My Custom XL Z Palette – With Swatches!

When I first bought a Z palette a few years ago, I went a little crazy on depotting everything, thinking it would change how the makeup I used i.e. everything would be more accessible. While that is true, the act of actually depotting and then organizing was still won over by Urban Decay, Lorac, and Too Faced palettes that I used more often.

But now that I’ve gained a decent amount of single eye shadows from Mac, Makeup Geek (MUG), and a few Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) singles, my XL Z palette finally has a place among my most used palettes.

In deciding what to write about now that I’ve begun (again), I thought that sharing my custom palette would be an easy choice. I have some very well-loved shadows in here and you can quickly get an idea of the range of colors I love on my brown eyes.


As you can see, I love me some serious matte browns and red tone shadows, as well as the warm, rusty colors, and of of course green shimmers for my brown eyes.

I’ll list them in order of rows (top –> bottom).


Let’s call this the highlight/transition row because that’s pretty much all I use these shadows for.

Starting on the left we have Orb (Mac), Rice Paper (Mac), Soft Brown (Mac), Creme Brulee (MUG), Peach Smoothie (MUG), Desert Sands (MUG), and Saddle (Mac).


This might be my favorite row. Not sure. It might be a tie with another row you’ll see soon.

Left-Right… Mythology (Mac), Cosmopolitan (MUG), Expensive Pink (Mac and also identical to the previous shadow!), Sable (Mac), Country Girl (MUG), Antiqued (Mac & a personal favorite of mine for all over the lid as a one-shadow look), and finally Twinks (Mac).


This row I tend to use as colors to deep my look in the outer corner or through my crease. I can get away with these dark shades in my crease thanks to my hooded eyes. Perhaps I’ll do a pictorial blog on how I do  my shadows for hooded eyes? Thoughts

Left-Right… Amber Lights (Mac), Cocoa Bear (MUG & another personal favorite), Brown Script (Mac), Swiss Chocolate (Mac), Tolie (Mac), the 6th shade I’m not sure the name but I know it’s from Mac! and finally Sketch (Mac)


This row is in tie for first place with my second row. I love the coppery shades here. omg do I love to put these all over my lid…

Left-Right… Not sure of the first shade but it’s Mac, Brown (Mac), Cranberry (Mac), Coppering (my first ever Mac shadow & another personal favorite), Flame Thrower (MUG foiled eye shadow. Do you SEE the shimmer in it??), Glisten (ABH), and Burnt Orange (ABH).


How pretty and opposite is this row from the rest? Haha.

Left-Right… Not sure of the first shade but, again, it’s Mac! Sumptuous Olive (Mac, and it’s swatching great, sorry), Sure of this third shade but it was in a palette with the first from Mac, Ash brown (ABH), Red Earth (ABH), and Truffle Glitter (ABH). This row doesn’t get nearly as much love as the others, because I’m so drawn to reds and coppers, but these greens do bring out that pretty mossy colors that brown eyes have.

Sorry if the swatches aren’t the best! I’m a little rusty in that area, as you can tell… But I hope you enjoyed seeing this custom palette of mine! I bought it at IMATs back in January and am so glad I have a place for all of my single eye shadows.

Please let me know what other blog posts you’d like to see! I have a few ideas for some future posts but would love your input 🙂

xo, Briana

FTC: This is not a sponsored post.


For The Love Of Z Palettes

If you know me or have followed my blog long enough, you’ll know that I love to organize and am very particular about my organization. My makeup collection is something I frequently love to go through and reorganize from time to time. Also, since having moved in with Bub once we were married, I had to rethink how I organized things and get a little creative. We live in a very small space and so we both have had to condense things. While I’ve left a portion of my makeup, clothes, and other things at my parents until we have a bigger place, I still have a majority of my makeup at my tiny place.

One thing that has helped me keep more of my makeup with me is by using a Z palette. If you haven’t heard of these empty palettes, you should check them out! They come in various sizes and colors. Each palette is magnetic and holds eye shadows, powders, blushes, bronzers, etc. Basically anything in a compact or palette form. There are even palettes made for lipsticks.


I purchased my first palette (large, black) on Amazon about two weeks ago and filled it with my favorite and most used blushes. To fill the palette, this requires some work in that you have to depot the product from it’s original source. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that will show you how to do this. After filling up my palette and deciding I quite enjoyed the chore of depotting my blushes, I ordered a second large black palette for eye shadows!

My blush palette!

Each palette comes with magnetic stickers to apply to the makeup so it can stick. This also allows for variety in that you can take out the makeup and replace it with something else, as often as your heart desires. This totally allows for complete customization! Mix and match shadows, blushes, whatever! The cover on the palette is also pretty durable. I thought it would be flimsy and might break easily in the future but it’s pretty thick and strong! I also love being able to see my makeup 🙂

In the above palette, I have 5 Tarte blushes, 4 of which I had to fix because they broke during the depotting process. Also another video you can find on YouTube –How to fix broken makeup! I also have 2 Wet N Wild blushes, Mac Peaches, Physician’s formula Match Maker, and Benefit’s Coralista.


In this palette, I have three Wet N Wild individual shadows, plus shadows from two Mac quads and three individual shadows. I tried to organize by shade but sometimes I like to rearrange by finish/color. I dunno. It’ll get easier when I put more in there. Or not. Ha.

I’m aaaalmost considering getting a palette just for my three Urban Decay Naked palettes. I don’t use them as often as I would like and I think if I had them all in one place, I might use them more. Your thoughts? Is that crazy? Or brilliant? Or both?

All in all, I love my Z palettes. I am so glad I finally bought these! Even my husband was impressed with the idea of these. And he’s not frequently impressed by makeup, unless it’s on my face and he thinks it’s pretty, which he does 100% of the time 😉

Do you have any Z palettes? How do you organize them?

xo, Briana

FTC : This post is not sponsored. I purchased all mentioned products with my own money. These are my own, honest opinions.