sisters is also getting married, so as a family, we’ll all be traveling to North Dakota for it! She’s one of my bridesmaids and I’m also one of hers. You know if she and my own sister hadn’t met in the third grade just over 20 years ago, Bub and I may not have ever met?

Those are the big things happening this year.

As for the little things, Bub and I both agreed that we want to get more fit and healthier by our wedding. This means better eating and more exercising! And if you know me, you know I’m, well, lazy. Let’s keep it real here, okay? Okay.

I also plan to stay more organized and study even harder than I ever have. With that, I even plan on perhaps cutting back on coffee. I don’t always want to depend on it. I usually have just one cup a day, but I really do want to cut back. I’m not looking forward to it…

While I want to say I will blog more consistently, I can’t say that I will. I’m not quitting, so don’t think that! But let’s be honest here. I’m about to begin my last semester of nursing school while planning a wedding. I’m crazy, aren’t I? Okay, glad we agree on something. Phew!

I hope your 2013 was amazing and that 2014 is even better for you.

I love you all and thank you for sticking around!

xo, Briana

A List + Engagement Session Sneak Peak

So. Here’s a list for you on this fine Tuesday.

1) I’m done with school next Tuesday. Which means I have ONE more semester of school and then I’m dooooone!

2) I want the new Naked3 palette. As if I need more makeup. BUT, I have the first and second… So. Just saying.

d) It’s gotten cold in southern California. And by cold, I mean in the 50s-60s during the day and in the 30s at night. So if you live in colder places, don’t laugh at me. That’s cold for us!

ii) Hot chocolate is yummy.

12) Bub and I got our engagement pictures recently and if you’re my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few. But I’d like to show them off again, cause they’re so pretty. Just a few though šŸ™‚

i-C3f9MgG-XLGoodness he’s handsome!

PC to Sparkle Jenny Photography, by Leila Dali
(who is also a dear friend of ours & will be shooting our wedding)

This is one of my favorites. I love how we are adoring each other. We’re sitting on my longboard. He’s holding a skate board that he made this summer. The skateboard has his (and my future) initials. The lighting and colors are gorgeous. You can see our love for each other šŸ™‚


I requested tippy toe photos. We have a few but I love the view of the ocean here.

We did the shoot at San Onofre State Beach (trails and day parking areas).Ā  We spent most of our time near Trail 6 and if you’re a frequenter of San O. then you’ll know which trail I’m talking about. We have a lot of sentimental value at this trail, which is one reason we chose it. We also chose it because it’s not at all a touristy spot and because we did this in early November, there was hardly a soul to be seen.

Plus freaking awesome weather!

Nobody around! I love it.

This was the first one we saw from the set. We actually saw it within hours of getting home from the shoot. Haha. We got the rest about two weeks ago.

We lucked out that day, in many ways. We had wonderful weather (warm with white fluffy clouds), not crowded in any way, and at sunset, we had a low tide which made for great reflections šŸ™‚

I would like to put more up, but I’m also enjoying the fact that they’re still a little secret of ours, although our families and close friends have seen them. Haha.

So anyway šŸ™‚ Back to the list!

8) My nails are white like marshmallows with glitter on them. I like it.

Q) I could really go for some animal style fries from In-N-Out right now. Oh man.

10) Bub surprised me yesterday with clean sheets, clean comforter, a vacuumed room, and he put away all of my clothes and shoes that were out. Oh, how my heart went pitter-pat.

2a) He also bought a new shower head and shower curtain I liked. Who would have thought little things like that could mean so much? Haha.

z) I love you guys.

Happy holidays and until next time…

xo, Briana

Hi Friends

Just wanted to say a quick hello….

In case you didn’t know, nursing school has kept me rather busy these last few weeks. Well, 9 weeks to be exact. The class we have been focusing on is medical/surgical nursing, which is one the toughest classes a nursing student will go through. It is oh, so true. There were weeks when a lot us weren’t sure if we would actually pass. Last Thursday was our final and the days leading up to it, I became a hermit, surfacing from my room only to eat and to inform my family that I hadn’t experienced a mental breakdown. Yet….

Anyhow, Thursday came and went, but it included a 150 point final then a few of us went out afterwards for homemade margaritas at the local saloon and bar. Man, that was a good and much needed time for us girls. We hung out for a few hours, laughing and practically crying over things from the last 9 weeks. The following day, we all got our grades and we all successfully passed. Somehow I managed to pull off a B when a few weeks before I was on the verge of barely passing. And yes, I am telling you this because I am proud of the fact that I earned a regular ol’ B in what was the most challenging and emotionally draining class I have ever taken.

Go me. and my class. I love my class.

Well, I just wanted you to know that with the end of this class, I am hoping to post more regularly and not bore you all with my usual nursing school boredom. Well, perhaps it’s boredom for you, but for me, it’s my life right now. Haha.

I’ll be going into OB/Pediatrics starting tomorrow, which I am so excited for because I am hoping to become a labor and delivery nurse someday. I like babies and yes, even the crazy moms in labor don’t scare me šŸ™‚ Yet. Haha. Anyhow, this class will be a slightly lighter load and I will also have more days at home, which means more time to blog and perhaps have something that resembles a regular social life. This will also include more wedding plans! Yay!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your autumn! I am loving this weather. It is my favorite season. It’s also my birthday season! I love being a fall baby.

And lucky me, my birthday is on a long weekend, so I get to thoroughly enjoy myself, which will of course include going out with friends and family. Then the day after, the fiance and I will be doing our engagement photos! šŸ™‚ So excited!!

xo, Briana