The Past 24 Hours

Yesterday was our weekly beach day and here’s what it consisted of…

Watching my cousin Sean surf. Even on a small day he makes the waves look fun and he always has a good time anyway. We’ve picked up on some phrases thanks to him over the last few years, my favorite being “sketch, I’m down.”

I got to enjoy the sunshine. I worked out pretty hard the day before and while my entire body was sore, I ran a mile on the beach as I am determined to keep up my workouts and running! And since the water is still warm enough, I was able to swim for a few minutes to cool off after my run.

Hubs accidentally locked our key in the truck. Luckily, I insisted on leaving the two front windows cracked a little bit to allow air flow and so Bub was able to borrow a hanger from a friendly surfer and eventually pull on the trunk latch to open it. You can see Sean laughing at Bub’s attempts to hit the unlock button, which did not work for whatever reason. But he got the trunk open and retrieved the key!

Later that afternoon my parents and brother joined us. A few of us pitched in and bought my dad a new surfboard, which he was able to surf for the first time yesterday. In the above photo, my mom is pointing out our dad while my bro watches on. Sunset was something else that evening.



Sky’s on fire!

It was glorious and makes you happy to know you live this life to see such beauty.

My dad and bro walking back. I love that it’s out of focus, for whatever reason. It makes it seem like the motion of them walking and the waves moving is really there in the picture.

And currently, this is my view. We woke up to clouds and cool weather, finally. The sun is coming out right now but there is rain in the forecast for the weekend.

I’m drinking a chai latte. It’s yummy.

Well, time to go switch the laundry and figure out what to do from here! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a safe Halloween if you participate! Bub is feeling under the weather so we’ll be taking it easy today.

xo, Briana


Happy International Surfing Day!

It’s International Surfing Day, so I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s officially summer. Yes, I may not surf, but I know plenty of other people who surf. That being said, I’m gonna go ahead and post a few (“few” being subjective) of my favorite surfing and beachy pictures.

Happy summer!

Shreddddding! Sorry it’s fuzzy.

My cousins friend Daniel. LOVE this one. Still an all-time fave.

Cousin Sean


My brother, the kayak guide/beach bum/Baja goer/taken. Har har.

Cardiff. Don’t know them, but I thank them for being subjects in my picture 🙂

Love these colors. Er, color I suppose.

Le boyfriend.

My brother thinks he looks feminine here, but I love the reflection and colors. Silhouettes at Solana Beach.


Ooh, look at that reflection.

San Onofre, Trail 3. Oh summer.

Hi There. Pipes, Encinitas.


My favorite. My hair looks red, too. I love California. 80 degree weather at the beach in October? Yes, please!

Pipes, right above Cardiff.


Daniel again

Deep discussion.

Go surfing! Or swimming. or something involving water. It’s summer, you need to cool off!


Some Weekend Tidbits

Happy Monday! Anybody have a case of the Mondays? Yes? No? If you do, just remember that since today is Monday, that means tomorrow is Tuesday, which means it’s Taco Tuesday! Hurray for tacos!

Did everyone have a good fathers day, if you celebrated? In the morning my family had a brunch in which I made cornmeal pancakes (courtesy of with a homemade blueberry sauce. Mmm… I highly recommend these if you have never had them before. WITH the sauce! Must use sauce! The recipe actually uses blackberries but we didn’t have any so blueberries were the second choice. The afternoon was followed by a barbeque at the boyfriends sisters house. It was fun and yummy. Grilled pizza anyone? Yum!

Besides that, Saturday was spent at the beach with my family. After my dad saw our camping pictures, he decided it was time for him to surf again. Did you know my dad surfed? I’ve mentioned it before. It’s actually how he and my mom met. Some idiot surfed over my dad and the fin broke his shoulder/tore his rotator cuff. My mom worked at the medical center where he had all of his follow-up visits. He pursued, she finally said yes, and the rest is history.

Moving on. My dad surfed. The boyfriend surfed. Niece and nephew played in sand. Sister took stealth picture of boyfriend and I. Yay!

Daddio surfing again! Edited with iColorama on iPad.

Look at him go…

Le boyfriend.

These next three pictures are action shots. I mean, look at that action!

Like, whoa!

Boyfriend, are you yelling at me?

Oh, what the? Is that why you were yelling at me?

What a goob.

The nephew thought his sisters hat was a great bucket.


I bring presents. In my sisters hat!

I love this. Thanks sister for taking this without us knowing!

That was Saturday. It was a good Saturday.

And this was Friday.

Friday was a beautiful day. It screamed for aviators.

It was a frustrating day. But I won’t go into details. Except that I know I’m immune to Hep B. because I had my series done. and my lab results prove it. So take that school! Boom!


Also, just wanted everyone to know a few tidbits of late…

1) I watched Jim Gaffigan’s latest comedy special on Netflix. It’s called “Mr. Universe” and if you have never seen Jim Gaffigan, do yourself a favor and watch this. Or “Beyond The Pale.”

2) I’ve been listening to country a lot more lately. A few recent favorites are “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, “Glass” by Thompson Square, “Blackbird” by Sarah Darling, and “Drunk On You” by Luke Bryan. The boyfriend particularly likes that last one. He calls it the “boom-boom” song. You have to know the lyrics to understand why…

3) I really dislike my contact lenses. My right one tore a tiny bit while camping and it’s been a real pain after a few hours of wearing them. And since my prescription expired last month, I have to get a new one before I can get some contacts again. Boo. And I hate wearing glasses.

4) Milo hid kibble in my bed last week. The boyfriend found it. Poor boyfriend.

5) I made vegan chocolate cupcakes yesterday for the barbeque. They were a hit. Oh yeah. Thanks Joy Wilson aka for your wonderful cookbook/blog/recipes.

Well, I believe that is all for now.

Hope everyone has a good week!


Some San Onofre Tidbits

So I didn’t go as trigger happy as I normally do while camping these last few days. But here are a few pictures from my stay at San Onofre State Campground. The weather was off and on. Some days it was sunny and warm, as well as the water. Other days, it was overcast and surf was meh.

Did I tell you the main reason we went was because the boyfriend and some friends were doing the annual mud run at Camp Pendleton? I’m sure I did. I didn’t go because of weather and it was really early. Ha. BUT! The boyfriend did come in 22nd in his age group and 180 overall, against about 6,000 others? and that was without training. Ha. Our friend Brad got 13th in their age group and his 14-year old cousin got 1st in her age group (14-17)!

Anyway, back to pictures. I edited these on my iPad using iColorama. Cause I could.

p.s. I’m ready to go back, bad surf and all.

Nephew #1 enjoying the ocean 🙂

Nephew #2 also enjoying the sun and surf.

Niece sitting on mama. I love her expression.

My sister heading out to the mushy waves.

Sister. PC to the boyfriends twin sister Brittany. I was body surfing during this.

Buddy Joel getting the hang of surfing real quick! He did great.

B-Rad surfing. That was a nice day.

My kind-of-brother-in-law enjoying the ocean breeze. Ha.

Finally, le boyfriend. This was the day after the mud run & was completely exhausted but had to surf anyway.

These last few are from my phone, with Instagram filters (of course).

I really like this picture of us.

Hiking up rail 6. So steep.

We used longboards to get around he campsites.

I have more pictures and if I feel like editing them I’ll do another post.


When we came home, we wondered why we ever left. Back at home, the heat hit us, as well as the smog. Mm… But I did come home to my June Birchbox 🙂

More on that later…


p.s. hope everyone is enjoying June!