We Bought A Car & Other Stuff

It’s been quite the last few months of highs and lows. As you know, if you read my last post (written over a month ago), my husband came home after 40 days of fighting fires. It was great coming home and seeing him there, with that mustache of his covering his upper lip again. Oh, how I missed him.

He came home on a Wednesday and went back to his usual schedule of Saturday-Monday, where he gets off Tuesday morning. That first evening back we planned on looking at cars, as we discussed a few months before that we needed to buy a new car for me. The Camry I had previously been using was getting up there in miles (220k+!) and the AC also happened to go out while Bub was gone. Long story short, we went to look at cars and ended up signing the papers to our new 2015 Subaru CrossTrek!

I love my car. So much. She’s so pretty.

IMG_6554Look at her! I love driving her around; she’s smooth, practical, sporty, and just so pretty. Haha.

Anyway, that following Saturday he got called away. Again. He was home for 10 days and 5 of those he was working at the station. This time he was gone for only 2.5 weeks, not 5.5. Ha, cake! 19 days are nothing compared to 40… So far this summer, he’s worked 5 fire and was gone for a total of approximately 68 days. In the span of about 78 days, he was gone for 68 of those. Yeesh.

For those who have followed me from last year and such, you’ll remember his epic Wyatt Earp status mustache. He got that growing again but shaved it off last week. Meh. I actually like it.

Since he’s been back, we’ve been able to see a few movies with friends, spend time with our families, and even go to the beach! We both got some nice tans, considering it’s October. But that doesn’t mean anything in California. Today was approximately 100 degrees. California doesn’t care that it’s “autumn.”

Note: I am wearing a bikini top; it’s strapless tho. So yeah. The waves were actually decent that day and I got tumbled around a bit while body surfing. I got a nice tennis ball size abrasion on the back of my hip to prove it. That sand is tough, man!

I also recently did a friend’s bridal makeup, as well as her MOH. It was fun for me and awkward for them because they’re the type of girls that really don’t wear makeup, which they don’t even need to as they’re naturally gorgeous anyway. But I loved doing their makeup and then having them tell me that I did better than the girls at Sephora… 😉

I wore a pretty new dress. I had my mom snap a picture of it to send to Bub because he couldn’t come as he was working.

I finished my RN training at work a few weeks ago and am now on my own! This also means I am now working in the desert, the same area where I did a lot of my nursing clinicals. My schedule is completely random and is now Tues-Sat. Some days I clock in at 0945, other days I’ll clock in at 0345. Ah, the life of a mobile RN… But I get to see beautiful sunrises again


School is also moving right along. I’m in my 4th class and with that, only 8 more to go!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Life is crazy. Life is busy. But life is good.

My husband and I are slowly getting back into a schedule and rhythm again. The first week or so of him being home is always weird. A good weird, but weird nonetheless. I get used to doing certain things without him and he’s used to living out of a duffel bag. Then he comes home and we get to share a bed again, go grocery shopping, talk about bathroom rugs, and just do normal couple things. He can fix the toilet that’s been leaking and I get to do our piles of laundry, which include smokey blue pants and many sets of scrubs on my end.

Life is good.

xo, Briana


A List For You

I’m a list -making kind of gal. So is my mom. And my sister. Making lists helps keep me on track and focused on my goals. So. Let’s begin.

A) I have head cold. It slowly developed Sunday and full manifested itself yesterday. NyQuil kind of helped, but not entirely. At least I don’t have clinicals for a few weeks. Phew! No sneezing or sniffling noses in front of patients!

B) Speaking of no clinicals for the next few weeks means that I can paint my nails! And since it’s now spring, my nails are enjoying bright pinks, peaches, and purples. I don’t like naked nails. They’re just… sad. I also indulged in a pedicure recently. Oh, what a splurge 😉

3) Barrett and I worked on the property this last Sunday, as the wedding is slowly approaching! Oh man, was I tired that night… He’s used to this kind of manual labor. I, however, am not. Haha. I did get to drive around the lawn mower and pull a little trailer to transfer wood chips and dirt to various places. My back and arms got a great workout shoveling everything, as well as packing things down. This is a serious DIY wedding you guys…

photo 2

ii) My animals are strange. And lazy. And cute. I love them.

photo 3
Mr. Kittles insists on sleeping on our lawn mower. I don’t know how he’s comfortable with that bar across him. Whatever.

photo 1
My fluffy Milo. Daw….

5d) I get to maaaaarrrrryyyyyy him soon….

& my man.

& my man.

this is my favorite picture of my fiance. goodness. gracious.


Funny story… I text him the other day a picture of me making a fishy face because I had a fishtail braid. I’m so clever and witty like that. His reply? “I want to marry u”

Now that’s love.

10) My Real Techniques makeup sponge is my new favorite beauty tool. It’s amazing. Seriously.

Z) Yesterday at Starbucks, I order a chai tea latte, rather than my usual cinnamon dolce latte. I felt like taking a walk on the wild side… Go cray!

15) I love you, guys.

xo, Briana